Wednesday, February 7, 2018

My OCD'ness is Kicking In....

I picked this graphic this morning b/c it looks like a busy kitchen.  And maybe that is the best way to describe our household right now:  "busy". 

Not that all of us are really busy but the house is looking busy.  My OCD-ness about the house is kicking in and it made for a bad start to yesterday, especially on the heel of Monday's clothing explosion when the clothes rack fell.  I'm trying to be good but it's hard.  I like for things to be neat and organized and flow along but we need some work.  

I've tripped over shoes, clothing rack poles, nearly jabbed my side with unused upright clothing rack poles sticking up from the floor, stepped on and tripped over dogs, dog dishes, picked up poop, stepped in pee, stepped on dog toys, and so on.  We are sharing the laundry room, a bathroom, and I'm living out of a laundry basket.  Maisy growls at Findlay every time she lands anywhere near me and we end up stopping our movies at night 3 or 4 times to try to stop a growling match.  But, it's all good - our girl is with us and we'll get into our groove again.  Part of the madness is my refusal to move 3 closets around again b/c that is what it would take.  We do not have the luxury of walk in closets.  So George and I have 1 and a 1/2 closets a piece. His main closet is in our bedroom. My main closet is in the bedroom where Katy sleeps.  I have a nice dressing room going in there.  George's business desk and computer is also in there. And the other 1/2 of our closets have our off season clothes in the 3rd bedroom which contains Katy's clothing racks and my "live in" laundry basket of weekly clothes on the bed.  So I've been getting a weeks worth of PJ's, undies, work clothes, weekend clothes, and making do from the laundry basket, of course hanging my work clothes for the week on the closet doors.  Since we share a bathroom I've been drying my hair from the bedroom and I can't see the mirror very well due to the dim lighting.  So I've given up styling my hair. lol  And I find myself picking up dishes and trash and dog toys.  
Again, it's all good b/c my girl is back home and we'll get it figured out. And everyone will eventually pitch in.  But it has been a little chaotic and I'm having fits with my OCDness wanting everything to be in it's place - and there is just not a place for everything.  I did make a mental note that we should not have company til June.  lol

I can only laugh.  It could be worse.  It will get better.  But right now it's a little chaotic til we all figure out that our chores are changing and we all need to pitch in a little more to make it livable and doable.  I've no doubt we will figure it out.  Til then I have to adjust my levels of what is acceptable.  lol  But it's all worth it getting to have my girl home before she takes off into the wild blue Texas yonder! 

This is a reality blog and that is my reality.  It's not all fluff and fancy.  But there is plenty of Poop and Circumstance!  

For those reading, please understand, it has nothing to do with critiquing others here - but just all about my fault at OCD'ness about having a place for everything and everything in it's place.  There is just not a place for everything and the process is off beat and it's requiring an adjustment on my part so that I do not yell and scream and move out to a hotel.  lol  Patience is required and I shall find it.  Especially to spend time with my girl. I hate that I'm so particular about wanting efficiency and flow as it drives everyone crazy around me.  I was brought up in an immaculate house, was an only child for 10 years, and a preacher's daughter at that. All standards were set high.  Everything was neat, had purpose, and everything ran efficiently or it didn't happen at all. Everything had to be fixed or replaced if it was broken.  So all that carries with me and is instilled in me and therefore I seek perfection both at home and at work and I have to have clean lines, clear horizontal space, a place for everything, a process, and expect everything to be a well-oiled machine around me and everything functional. 

But we'll all get settled and all pitch in to figure it out.  

And so therefore, I'm going to go get me some more coffee and do the dishes so I can do my part! 



  1. Just about the time you get everything settled, it'll be time for her to leave. Try to relax and enjoy the time you have together. It's not something that will last forever. I remember a time my mom moved in with us for a couple of months due to a move they were making. It wasn't easy at all, but we did it.

  2. It sounds like you need to have a house meeting. Hopefully things will start to take shape. This time will fly with your daughter. I hope you can enjoy this experience.

  3. It'll get better! Hang in there!

  4. I do have a very strong OCD everything in its place, everything as perfect as can be streak. But I also think there are times when we have to challenge ourselves to accept imperfection and let go of our instinct that everything must be X or Y. :)

    I have been tasking myself with this since December, when on the very first day after a manicure, I broke a nail. I could have spent the rest of the day babying it then go back to my nail artist and get it fixed with some acrylic over the top, but I decided to just rip it off and get on with what I needed to do. I had 3 weeks till my next nail appointment, and I knew it would be a struggle for me but I pushed through it.

    Life can be messy at times, we can either fight against that and clean up continually, or we can just let it go and be cool with it, and enjoy the company of our loved ones instead. Sounds like the latter is the better plan for you right now. ;)

  5. You'll get it all figured out sooner rather than later. Readjustment takes time.

  6. Although I ain't got OCD I too like things to be in there place and there's rarely a night I don't look around and lift anything that's lying around, like you my home was always tidy and clean, mum would be tidying till midnight if she hadn't got it done during the day, and I think it does rub off on us way or another. My eldest sister Margaret was so house proud a spek of dust would not appear but the duster was out! Cushions were pumped up as soon as you stood up, Now Sarah my second sister was the exact opposite...what was dust ? What was things lying about for days on end, and me ? Well I think I'm a mixture of both and yet we were all brought up in the one house in exactly the same way, it makes you wonder........anyway I'm sure as the weeks pass things will quieten down and you hopefully will get more relaxed..keep reminding yourself, this is not going to last soon you will be back to a two person home. XXXX. Take care love xxx


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