Monday, February 12, 2018

Well Did We Get the TV or Not? Read and See...

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to some spring.  I think we will really appreciate it this year.  It's been a colder than normal winter for us here in TN.  Normally we get a lot of 50 degree days and can wear light jackets with periodic dips in which we can throw an extra layer on and get through.  I've not looked at the forecast yet but Friday when I saw it, it looked like we would have some 50 degree days this week.  Of course with the spring, comes the tornadic storms and I do not like that.

Well, yesterday we ended up not going to church.  George got up right at the last minute and we could have rushed.  But with church being several miles away, flood warnings still out and rain still continuing and us being in our continued winter hibernation period - we chose to stay home.  Katy was sick but seems to be holding her own and not getting worse, thank the Lord.  With a middle schooler having died with the flu here in our hometown, it gets very real and scary.  I am thinking that metro schools will be out due to the flu but they have not done it yet.  They have used up all of their snow days that would be used for this.

Around noon the rain stopped and so we got ready and about 1 went to Best Buy to look at TV's.  It's on the main road and it's not flooded so I was good to go there.  George said as we were backing out "I don't know if we'll be getting a TV today or not, just so you know."  I said "I know, I figure we won't be so don't worry I'm not getting all excited yet." lol  He said it would happen and we want it to be right.  I agreed.

So I go with little expectation.  I still had hope but knew that he may want to wait.  I figured it wouldn't happen.  I figured the Lord would be mad at us for not going to church and for going to buy a TV instead so I figured we'd be punished instead.  George gets mad at me when I think that like but I guess I was raised to believe that God punishes you when He is not pleased much like a parent or person would do if you did not please them.  lol  I vowed to do a lot of study this week on forgiveness.  Apparently I still have some issue with that.  Or at least others think I do, so I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong in my forgiveness arena and what God says about it.  So more on that later.  Right now we are going to buy a TV, lol.  Maybe.

So we park.  And George takes FOR EEEEEEEVER to gather his things and get out of the car.  The cold front air was coming through and the wind just enough to be uncomfortable.  So I wait and wait and finally start walking toward the door.  I'm making you all wait just like I had to wait.  lol

So we go in and immediately TV's are to the right - he noticed his 2nd choice of a brand and said "that is a doable option and we could do that one today if we wanted".  But then he saw it.....

He saw the one he picked out and it was on sale but it had been opened and then sealed shut.  He said he didn't want the floor model.  But this one was one that Geek squad had taken to a customer and it was too big for the space and they had to go down a size and they said the customer never touched the product. And they would give us a discount on it.  George asked if I was ok with that. I said "yes, b/c you have a return policy that will allow us to return it if anything is wrong with it at delivery".  The sales person said "absolutely".  George also bought a two year warranty.

So the one we got was:

Sony - 65" Class (64.5" Diag.) - LED - 2160p - Smart - 4K Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range

We got the sound bar, the stand, an xbox with blue ray player.  

Microsoft - Xbox One S 500GB Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels Console Bundle with 4K Ultra Blu-ray - White

And we have scheduled delivery and set up by Geek Squad for an extra $99.  And they are coming Saturday to set it up.  Holy Halelujah!  

And it was all 24 months same as cash, no interest.

So how exciting is that?  

I don't know what to expect - like will we need to upgrade or rearrange our cable?  Heck we may be able to reduce it.  That would be awesome.  George says we may need to go back and get a universal remote program thingie.  Or who knows it may be just an app.  We have no idea.   lol  When you emerge into this century - it is strange.  lol 

So this is all a big deal for us as you know.  I've been wanting a new den experience for a while with the updated sofa and TV.  And it's all coming together.   I'm sacrificing an upgrade to the kitchen for this b/c I was getting to the point I really didn't want to sit in our den any longer on "Itchy and Scratchy".  

So this is all very exciting.  George said the TV was Alexa ready.  Looks like it's Google or Alexa either one.  I don't really know what that means though - maybe we can get information about programming via Alexa?  I guess we'll be finding out.  Woah!  

Well, I need to get make up on, and get packed for the day.  

Oh but I meant to say - we went to the store and then came home and George fixed a roast in the Instapot.  I cleaned the kitchen yesterday and did not get my ironing done.  I was ready to sit and got all involved with the Sister Wives binge watching that Katy was doing.  And then this week's episode came on.  So we missed the ice skating on the Olympics for Sister Wives.  lol  Then we all went to bed at 9.  

George now has to find someone to help move the old TV down stairs.  

I've been looking at the Isagenix stuff this morning.  Trying to figure out what all is in the pack and what I want to order.  Very excited about that.  But have to save up for it.  I expect my side of the grocery bill to go down each week in a big way but I do not want George to have to put up with the expense of me spending that much on the front end.  I have quite a bit saved up with Christmas money and blow money and we get more blow money at the end of this month. I think I have some more money coming to me in March and then perhaps I can do it.  I've been saving blow money by not eating out fast food.  

Anyway, at least I have some shakes to get by with til then.  I'm looking forward to the Amp drink.  I have to try the energy shot this week and the greens in a bottle this week.  

I need to shut up and quit typing and get ready for work - geez - where does the time go?  Tonight will be ironing since I didn't do that yesterday, some chopping for this week, and working some in the kitchen. And I need to continue my forgiveness study and some plans on YouTube to make up for not going to church.

Ya'll have a great day.


  1. YaY! So glad you got one and on sale too ! That was news worth waiting for ! It's still quite cold here but temps are warming up this week and we may even see a 50 degree day here later in the week. Like you, I am so ready for Spring ! Hope you have a great day! Monday's do seem to set the tone for the whole week!

  2. I am so glad you got your TV. you will enjoy for years to come. It is cold and gray skies here. I need to work on forgiveness too. Have a good week.

  3. congratulations on the new tv. sounds like you got a real bargain. good for you.


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