Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day, Morning Traffic, and Saving Up for a Isagenix Splurge

Went in to fix coffee and there was a monkey on the kitchen counter.  lol  

And one of the sweetest cards!  

That included an iTunes card!  ;-)

And Look!  It's got a T.V. inside the heart!  ;-)   And look there is an xbox in with the xxx's and oooo's!

I was Smart to pick him.  And the "Smart" is over the TV!  How clever!  ha.

So sweet.

Well, here's a pic of the traffic mess I go through every day.  You can see the red tail lights up in the distance.  Everyone that lives in Hermitage trying to work their way into the already cramped interstate.  Eventually I get over one more lane to the left so I can squeak by a little faster.  The fartherest lane over to the left quickly turns into an HOV lane, which is not enforced so everyone uses it (but me).  The day I'd try to use it would be the day they would start enforcing it.  I have thought about tying a scarf around the head rest of my car just in case - but neh - I try to follow the rules.

I'm just thankful that we are in a new location b/c as traffic snarls worsen with growth in our area - the commute gets longer.  My commute is about 45 min if I leave around 7.  That is usually late for me to leave - however with Katy home and things going on - it's taking me a bit longer to get ready in the morning b/c I am doing a bit of cleaning and picking up and doing laundry and talking more and just more going on in our household so it's harder to get out the door.  Still if I left at 7 and went to work at the other place I used to work - we are talking over an hour - about an hour and 5 minutes - so it's good we moved to the new location b/c I am not sure how long I was going to be willing to drive in that traffic for that location.  I hated the location too with the druggies and there are gang and drug related shootings going on almost daily in that area and within a 5-10 mile radius.   Still things can happen anywhere but that is a sin infested nasty God forsaken area.  Trash everywhere too and I thank the Lord daily for the change to a new location.  A change was coming somehow b/c I was not happy.  Happy now!  Even though traffic is 45 minutes - it at least moves eventually and although it's a false sense of security - you don't feel like bullets will be flying over in your direction any time soon.  45 minutes is about my limit for sitting in traffic.  Anything over that I get antsy.  But 45 gives you time to transition b/w work and home zones, listen to a pod cast, think, plan, etc.  It's not bad.  Once I'm past that clump of red tail lights - it sails on from there.  

So not a lot to say really except that the week is moving on pretty fast.  

I can't get it out of my head that I am ready to dive into getting the Isagenix.  Here's the one I'm supposed to start with.  It's 83 meals.  I won't be doing it exactly as they say.  For example - I'll probably just be doing one shake a day instead of two.  I will be eating a low cal lunch with a little protein and veggies.  So I predict it will last a while.  The tough part is saving up to buy it.  I do intend on taking the vitamin supplements.  I look forward to having the AMP drink to sip on about once a week.  I just want to feel good.  The shakes and the energy bars - really make me feel better since they are packed with nutrients. 

The initial purchase is huge (where it says "1" above it is a box of it) - but like I said after that you can order ala carte as to what you need.  So it'll take me a while but I'll eventually have a chunk of it.  I wanted to go to the Nashville (show) concert at the Grand Ole Opry in March, but decided not to b/c of this.  lol  And b/c we have bought so much lately - with furniture and TV.  But soon I can purchase the above and hopefully will feel better soon and I bet some lbs come off too.  

I have been listening to Nutrition Diva podcasts and also Eat This Not That Podcast.  The Nutrition Diva was talking about black rice being so good for you b/c of the pigmentation (color) of it - it's really good for you - like dark berries etc.  So I told George that it was suggested to fix it as a cold dish with vinegar and oil along with veggies and so he fixed that for us last night.  

He asked if I would stop at Aldi's and so I did.  He wanted chives and tomatoes for it.  Of course it's been a while since I went to Aldi's.  But I spent about $50 buying mostly healthy things.  I did splurge on some Mexican Lasagna and a bottle of Chardonnay wine that I like from there. 

So today is Valentine's Day.  I'm going to stop at Walmart and get some "goodies" for work.  I meant to suggest that we have "goodie day" and we all bring something but I totally forgot until yesterday.  That is a little late to expect people to go to the store at the last minute.  So I think I'll stop and pick up something for the break room.  None of us need sweets so I'm thinkin a little healthier - fruit, cheese and whole grain crackers?  I have no idea but I'll see when I get there what the options are.  I did think of bagels and cream cheese.  I'm not sure that is healthy.  Depends on the bread type and of course the cream cheese - well, one needs to get a dairy intake, ha? 

I'm going to go for more coffee here!  Ready for another cup although it's not very good this morning.  I think the coffee can has a blend of coffees that are both good and bad and sometimes you end up with a not so good batch if the not so good coffee ends up being the majority of the scoops you scooped out of the can!  lol  Sometimes I will take a "ennnhhh" brand of coffee and mix it with a good one so we don't throw the "ennnhh" away.  But there was one coffee recently that ughhhh - there was no way I'd blend that to anything.  lol  

So what are ya'll doing for Valentine's?  We have some fun things planned.  Will tell you about it tomorrow.  Going for more of a cup of coffee!  And then get ready and get on the road.  

I am not prepared for tomorrow having a new blog topper.   I know I'm ready for a new one but haven't had time to make a springy one.  Might have one from last year.  Well - better go!

Take care and Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Happy Valentine's day to you!

  2. Glad you had a Happy Valentine's Day.Your hubby's card was sweet.


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