Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Kombucha, Local Meteorologists, and Some Changes Most Likely Coming!

Well, I really liked this drink - but not everyone would.  I will get it again.  Mom told me about these.  It's supposed to be really good for you.  If you have ever heard of "cleansing".  I think this is your drink, lol.  I would only recommend half of it at a time - if that much.  Yes, I partook and the first swallow I was not sure but after another swallow I decided it was refreshing and a flavor that I liked and would want more of.  I also brought a grapefruit one but think it was a different brand.  You should at least try it.  

So I don't think I shared this.  Forgive me if I did already.  But here is our local weather person at WKRN, (Channel 2), Danielle Breezy with Katy in her classroom.

And below she talks to them about her team and what she does as a meteorologist.  It was for career day.  I love that they do career day.  

Well, I turned in my vacation requests for our Chicago trip yesterday and planned to come home and check on hotels and flights and get that booked.  And then I got a text from George that said that layoffs were starting at the major guitar company he works for, that has recently been in the news - in major financial trouble.  George doesn't usually discuss anything with me that he thinks I will worry and fret over.  But the fact that he even texted me - made me think that perhaps he himself is really worried now.  I asked him if he wanted to hold off planning the Chicago trip.  He said "let's just see if we get through the week".  So I will hold off another week.  I think the flights are pretty cheap in Chicago and one or both of our tickets will be free due some points build up.  We'll have hotel and expenses.  But we can go a cheaper trip versus a more expensive trip.  But I can wait a week.  If we don't get to go to Chicago in May - I doubt we will ever go.  This is really our only window to travel dog free while someone stays with them all.  

But, George made it through the day.  But he had several friends and coworkers that did not.  He spent much of the evening on the phone texting and talking with people that lost their jobs and with those that did not.  The week is not over.  I think they did 15 yesterday and have 25 more to go he heard.   

I guess we'll see what happens.  So we will take your prayers.  

George is up early this morning.  His mind is racing he says.  Who knows what will happen when all this changes with his work.  There could be quite a bit of change.  If he is still employed, his position could change, even his location could change.  Or he could be one of the ones that goes.  That opens up a whole world of possibilities.  

I am going to put this up there with everything else.  God will determine our steps from here.  

I hope every one has a wonderful Tuesday.  We have a food truck coming to work today and the weather is supposed to be pretty - so I'm going to partake of that today! 

Going to get off of here and do a couple of on line "errands" lol.  And I'll be back to fill you in on the latest.  

Oh by the way, I began feeling better after lunch time yesterday.  More energy and more of a will to do anything.  I'm coming baaaaack!  ;-)   But last evening marked the 8th day since the flu on set.  My sinuses/ears a bit stuffy but that seemed to get better too by afternoon.  George said I sounded better today.  

Oh yeah, Katy and I watched "Counting On" with the Dugger kids.  It was good.  I wouldn't be watching it if it wasn't for Katy but I enjoyed it.  

And I guess that is all I have today.  Don't you love how it takes about 3 tries for me to get off of here?  

So pray for us this week.  Lots of things happening.  I don't even know what to tell you to pray.  What if God does want us to have some changes.  I guess just pray for God's will and for us to be ok and happy and taken care of in this testy and insane world.   I really don't care what we do, where we go, or what happens as long as we are financially secure, I feel safe, and we are in a happy situation - and for me that has to include - safe, clean, organized, and cozy.   

And...the Big TV will travel if needed.  lol


  1. I will definitely be praying for you. Big changes like that effect lots of people, not just the ones that lost their jobs. Life is full of change and all we can do is take it as it comes. God is in control. What a cute weather person. One of my grandson's wants to be a meteorologist. Not a career you hear of every day. But we do appreciate them. Enjoy the food truck. It's going to be sunny here today. Maybe I can take my lunch out to the sun porch and enjoy it. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. I went through this at a company I had been at for years. It was a terrible state of anxiety they kept us in. Our company got bought out. I hope the news is good for your husband. Sometimes God knows what is best for us when we thing the world has ended for us. Good help is hard to find. I am sure something else or something better will come along if he does get laid off. And people need music now more than ever. He could even give music lessons if needed. I would love to take guitar lessons myself. I love music. Thanks for tip on kombucha. I will try.

  3. Oh my dear Sonya and George.....I am so sorry you are having to deal with the threat of redundancy...I pray that if its Gods will you will soon have news of what is to happen ...... Just when you thought that you were on top of things with your new seats, TV. Etc....but what's to be will be. God knows what plans he has for you both and I am sure whatever the outcome it will be the right one. I am also praying that you can still. Get down to Chicago....hope that you are feeling better tonight after a day at work....I don't know when I will be able to pop in to see what is happening as if fly out tomorrow night for the cruise from Buinos Aires..we have two nights there before we join the ship on Saturday. We are having severe threats of snow and blizards it has already arrived in Scotland but not down this far, can I please ask you for prayers for a safe journey. Peter has taken a day off work to take us up to Heathrow. ( Londond airport.) if we can just get there it will be up to the airline as to whether we fly or not....I will try to get in contact at some point as I will be desperate to hear how things are doing. Usually internet on board ship is expensive but I will try to find a hub somewhere when we are ashore..first stop is Montevideo then the Falklands. Etc etc etc.....take care and God bless you both and Kate. Xxxx

  4. i hope your chicago trip will still move forward regardless of the job situation. fingers crossed.


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