Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saturday Morning Bliss, Ask Me Questions, and TV Prices Went UP

Well, I'm looking forward to having a new blog background and topper.  I'm not a pink and red person and I'm just ready for a change!   I will have time to work on a new background I think - this weekend.  I'll keep this one through Valentine's though.  

Yay!  Saturday morning!  This is truly my favorite time of week.  I always try to sleep in - but rarely do.  It is fun going to bed on Friday night knowing the alarm will not go off.  And I did lay in bed for an extra hour this morning til 5 a.m. just b/c I could.  I think what I like about Saturday mornings once I get up, is that I can linger with my coffee over whatever the heck I want to do!  It's a struggle in the weekday mornings when I have to part with my 45 min to an hour personal time that is often squeezed out by pet troubles, to have to get up and go get ready for work.  I have an iron WILL that wants to do what it wants to do.  But the good thing is that I am self disciplined and can usually overpower that will.  When I'm in a tear of a writing spell - good luck though.  I WILL get those words on the page if they are coming.  So Saturday morning MeTime is just real special.  Then I don't have to fight with myself to get up and go work on others agendas. 

Life is hard.  lol 

I miss not having time to do all the things I want to do.  So many things to research and learn about.  So many things to do and try to do.  So many recipes to fix, books to read, games to play, shows to watch, books to write, things to organize, things to shop for.  I really CAN say that I enjoy life.  I look forward to Saturday's and Sunday's when I can actually live it.  

Not that I mind work.  I love what I do and I enjoy it and enjoy my day.  But..who doesn't like being off and doing their own thing huh? 

And I could write an essay on just about any topic you give me and I'll get off my wish box about how I love time off and MeTime, except to say that I heard MeTime is actually a new word in the dictionary now.  Good for it. 

The coffee is good this morning!  Hold on...
I want to get a refill. 

Ok I'm back....

You know...what else I'm happy about?  The fact that we don't have any plans for the weekend.  
And it's going to rain 2-4 inches so we'll be all cozy inside and can get some extra MeTime in!  ;-) 

So yesterday was a nice 60ish degree day and sunshine and very little wind.  I had lunch at a Greek place and it had been a while and was so incredibly yummy!  

Had to leave at 4:30 yesterday to take Tugie to the vet for her follow up appointment.  She did good.  They did an x-ray and did not see anything that would be a concern.  They couldn't get the x ray to pull up - so I hope we did not get charged for an x-ray that didn't happen.  I think I believe them though but in this day and time - it's really hard to know when you are being taken.  So it did run through my mind.  I think having worked in HR and watching the news and seeing movies - is making me have a distrust for mankind.  I hate it when that happens.   But I guess I used to be too trusting.  Anyway, long story short - she got a good report.  Her antibiotics is not up yet - but we have a few more days.  

Well, I hear the rain - it's a coming down in a big way!  I cracked the door to the sun room so I could hear it hitting against the metal roof in there.  Ahhhhhh!  I love a rainy day when I'm inside.  I'm such a geekster. 

Well, the TV George picked out for us - jumped up to $2300 over $700 more than it was!  So.....I think their sale is off and that they are b/w models or something.  So he was about to suggest that we go get it wants to wait to see if they get more in.  He actually went by there to look at it.  He said we could go with a different brand if we wanted to get one this weekend but he'd rather wait.  I really don't want to get out in the rain so waiting is fine by me.  Did I really say that?  I know it will happen soon enough.  I've been patient all this long.  And when we do get it we will go all out b/c he's getting an x-box and a sound bar and I forget what else. Maybe they will put them on sale again - and you know they will by Father's day but that seems so far away.   He asked if I wanted to get a huge iTune card and buy some music b/c he is getting the x box - but no I think I'll save on my end and get some nutritional food and supplements which sadly is a whole lot more than an x box.  Well ok - I could use a little bit of an iTune card - like $20 or so to get a few I've been saving up for. 

It's been a while since I've done this - there anything that you all would like to ask me or that you would like me to write about?  It seems lately I've not really had a lot to say.  I can always write - but sometimes I have to dig deep in my psyche to do it.   But if you have questions about me or things you want me to write about - I will try to answer them or will write about the subject matter you give me to the best of my ability. lol 

Well, I'm going to get started on the kitchen.  The house needs some work.  There are glasses about, the kitchen is pilling up with stray dishes b/c the dishwasher is not big enough to hold it all, and there are dog toys all about, and dog beds need straightening, and trash needs emptying and bathrooms need cleaning, and clothes need to be washed - we need a complete overhaul so it's a good thing we are here to do it.  

Wow this coffee is good today!  

Ya'll have a great Saturday.  Be safe.  What all are YOU doing this weekend and What is the Weather like where you are?  Soupy here and probably in the 50's I think.


  1. Your 50 and 60 degree days sound wonderful. Here we are just lucky to get above freezing and we have snow mixed with rain and slippery conditions. I really think you do a great job blogging and letting us know about you and your family. No questions here. Hope you enjoy your me time and have a wonderful Saturday!

  2. your warmer temps and rain sound nice compared to our freezing rain, snow and cooler temps here. the tv sounds nice. perhaps it'll go back on sale.


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