Sunday, February 25, 2018

Yesterday, and the Powers of Good and Evil

Well, good morning.  I didn't post yesterday - if I don't get it done in the morning, it's hard to get back around to it later.  I find myself wanting to gravitate toward the TV instead of the computer.  lol

Truth be known I'm not totally back to myself.  Mainly sinuses and just lack of energy - not back up to par.  And my psyche is not back yet.  Yes, I'm missing apparently, lol.  I just don't have the drive back yet.  I think I'm still in sick mode.  Regardless how I have wanted to push through it.

Yesterday I went to get my toes done so I can wear sandals and flip flops.   I went to Zaxby's drive through to get a salad afterwards and took it home to eat it.  Oh it was so good.  I got tea as well but forget to ask for unsweet, so I went home and added a lot of ice to it to weaken it down.  Then spilled it in the living room.  Well, it was me trying to keep Findlay off the table so she wouldn't knock into it and then ended up knocking it over myself.  So I'll say she helped. lol

Katy and George went out yesterday and went to some Asian markets to get red curry and various other items that we are out of.  They went to the Girl Scout Cookie day at Black Abbey (pairing cookies to beer).  And they went to Hattie B's hot chicken.  They brought me back a plate.   I put it in the fridge and ate about 1/3 of it for dinner.

I spent the afternoon while they were gone watching YouTube videos on the TV.  I specifically enjoy watching the sailing videos and the RV'ing videos.  I love the adventure going with them through their videos.  I love the travel, and the water, and have always loved RV's and the thought of being on one.  I love seeing the decor and storage inside boats, RV's, other's houses (HGTV) and condos, etc.  It all flows - the adventures of travel, of organizing, decorating, and then writing about it, telling about it, or in my case listening about it.  I love the "suggested" video feature of the You Tube on TV.  So if you like "this one" then you will like "this other one".

Then I got into watching a movie with Glenn Close and Alec Baldwin. I'd seen it before but had forgotten it.  During that movie they came home and I handed over the remote so someone else could have it.  I'd watched all afternoon, rested, and it was complete bliss.  I enjoyed the day.

Our plan this morning was to go to church.  Maisy woke me up at 3:30 and I took her out and started to stay up but b/c the storms kept me up til 11 last night, a quick calculation told me since I'm not up to par, I should go back to bed and try to let sleep come.  It did and I slept too late.  George slept even later. So I will do a devo today.  I'm disappointed but we should have set an alarm.  I know I needed the rest, but I am disappointed in ourselves for not getting there this morning.

Today I need to go to the grocery and have a few options for breakfast.  I don't have a lot to do, but trying to keep the house clean and care after the dogs is almost a full time job.  I would like to mop the kitchen and clean the bathroom but we'll see.

I need to be doing some research on our Chicago trip but I've not felt like doing that either really.  Just no drive coming back yet.  But I'm trying.  Mostly I'm just doing laundry, dishes, dealing with doggies, and resting.  That is about all I can do right now.

The storms last night were bad to our North West and I guess they fizzled out by us.  It was pretty windy and I think I was asleep when they finally approached.  Once I realized the tornado warnings were gone I went to bed.  It did sound like planes were flying overhead really close.  I determined that was wind and not really planes (I think).  I can't imagine planes taking off and landing in that.

Well, I am going to get off of here and fix something for breakfast and do a devo.

I'm tired of listening to the gun arguments.  You can't please everyone in this situation.  The devil and his army is out there doing what he does best causing division and creating chaos.  He's sitting back laughing how he's pushed himself into the heart of schools (children) and the churches.  Sadly, it will continue and this will not get better.  But the real showdown will be at the end when good wins over evil.  God said He would end the earth for the sake of the elect b/c it ends up being too much.  But ultimately it won't matter what stance you are on - on the gun issue.  God will decide b/w good and evil.

I can remember reading a diary about a child living in a war zone area.  I remember how scary that must have been.  And now we all live in a time where at any time we can be shot at by these MANY unstable, unloved, drugged up, depressed, war gamed, disturbed individuals across the US.  We are living in our own big war.  You think about it every time you go to a movie, a school, a church, drive down the interstate, go to a restaurant, a concert.  We are all taking chances every time we go anywhere.

Well sorry, I'm not political, and I don't have an agenda.  I just feel real sorry for those that try to do right.  I feel real sorry for those that are aforementioned and need love and need the devils to be torn from their lives.  And I feel such hatred for the devil and sin in the world that does this to all of it's people.

Yeah I know I do have a spiritual opinion and I know that there is a growing number of people now that do not believe in God (also a growing number of issues b/c of that).  I am happy that I believe in God and feel bad and sad for those that don't.  I have been told that I don't see "the big picture" and that those that believe in the Devil or those that believe in their religion whether it include a God of evil or of righteousness that they also believe they are right.  And they have rights too.  Well they do for now.   All I can say is "bless their hearts".  Sometimes the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil leads you to be aware of too much - and you are deceived.

Anyway - God says "if you are not for me you are against me".   And with that said I'll get off of here and eat and do a devo.

Sorry for the rant.  Just venting.  I don't believe we should just let the devil take over - even though I know his presence will only just be worse.  The fight is real and the fight is not going to get easier.  The debates will get harder.  I hate controversy and I hate debating.

Til tomorrow! 


  1. My my Sonya,you are a goody going into work yesterday. I think you really should have taken that one day extra then by Monday you would hopefully been in tip top condition, just hope you havnt done yourself any harm by going in to work....I hope today has been another restful day, I had church this morning, Mary came with me as the folk who take her to the church she goes to have had an accident and Andrew has broken his ankle and is in plaster and on crutches so obviously not able to drive....everyone was wishing us well for our holiday and asking us to bring them home a penguin !!!...I can just see us having a case full of little penguins !!!....I am going to miss hearing from you every day, but I might find a free place to get internet is very expensive on board ship I have no doubt. Holland America line will just be the same as Royal Caribbean the other shipping group we usually use. Now to watch one of my fav. Programmes on to. The Midwives....somehow I missed it last week....night night. God bless. Always xxx

  2. There is for sure a lot of evil in this saddens me....and like you, I pray for good to win out. And soon.

  3. This getting well does take time. I'm not really sick anymore but not well either. I'm like you are. I've missed church 2 weeks in a row now and miss it. Good will conquer evil. We can count on it. Hope your Sunday was a good one !


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