Thursday, February 1, 2018

Katy's Back Home, Flat Texas Cowboy Cody, and a Chicago Trip

This is only "too funny" as our Katy will soon be (in May) taking off to go SouthWest and serve!  We picked up said girl at airport last night.  We stopped at Arby's on the way home.  And had a kitchen meal and heard all about the last two days.  Findlay was so glad to see her.  She was with us to pick her up at the airport.  The reunion was sweet.  Findlay was ecstatic to see her Momma.  She has been happy but she was really happy to see her.  And then she left and came up front with us and Katy said we've spoiled her.  lol 

By the way, Findlay is a little more energetic than our others in the car.  She roams around all over the car like a cat!  I had her on a leash but somehow had let go of the lock on it so she took the line and ran with it like a fish in water at the end of a fishing line.  She went to the very back of the SUV in her roams and we had to get out of the car and go back and get her as the line got tangled up.  I remember thinking and saying to our Master, "God, I'm too old for this."  But all fixed and Katy picked up.  

There was one more "person" that picked Katy up at the airport.................

Flat Texas Cowboy Cody!  

George made a Flat Texas Cowboy Cody so that we would have Cody with us as well during Katy's stay.  Flat Texas Cowboy Cody will be going with us everywhere and will get to experience things with us.  And yes there will be pictures.  This is our effort to help Katy as she misses her man.  She really hated to see him leave the airport.  He walked her in yesterday and they said bye til she sees him in April.  He will focus on getting started in his job on the ranch.  He has his friend Clint out there.  And will enjoy hanging with him.  Their storage is all in a secure spot in a locked building. 

Katy is all excited about their house and getting to pick the paint color and they asked her to "okay" their carpet selections and she picked out the granite and they are doing some things around the house.  It's just amazing they are doing all this for them.  

The schools - there were three- not two - that she went to.  And she liked all three.  There would be a 10 to 15 minute commute! ha. Only cows probably would get in the way.  The ranch has cows now.  The meetings with the three Principals went well.  She has no doubt that she will be offered a job, but just which one.  One asked if she could begin right away subbing.  But then realized she was finishing the year out.  So all things are going well for them.  

I'm so happy that they are happy.  How could I not be?  I know that we will have fun here for the next few months and will enjoy her time with us.  But I know she will miss him and he will miss her - and soon their house will be all remodeled and they'll be moving in and fixing it up.   I look forward to seeing it some day.   

We went to see Granny before going to the airport.  She knew my name, but she is not making sense.  She made up a word and was asking me a question with it.  I didn't know what she said so she yelled at me in frustration - then she realized she yelled and began laughing to soften it.  I guess my face was reactive.  But I understand she is not in her right mind.  This is part of what happens.  So yesterday was a busy little day.  Bed felt good.   

Katy and George are going to her house here that they are moving out of and finishing up bringing loads in.  I'm going to come home and take care of doggies and hang here, do laundry, dishes, clean and eat a small Totino's pizza as today's splurge.  Maybe read or watch a show.  Or do Candlelight Yoga.

We have a clip of snow coming thru today but not supposed to do much.  Should we be scared? Often we have our biggest snows at that point.  

Yesterday my friend Lisa, brought me an Isagenix shake, some bars, and a chocolate and a few things for me to try.  I had the shake for breakfast.  Oh my word - it made me feel so good.  It "woke me up".  I looked at the back of the envelope and it is packed with nutrients and vitamins.  It had like 30 to 40% of your daily needs.    (Of course I was bad and had Arby's last night).  I really liked the shake.  Not the texture so much as it was kinda foamy but the drink was tasty and I mainly liked what it did for me.  I just have a problem with the price.  I think it's $500 ish to get started with the whole kit.  

I don't want to live the rest of my life drinking shakes though for every meal.  But I am open to using the products to supplement for meal replacements.  Sometimes it is a pain in the butt to figure out what to eat when I don't have time to eat.  So like for breakfast it's great.  

Well, George has looked at the Cubs schedule again and it looks like we'll take a long weekend and go to Chicago in May.  George has reached out to his vendor who lives up there and has some connections for tickets.  He says he will have them for one of the dates that George gave him.  Oh my word!  Are we really going to Chicago and seeing the Cubs?  lol  This still has to be blessed by Kate who has to be here to watch the doggies.  She said she would but we still need to all sit down and discuss as this is about the time she will be going back to TX.  She said it was ok that she'd stay later so we could go but she doesn't think it will mess with the timing much if it did at all.  So we'll discuss most likely this weekend when things settle a bit.  If it does settle, lol.  At least she can catch her breath.  She does have to go back and clean the house on Saturday.  I will want time at home Saturday morning as we have an event Saturday night.  

Ok things are happenin' around here so I need to go!  I'm looking forward to my evening at home! 
I'm thinking I may just do my own "cleanse" today and do liquids and broth and fruit water and cranberry juice and such.  But, if I get hungry I may eat.  lol  I'm feeling guilty about the Arby splurge but it was a celebratory meal.  

Well, gotta go!  Ya'll have a great day! 



  1. I love that idea of a flat Cody staying at your house to cheer Katy up. I can only imagine how excited she must be at this point. These days will go by fast for her though and for you too. Lots going on there and never a dull moment for sure. Hope you have a great day!

  2. I am so pleased that Kate is home and safely tucked in by now....I'm pleased that your going to Chicago That is where the Route 66 tour starts. We stayed two nights there. We were facinated at all the sculptures all along the waterside also the lakes etc it was a very large area of land that was gifted to the City it must never be built upon and must always be used as a place of leisure for the residents of the City..I think you will love it there....although I believe it has the highest murder/shooting fatalities in the US it is only in certain parts of the city, not where you would be going....night night. God Bless nxx

  3. What a clever idea to share experiences with the Flat Texas Cowboy Cody for katy. this will be a dificult time for her i know.


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