Monday, February 26, 2018

Muddled Monday

Well, ok, it's Monday again.  I'm not ready for it but it'll come and go regardless.  I'm a little off the game this morning.  I think I have clothes to wear this week.   I think I can get to my sandals.  I am feeling disheveled.  I forgot to get a few things out of the room Katy is sleeping in.  I hope I can find my summer shoes.  If not I guess I'll be changing tops again and ironing to do so (to have a shirt that will go with the pants/shoes I'm wearing) and will be late.  I really didn't want to or feel like fooling with it yesterday. And quite frankly - I am not really caring much today.

I am getting better.  The head cold is mainly gone.  Perhaps some left over debris in my sinuses.  A little nausea hits here and there and a little weakness of the muscles.  I think the flu or whatever virus that was, plays havoc with your muscles, kidneys, and other organs.  I'm still a little left over tired, and my muscles are a little leftover weakish.  I think I'm just out of sorts.  We are in that period of time that I get into a funk about every year.  That period of time where you are trying to come out of winter, into spring, and it's dreary.  I don't want to go anywhere, do anything.  I just want to be. 

I have a lot of happy things that I want to be doing - I'm just not in the mood to move or think much.  And I go to work today in this mood and that usually doesn't work for work. lol  But here we go anyway and I'll give it my best shot, take my vitamins and go from here. 

I've not done my normal weekend routine of putting my meds in my pill box (bp meds, and vitamins) and I've not rebooted the coffee, and I let Katy have the washer and dry for the weekend.  However I think I put a load in the washer.  Or did I?  Perhaps I should reboot that tomorrow or rewash them.  But I think her clothes are in the dryer?  We need a better system. 

I know at some point I'll take up wings and begin flying again, but right now the umph is knocked out of me and I've no desire to do much, but just rest.  Sorry, not wanting pity, and not trying to feel sorry for myself.  I'm just trying to put my true feelings down in words and this comes out.  I think it's just recovering still from last week's flu which was just a few days ago, and the normal dreary I feel this time of year with less sun and probably needing more vitamin D.   And probably more B as well.  And the third item that plays into that is that it is a challenge to keep things looking nice.  I clean and it gets messed up, clean and it gets messed up.  There is no longer any reward for cleaning and it's making me feel like there is no reason to clean.  I know that is not a good way of looking at it but if you are not feeling good - to keep battling something eventually becomes, quite frankly "not worth it". 

It's ok.  I'm going to go get coffee.  I'm going to let Monday come and go.  I'll do my best to have a better attitude tomorrow.  There is something good that DID happen yesterday.  I made some progress in my books and I watched a lot of YouTube subscriptions on RV'ng.  I'm loving the pretty scenes and all the information.  It sounds exciting.  Makes my wheels turn.  lol  The fun part is getting to enjoy it from my sofa.  No cost.  On the big screen!  ;-)  I'm following a couple on You Tube called "Keep your Daydream".  They really do a good job with their videos. 

Well, I am glad that I can at least feed my psyche when I'm feeling blue or at least not up to par.  I can day dream and be happy via books and feeds, watching pretty things via sailing and RV'ing - going on vacation with all those folks out there.

I need to be planning our Chicago trip and looking at various hotels, but it wasn't in the cards this weekend.  I just wasn't working on anyone's to do list this weekend, including my own.  Most of my days are quite owned by my to do lists and I threw all of it out the window with the flu. 

So, here's to a new week.  One in which the month changes over to March.  And we'll see what happens from there. 

Not really in the mood to shine.'s ok....I'll be back up to par before long.

Coffee helps. 

Sybil hope you have a wonderful cruise! 

Ya'll be good!


  1. I can totally relate to how you feel. It must be much warmer there than here if you are contemplating sandals. Its far from sandal weather here. Hope you have a good Monday and take care. This flu takes time to go.

  2. Now you have got me wanting to watch utube. It would be nice to move around in your mini home seeing new and exciting places and meeting new people. Take it easy. It takes at least two weeks sometimes longer to get over the flu. This flu sounds more serious than others. The housework is not as important as your health. Rest as much as you can.

  3. glad your flu is about gone. you should still rest while you can.


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