Saturday, February 3, 2018

Getting Organized, Dogs Settling In, and Nutrition

Had the best time with these girls last night.  We celebrated BIL Kevin's birthday. 

We went to a place called Mango's in Hendersonville.   George and I got the Trio Fajitas for two.  It had shrimp, chicken, and steak.  Very good.  We really enjoyed it.  I had some leftovers this morning for brunch.  

We got to see my SIL and BIL's newly remodeled house and it looks really wonderful. 

We were all really tired last night.  And as usual, the bed felt wonderful. 

This morning Maisy woke me up at 4 b/c she wanted to get up.  She went back to sleep though.  And George and I got up at 6 and began our day.  I could have slept longer, but I made coffee and helped take the dogs out and made their breakfast bowls.  

George unpacked the van of Katy's things - they had brought two car loads back the other night.  I think there will have to be another U-Haul (or caravan) of things to take to Texas in the spring.   I started laundry and began cleaning and picking up and vacuuming.  My laundry is done so Katy can get hers done.  

She and George went to Brentwood to the old house this morning to clean the place out.  The new person had begun moving in already so she just didn't clean since all his stuff was in the way and it didn't seem appropriate at that point.  I think it was someone they knew with the property there so it wasn't a big deal.  They had used her cable box which she had to have so she took it.  I guess they will come home and realize they no longer have TV and will have to get their own.  lol  Kindof weird with them both having a key right? But I think this was someone that ordinarily had a key anyway that managed the property there or had something to do with it.  I was not listening so I can't remember. 

While there was no one in the house, I got my "test tube" completed!  I had to do that while no one was here.  Was not hard and not very much.  Instructions were easy.  So the box is ready to go.  I can't wait.  I'm not sure how long it takes.  Has anyone else done this?  What did you think?  Did you find out any surprises?

It has been delightful having Katy and Findlay aka Fin Fin at home.  I'm also delighted at the ease in which Findlay has fit in.  

She has more energy than the other dogs but she is very respectful and Cody and Katy have done a good job with the training.  She understands no (usually), she loves to play and the other dogs just watch her and they look like they are watching a ping pong match as she jumps around the floor with various dog toys that have sat dormant here for a long time.  She has found a favorite toy - a Squirrel.  lol  

And this one, has to be reassured more often that she too is loved.....Miss Maisy

And Roger, loves loves loves having his Katebug home.  He sits at her bedroom door or bathroom door - waiting for her to emerge!  She rescued him and he remembers that!  

Katy seems to be enjoying being back as well.  She seems happy, and while she hates she is not with Cody - they are in touch often through the day and both seem to be enjoying their situations til they are together again in the newly remodeled ranch house.  

Katy has unpacked today and rearranged and sorted and organized her "living area".  So she is settling in.  

George is somewhat amazed at the "stuff", on top of our old sofa, granny's old sofa and table and some furniture,  and now Katy's things.  So he has been staging and reorganizing things in sectors downstairs.  He is pulling a car out of the garage to be able to create a zone for the Arc folks and when the weather is pretty soon, he'll leave it outside the driveway for them to pick up.

I have ordered a Walmart order this morning - it included a bathroom caddy for Katy to have her own thing in the bathroom.  Not that we can't mix our stuff up but we both like our own space and razor's (leg shaving) and our own shampoos and scrubs and body wash and so forth.  So I ordered one that will fit over the towel rack as there is a towel rack on the back wall of the shower. 

I also ordered some eye glasses wipes.  I'm tired of using and carrying the sprays.  I want to use them to clean my glasses and then on my cell phone glass when I'm through with my glasses.  I decided I would splurge on those.  I ordered a lot of them.  I had to check reviews and make sure they didn't have alcohol in them.  

I also ordered some Bamboo wash rags.  My wash rags are getting low after all these years.  Just as they wear out it goes in the trash or the Old Rag Basket which is used for pet needs if there is an "issue".  I have never heard of Bamboo wash rags, have you?  It was intriguing.  Supposed to be soft.  We'll see.  I ordered a pack. 

We also made our reservations for Valentine's Day.  We let Katy pick, knowing that she would pick something good.  She picked an Irish place.  I was afraid they would be packed but they had a spot.  So we made Valentine reservations for Party of 3 - LOL!  We will have a grand time.

So as you know I've mentioned buying the value kit on Isagenix - have been weighing back and forth.  Lisa, my friend at work, has been answering my questions.  We can't solicit at work and she is not soliciting - but has been answering my questions and feeding my curiosity at my request.  She knows I'm having a hard time with the price.  It's about the price of your monthly grocery bill to get started and then the next month you can supplement what you need and it's always much less.  I just know that these items have the nutrients in them my body is lacking and how good they are and how good they make me feel.  It will be like not only groceries but medicine for healing my body and feeling better.  I've got to figure out a way to strengthen my bones and muscles. 

So she came into an extra Shake and she brought it to me b/c I had said I'd be wanting to get the vanilla.  She brought me this whole thing of vanilla.  She is sooooo sweet to do this.  

I can't wait to try it.  I have a feeling the vanilla will be my favorite.  There is a reason I feel good after these shakes.

I'll be able to drop all my vitamins that I take.  (D and B-Complex).  

I am told that I will most likely be coming off the blood pressure meds and sugar meds by my doctor b/c the nutrients and vitamins and amino acids will make your body  began regulating as it should, the weight will come off, and the body restored.  

George thought it was nice that my coworker friend, Lisa did this.  (I have two Lisa's in my life, lol.) I told him I was waiting to order it until I saved up some, and after the TV, lol.  I told him I didn't want to harm getting the TV.  He said "do what you need to do".  So he has blessed it.  But I will be responsible and try to fund a lot of it up front.  

Having this will offset our grocery bill though so I can use that for some of my meals.  It'll all work out.  And I'm excited to get started to begin to feel good again.  

Oh, I got the ironing done today for next week and gathered up a basket of clothes from the room Katy is staying in and put it in the other dressing room.  (Our clothes are all spread around).  So I won't have to go in while she is sleeping to get dressed - I can just go in her room minimally.  However, jewelry and shoes and scarves - I left in there b/c she is always up and moving around by the time of morning I'm ready for those.  

So it's all working out.  

We have some rather interesting plans tonight.  I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.  ;-) 

Ya'll take care. 


  1. sounds like you're getting comfy, cozy with each other again. which is good.

  2. Glad things are getting organized a bit. I know you will treasure the days you have your daughter there. Will look forward to hearing about your unusual evening. Happy Sunday !

  3. I am so glad you are getting to spend time with your daughter. They do make life fun. your little Maisy looks like she is pouting. That picture is so cute. And Roger waiting on your Katie sounds very smart. Dogs remember when someone is good to them and love certain people just like we do. I can't wait to hear how the shakes and new food program works for you. If they help you get to feeling good and off meds they are worth every penny. Eating right and staying healthy is so very hard.


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