Monday, February 19, 2018

Planning a Trip, Rodizio's Poor Service, The Illusionist, and Nashville Downtown

Had a little bit of morning time before having to leave at 11:30 to go to an event in Nashville.  The weekends, they go by so fast.  

Findlay is just really intrigued with the xbox control.  She wants it.  

The sun room was "open" yesterday.  However, it needs cleaning and "blessing" lol.  It is on our list to get new cushions for the chairs at some point - ones that do not fade like these have - in the sun.  We will check into it.  But not for a while.  

I was able to look into our Chicago trip - looking at things we want to do.  We've not booked flights yet.  But, it was very reasonable.  The hotels are much less than they were in Maine.  And you will not believe this but we are looking at a dinner cruise deal on a yacht.  lol  It was also very reasonable for what it was - a night cruising with cocktails, dinner from some of the finest world's chefs, and entertainment while cruising Lake Michigan. Starts at around $100 per person - but there are a few add on's we'd probably go for.  I mean we spend that on our anniversary.  So maybe on anniversary this year we just go to Mickey D's.  lol  This is bucket list stuff for me.  I told George - when would we EVER get to cruise in a yacht.  I know the prices of just a weekend aboard - and it's stuff we are not made of.  lol George was also wow'd by it and said "I would go for that".   

Some of the stuff we want to do is:  Cubs game, Boat ride on Lake Michigan and get pics of the Chicago skyline, shop for Spring/Summer clothes and shoes, eat a Chicago hot dog, eat a Chicago version of a pizza, see the River walk or river that runs through Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, the park that has the reflective bean, a brewery.    Those are really the top things.  The observation decks make me nervous.  I'm not sure I can do that.  

So I began looking into the trip on Saturday before the Geek Squad arrived.  I love planning a trip.  As long as I have time to do it.  I will need to get our flights booked and will probably do that pretty soon.  Then compare hotels against all that we want to do.  And see which location works best as long as the price is right.  The Drake is not too bad compared to what they were in Maine.   Nice one too.   So this is all exciting.  George has wanted to see the Cubs all his life.  I've been wanting to get a "taste of Chicago" for a while - hot dog, chili, pizza - lol.  And I'm a big fan of waterside and anxious to see Lake Michigan and I've heard that the downtown Chicago is nice with the parks and the river and shops and food.  

So back to yesterday's outing.  It was a mild day.  Gentle breeze and much warmer than we have had.  High's in upper 50's low 60's I guess.  Saw people in shorts.  Saw one guy with a big puffer jacket on and shorts and dress socks.  An older guy. lol
Here is the Nashville Capitol Building.  Looks like they are building on to it.

This is the Capitol plaza area in Nashville. 

And when you turn left past the fountain, you can see TPAC (TN Performing Arts Center).It's the little short building on the right.

Inside and looking down from the Grand Tier floor. 

We went to see "The Illusionists" - the guys wanted to see it.

It was pretty entertaining. We enjoyed it.  

Then we went to dinner.  I loved riding in the back and being able to see out the sun roof and take pics.  

Then we went to Rodizio for dinner.  While waiting for our table, I got a specialty drink  called Berry Basil Caipiroska with Boeteco Brazillian Vodka, Strawberry, Basil, and Lime.

It was a $10 drink with mostly ice, lol - oh well.  Live and learn.  Katy's Sangria looked good.  I should have gotten that as it had more than 3 sips in it. 

Ron and Naomi wanted a picture so I took it for them.  We also had friends Paul and Judy with us.  If Naomi sends the group pic, I'll share that too. 

So, we enjoy the salad bar and the food at Rodizio - but the service can use some work.  There are a few things that I find a bit - well, I'm just going to say "stressful" - about it. 

  I like to get the drinks ordered, eat salad bar and appetizers, and then when everyone is through then we turn the wooden bar to green so the guys with swords of meat can bring the food.  

What happened was: 

Everyone went to the bar expecting that we'd have to wait for the table, but the table was ready right away.  But that is ok, usually there is a wait of some sort.  The words "I believe we'll be able to seat you right away" had no meaning lol. So before drinks arriving at the bar, our table was ready - whoops.  So we waive off the table and tell them they will have to wait til we get our drinks. 

So then we get to the table.  As we are seated someone spills Naomi's wine that she just sat down on the table.  It was unsure if it was George's hand, the lady that seated us and her menu, or a combination of both.  At least it missed Naomi.  So we were worried about her getting a new glass.  George offered to pay.  

Where was the waiter?  In the mean time I discover that I have a dirty knife.  Great.  So the discussion begins on what wine to order for our end of the table - red.  The one on sale I say.  ;-) 
Finally the server shows.  His name is Julian.  We tell him of spilled wine.  I'm not sure what he said.  Waiter gone again.  Probably to clean spill.

Drats, we didn't get our drink order in and I need a fork.  

So the table leaves to go to the salad bar.  But - wait drink orders?  I vow to stay with the purses but George says he will stay.  

So I go to the salad bar - where does the line begin?  I have no clue and finally find the plates but every one is going the wrong direction - backwards around the salad bar?  Everyone is confused.  Whatttt?  lol 

Finally found the lettuce at the end of the line.  And then go backwards around it like everyone else.  It's "bacon week" and they have two types of bacon out.  Really, where?  Bacon container empty.  
Then I finally get to the dressing containers.  Geez - the dressing is almost gone? How long has this stuff sat out then?  I go for Italian b/c it's vinegar based - no chances here.  

I get back to the table.  I need to tell waiter I need a new knife.  Where are the appetizers they bring?  Did anyone order the wine?  No waiter.  No wine. No appetizer.  Dirty knife. 

Waiter finally - wine ordered and he wasn't sure what was on sale (of course not) but don't leave to go find out b/c we'll never see you again.  

Please before you go, I need a new knife.  

Someone at the table turns the wooden device to green for the meat to come - but wait ---- we've no wine, we've not had appetizers yet, and my knife is not replaced.  But no I keep silent, it's not only my dinner but everyone elses.  Let them dig in and go at your own pace.  Waiter comes and gets all the drink orders and agrees to bring a knife.

But the wooden device is on green now and here it comes...the "Brazilian" men with their swords of meat.  Would I like lamb, sirloin, bacon wrapped chicken? - if I don't take it now - it might not come back b/c they will think I don't want any later since I passed it up this time and they'll think our table is done.  (I've done this rodeo before.)  So I take the meat even though I'm really not through with my salad and try to hurry through my salad.  Where is the damn waiter?  Where is my knife, the wine, our appetizers?

The knife never comes.  I get up to a neighboring table and steal a knife and fork wrapped in a napkin, before the next table of people arrive.  Done!  No mention ever from the waiter of bringing a knife or "I see you have one" or "sorry" or "I forgot" or what.  Nada.  But I helped myself.  

Where the heck are the appetizers?  I look around and see that the appetizers are all around other tables.  Why are we not getting ours.  I see the waiter happily waiting tables around us.  Wait? Why is he ignoring us? not THAT.  Sonya don't go there!  No - most of the tables around us that were getting service were dark skinned.  They had everything they needed.  Oh I see how that goes.  I mean really?  

The wine shows, the appetizers show - most of the table uninterested in appetizers at this point - "pass it down here" - I love the fried plantains and the yucca cheese bread and there is one more that I cannot think of what it is called.  

So finally I can rest.  And eat.  

Then we wait and wait for dessert but no one realizes dessert order will not be taken with the wooden bar turned up on either green or red - it must be lain on its side I remind.  

My voice is never heard in a large group and I'm quiet anyway so anything I say is drowned out by the louder ones.  I can barely get a sentence out before it's covered or interrupted by another so I usually just give up and be silent.  Isn't that how men like their women - silent? lol 

Be careful of the silent ones is all I have to say!  Maybe you would prefer them loud after all? 

I can be loud, but I'm sure no one would want to witness that. 

We sat with dirty dishes, empty glasses and such upon our table for the longest.  I started to put my plate on the table behind me to make a point.  But didn't. Instead I just sat in judgment.  lol  Finally dishes were removed. 

So dessert time.  Once the wooden device was turned on it's side - the waiter popped up - and he took our order and we were all splitting.  He brought the desserts with one fork - really?  Geez - so he said "I'll bring you more forks".  Did we ever see another fork?  You can guess I'm sure.  Correct.  We saw another fork NOT. 

We shared our germs.  

Anyway - the food was great, the service was awful, the company was good, but I didn't say much since I'm not heard and drowned out anyway.  

And I kept thinking - this guy (waiter) has no idea that I'm a blogger and give very honest critiques of a meal and service.  And honestly I don't want to go back again in a big setting or group.  It's just too loud, bad service, and I really don't like to eat out of order.  Let's slow down and enjoy it - in order!  It moves way too fast for me.  Not the waiter of course - he's like a turtle riding a glacier in slow motion. 

Anyway, we got home at 7 ish and I went to bed by 7:30 and woke up with a scratchy throat and stuffy.  

Anyway a fun day but a little annoying at dinner.  When you pay that much for a meal, you expect to have at least average service.  I was not impressed with Rodizio and really don't want to go back for a long long time if then.  There are far too many other restaurants that have good food that have spectacular service.  And we get drinks and appetizers first!  

So Monday it is.  I'm not too thrilled about it but we'll dive in and get her done! 


  1. what an experience you had at dinner. glad you survived it.

  2. At least the food and the friends part was good. I'm not a big eat out kind of person, but if I was I'd appreciate your comments . Nice to know about service. Hope you have a wonderful week ! I'm still recovering from the flu.

  3. Oh there is nothing worse than bad service at a decent place to eat! I would of complained. lol If you take my hard earned money then you deserve to be complained about. And no tip! NVR when bad service comes in play. That is their living.
    Once after a very long day at work I wanted to bring my daughter and myself fast food for dinner. When I got home it was all over the place in the bag, burger wasn't even sitting on the bun and apple pie was horrible. Now, its fast food, I get it, but hell with that. I was ticked off! Long day of work, tired and wanted to just have fast food... I wrote an email !! Yes I did. And I not only got a letter of apology from them but a phone call and a yrs worth of free coupons! So sometimes worth it. I laugh about it now but it was just the wrong day to rain on my fast food venture! lol

    Rose :)

  4. I would email or call mgr. There is no sense in that.

  5. It's actually now Tuesday but I wanted to read how the meal went. What disgusting service you had for sure. I think you should inform the management of the non service !!
    I loved the photo of the dogs and the TV it looks going to check,out today's blog. Xxxx


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