Sunday, February 18, 2018

Installations, Security Systems, and Early Morning Housework

Well, this is not a very good picture.  I need to take a pic with the whole room in it so  you get the vision of the size.  Geek Squad came about 11.  And they were here until about 2:45 or 3:00.  They first had to assemble the stand.  We had asked if we needed to have the stand shipped to our house or get it in advance to assemble and they said no that it would be easy to assemble and not to worry about it.  So the Geek Squad guys was nice to assemble it after a "that figures" comment.  I guess you can't blame them.  lol  So they did that first and had a little trouble with it but figured it out.  

Katy watched Roku on our bedroom TV in the back and kept all 4 dogs back there in the bedroom while Geek Squad was here.  That was a long time.  

They got the TV set up and had to download some updates.  They told us that we'd have to upgrade to the HD (Hi Def) cable box.  So I called Comcast while they were here.  George and I had no clue but we knew we'd have to call Comcast and update something.  So we found out that if we get our security system set up through them instead of the one we have now, we can actually pay $10 less than we are now.  So we'll be looking into that.  

Speaking of security...That reminds me of something that happened this past week that I forgot to mention.  It's nice to know that our neighbors are also added layers of security.  On all sides of us.  We also have people that are at home all day and in and out all around us so that is a good thing.  Some retired and some just home b/c they don't work.   Just last week a neighbor called us alerting us of suspicious activity beside us.  A neighbor actually went through the woods beside us to spy on the suspicious activity and called to let George know for me not to be worried about it if I saw him (our neighbor) sneaking around our house.  I peeked out and became nervous as Katy and George were away at the time.  I could see the car he was talking about.  Turns out it was a friend of the neighbors but was weird that the car turned it's lights off when coming in and going out of the driveway.  Never did hear all the rest of that story.  But it DID scare me when the neighbor came out from the trees after they left.  So eerie - especially since he was coming from the graveyard area of the back yard.  lol 

So, yeah, a revised security system sounds good to me.  The one we have has worked well but if we can save money - why not. 

So they set up the sound bar and xbox and it also had some downloads.  So by the time they were through with all that, hours had flown by. 

Then we headed to Comcast to pick up our new box and cord and remote. 

WE got home and George followed the directions but the comcast remote would not connect.  We called Comcast and some foreigner who barely spoke English tried to help us with no success.  We could barley communicate.  He could not help us and finally told us he'd be right back and then put us on hold and it never came back.  It kept ringing back on his phone from being on hold and so I decided I would just let it ring until he picked up again.  He picked up and hung up so it would disconnect us.  lol  So I called Comcast again and got someone that could at least speak English and be able to communicate.  She reported that happened when we told her.  Someone called us later and George talked with them. 

The new person was unable to get us connected either but told us we could go to the iphone and be able to connect and told us we had a bad remote. 

So George hit a button on the remote and suddenly the TV came up which is what we were trying to do.  lol   So I'm not sure what the deal is.  It worked but in a different way than the remote and the software was trying to get us to.  

So then George cooked pineapple chicken kebobs and we ate dinner.  Katy and George played games and I watched TV until I got sleepy.  The TV is beautiful and we got a little humorous naming the thing.  The first thing that came to mind I said allowed and it made George laugh and so we name it that.  See below.  I'm not retying that.  

Anyway, we are thrilled with it and George downloaded a game on xbox that took 2.5 hours to download and he came to bed late.  So he wanted to play it a bit this morning. 

I got up at 4:30 and did a couple of loads of laundry, did the wee bit of ironing for the week, cleaned the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher and reloaded and washed the extra dishes, made some homemade lemonade.  All the laundry is folded.  

All I need to do is vacuum again and change our sheets.  So I've done several hours worth already. 
It's been tough getting this blog entry done since I did the housework before the blog entry - too much going on distracting me.  

Well George has just now figured out the blueray disc part of the xbox.  He's playing a Beetles disc and it sounds really good with the sound bar.   I knew he'd be so happy with a new updated TV.  As long as we are both patient with ourselves as we get around the learning  I can't wait to sit around and watch funny You Tube videos!  And I look forward to watching all my subscriptions on the big TV.

And I am going to finish up b/c I can't concentrate!  lol 

Sybil asked me if we'd had an earthquake here.  They had one where she is.  We have been known to have itty bitty ones in certain places but nothing big since the real big one back in 1811 and 1812 time period.  The New Madrid fault.  It impacted NW Tennessee area.  

Ya'll have a beautiful Sunday.  


  1. It looks very nice. I like the tv stand. Aren't you glad the geek squad set up everything for you? It is nice to not have to try and figure out what to connect where and to hear hubby complain. I know you will enjoy for years to come. We stayed home yesterday and watched three movies. It was a rainy dreary day. We watched GIrls trip I was shocked speechless. But I laughed and laughed at their escapes. It has some good actress in it. Then we watched Bad Moms Christmas and War of The planet of the apes. Those were good too. Well I need to fix supper, better make my homemade spaghetti sauce. Enjoy your day.

  2. I am just so delighted that you have got your TV set up and all the bits and pieces as well, I would never ever be able to fathom out how it worked !! You know how un-teccy I am LOL !! But I do admire you and George .....I wish you both many many happy hours watching all your programmes ........I'm glad to see that you don't seem to have quakes where you are. Sounds a bit like us, very seldom if ever are quakes registered here in the certainly has been a great conversation was even mentioned in the church service this morning. Night night. God Bless. Xxxx

  3. congratulations on the tv being up and working. had to chuckle at the name you picked.

  4. Hopefully now you all can just sit back and enjoy ! So glad all is working and even though it took quite a bit to get it done, it works! Yay !


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