Thursday, February 8, 2018

Private Giggles, Weight Loss is Happening, and Other Thoughts

Well, I don't have a lot to say today, but I will say that several things during the day made me laugh yesterday.  There are just so many things that make me giggle. And that is certainly better than the alternative.  I love my private giggles!  Especially when you figure something out that people think you don't know.  Or you overhear a conversation that people think you didn't hear.  I have a private little giggle that I do when I figure out something that people think I would not figure out.  I'm not sure why it makes me laugh but it does.  I guess it's like people thinking that they are in the know but you are not and then you figure it out - it makes me giggle inside.  It's like watching Columbo try to pull off a Private Investigation gig while everyone is watching and he has no idea they are - kind of a thing.  It makes you giggle inside.  

So that said, I'm sitting here typing away and have absolutely nothing much to say.  That is a good thing too.  

So let's see what I can come up with.  

Yesterday was not so bad OCD-wise.  I just have to do more to try to keep the house clean to solve my OCDness.  I'm not really OCD - but yet I am.  lol  I have to have my environment set before I can function.  

Katy started feeling like her throat was clogging up and she was getting stuffy so she mixed some essential oils up for immune enhancing and put it on her feet before going to bed.  I hope she is better this morning.  I asked if flu was going around in her school.  Her answer:  "oh gosh yes". 

So I worried a bit about that.  I hope she is not getting sick.  I know that her immune system gets down in a big way when she is tired.  She's been getting rest but I've been afraid the last month will catch up with her.  I know her well.  

I put the rest of the oils leftover in the diffuser this morning for all of us to benefit from. 

I am so glad it's Thursday!  Why?  Because it's next to Friday.  And I can get some things done at home and relax and read. 

I fixed dinner last night and Katy and George went to see Granny.  They said she was in a good mood!  So that was good.  I'm glad she is happy.  

My Thred Up bag came in.  So I begin putting clothes in there as I no longer want or need it.  

My 23andme kit has been delivered and I guess they will start processing it.  Can't wait to see where I came from, lol.  Everyone else in the family is waiting for it as well. With my luck my results will probably be from...........  Planet Uranus. 

Well, I have lost about 6 lbs.  Probably due to a number of reasons.  
1.  Nutrition
2.  Replacing a meal with Isagenix Shake 
3.  Eating healthy snacks
4.  Cutting out cokes except for 1 a week - gotta have a treat
5.  Any sweets have to be high in Cacao - Katy's brownies weren't too bad though, lol
6.  Not eating out and when I did - ate high protein and veggie choice
7.  Drinking water in a coffee cup
8.  Having salad and veggies for dinner with or without meat.  
9.  Lunches include usually a 300 - 500 calorie lean cuisine meal or whatever I can find with 500 or less sodium.  Usually pair it with applesauce or spinach or some side item that will be more filling. 
10.  I've not really had time to exercise much.  But I do think about it.  lol 

I'll be taking the plunge before too long - well maybe March - to buy into some of the Isagenix products for nutrition enhancement.  This has helped me tremendously to feel good, feel full, and get nutrition with fewer calories. I have hardly spent any of my blow money this month since I've not been eating out.  

Well, I'm going to get off of here, empty the dishwasher and pack lunch.  

I wonder when we'll get the TV.  I think it's coming up soon! 

That is all I can think of to say today.  Ya'll have a superb day!  

I have a private agenda on my mind - and that makes me giggle again! ha.  More later.  


  1. Nice you can giggle..and I found my self giggling too just imagining you with yours. Laughter is contagious! I rarely ever eat out so I've not excuse here for not loosing weight It seems winter is the time for comfort food for me. Hope your Thursday is a great day ! Yay! tomorrow is Friday !

  2. congratulations on the six pounds. that is a big deal for sure.


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