Saturday, March 31, 2018

"Spec on the Map of Existence" and other Saturday Tales

This  She is a mess but we love her so.  And we'll miss her when she goes to TX.  

Today has been about laundry, ironing, finishing packing, getting my liquids out of my purse and in a baggie for the upcoming flights, plumping doggie beds, doing surface cleaning.  And making my dishes for tomorrow.  

I fixed Black Eyed Pea Salad.  I used to fix this a lot several years ago.  Took it to just about every event, so much so that we got tired of it.  But it sounded good to me.  And it's healthy.  

The recipe came in this cook book which has been one of my favorites through the years.  This was given to me in my 20's.  Miss Daisy's Tea Room, used to be a restaurant in Green Hills area of Nashville.  I think it moved to another location at one time and I don't think there is one now.  I had only been twice.  Both times with Mom, I think. 

I also made some dressed eggs and fought with them.  

And I do mean Fought with THEM!  Ugh, every time I try to take eggs to a gathering, I have to fight with the eggs - peeling them.  The shell does not want to come off w/o taking half the eggs with it.   I know you are supposed to go buy eggs several days ahead to make sure they are not new eggs and they have to sit in cold water.  I can do the cold water, but I didn't get to go to the grocery til yesterday.  George helped me and we got them done.  Only ONE messed up bad enough that we had to eat it ourselves - gosh darnit!  (Worked out well if you asked me - I mean you want to taste them right to make sure they are good?)

It's so pretty out there today.  69 degrees right now.  I've opened the sun room letting the fresh air pollen in. 

And took a couple of pics while outside. 

Here is our new a/c unit.  I guess it's like we have another kid in college this next year - or an extra house payment - or like an extra couple of car payments. 

The area around it is all muddy and our beds messed up.  The bricks were all messing up anyway.  We really need to work on that area.  I'm ok with removing the landscaping bricks since they are all tossed about anyway at this point.  

Here's Findlay when she needs to see what is going on in the kitchen.  lol

Well the dogs let me sleep good last night.  Maisy let me sleep til 5:45 when she pawed me to get up.  I got to snooze to 6.  Thanks Maisy!  Much better than 4 a.m. 

Today has been busy.  Just have tried not to let myself stop until now so could keep moving and get things done. 

I have been kinda sad today.  I have to do something that I don't want to do in the coming days.  And I'm having a hard time with it.  And I will be glad when it is over.  You know how you just have a bad feeling?  And you know how people can sometimes blame you if something goes wrong even if it wasn't your gig?  Ugh.  I hate that.  However, God and I will have a conversation about it.  And it will be ok.  He will hear me in my time of need and He will be my Help.  But there is just that naggin' in the back of your mind that "this ain't gonna be a good thang".  My hands have been and will be tied though.  So watcha gonna do?  I'm not calling Ghost Busters, lol.

I am sortof having that "in limbo" feeling again too.  I'm having a hard time getting excited about anything right now.  I don't know how to explain it.  Surely it's not depression.  I still get sortof excited about things.  I don't think I'm worried about anything really except the above mentioned.

I'm excited about things that take my mind off wondering about our future - heck I was excited about that anyway.  I enjoy watching Keep Your Daydream.  I enjoy watching our shows.  I enjoy our eating (a little too much) still.  I've been a hunger pit the last two days.  It's been hard.  I enjoy reading when I can.  I'm even thinking about making a new summer bucket list. 

I'm thinking I need to go through some stuff and it's time to give it up - try to simplify our life.  I'm going to have to do it at some point anyway.  We'll have some time at home to do so. 

I've also still got this nagging for what the next goal is.  Like a mid life crisis is hitting me - only it's more like mine waited til it was a 3/4 life crises.  Well who knows really - any of us could be gone tomorrow.  The big question.....

What is it that I want to do with the rest of my life?  Where do I want it spent?  What goals?  What difference do I want to make?  Have I done any good in my life at all?  Or am I just another spec on the map of existence. 

Gotta Go..dinner's ready.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Funny Stories, Early Flights and Sleepless Nights

Well, Kate and I got our nails done Wednesday night and we came home and picked George up and went to Outback.  We had a funny memory that will linger for a while at the nail salon.  You know I am a magnet for odd and bizarre happenings.  I think the Angels and Demons alike go and stir things up just for a laugh with me.  

So...first of all we go to our favorite salon and as we pull up we remember ....oh no...we forgot to call in ahead of time.  And it was going to be about an hour wait so, we went to another one across town.  They could easily place us.  So we picked our color and Katy asked them to bring us some white wine.  We placed our feet in the running bowls of water.  Mine was more full than Kate's.   I had enough room to put my feet in where the water wouldn't run over the side of the bowl, but I noticed the water was still running.  I looked up and no one that worked was near.  I looked around trying to find water button from my seat as did Kate............................

The water began spilling from the toe tub bowl to the floor.  I looked up and began saying "Hellllloooooo, Help....Hellllloooo!"   

Katy said "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mom you are embarrassing me!"  lol lol 


The man comes running out of the back room with two wines going "uh no uh no uh no" in his most urgent oriental voice.  Another lady comes out too, who is to be the person that does my feet.  And she began giggling.  Off and on she would break out into giggles as the guy placed towels all around the bowl at my feet.  

Oh Lord have mercy on my soul for all the bizarre things that occur around me.  But even this morning over coffee, I can say "hellllllooooooooo" and Kate herself will burst in giggles.  

So then Thursday morning around 1 a.m. my eyes pop wide open as if a dead person's eyes suddenly popped open from a dead slumber.  What the heck?  Why am I awake?  I immediately start doing an analysis of why I am awake.  I took my BP meds late in the day, we ate late, I had red meat, I had  a a few bites of birthday cake (sugar), I had a beer with dinner, there's a lot going on right now.  The inventory went on and on. I went from that to talking to the Lord about all the things I had on my mind. My worries, my excitements, my frustrations, the unknowns.  Then He began kinda talking back to me in a whisper of sorts.  We had some very light conversations in which He encouraged me to begin asking myself "why" repeatedly in everything to get the bottom of my reason for existence, my place or goals in this life, what causes me to be excited, what my next steps in life are, what causes my frustrations, what really makes me happy, what really makes me sad, mad, indifferent.  A lot of heavy thoughts for 1:00 a.m., 1:30, 2:00 a.m., 2:30.  I had also had an issue sleeping the night before.

Must go to sleep soon.  Want sleepy time tea but if I get up so will the dogs.  Not going to romp around in the yard at 2:30 a.m. to greet neighborhood zombie people, demons, 1898 ghosts or criminals in the night, the neighborhood pepe lopez, nor even the friendly curious deer for that matter that would still make me jump in the night.  So I stay, toss, take deep breaths and wait for sleep to come.  Sleep does not come until after I have prayed over all thoughts I had earlier.  Then beautiful peaceful sleep came from sometime around 3 til..................................

beep beep beep beeep.... 

awww geez, already?  




Awww man?  I've slept thru blog time.  Oh well.  

Hurry, hurry, hurry.  

I think this was two nights in a row that I did not sleep well.  

And work has been crazy busy as well.  I'm working some from home today even on a vacation day.  
But at least I can do laundry, pack for next week's trip, and organize my world a bit. 

So yesterday Hiller came and put in our new a/c unit and heating unit and replaced the gas pipes and redid the insulation of the air units that run under the first floor of our house (which is the ceiling of our basement).  They put the new wifi thermostat in the hallway.  

While they did all that, George cleaned the carpets inside.  They look really nice.  

And by the time I got home it was all done.  

The price was astronomical.  So yeah life gets a bit tougher.  We are doing 12 mos same as cash on the deal, no interest.  So it's like having an extra house payment for 12 months.  But we are keeping our savings.  So that was the way to go.  And our range has the heat coming on if it gets below 68 in the house.  The a/c comes on if it gets above 75 in the house.  I think the spousal olympic wars will cease with this deal!  George sent me the NEST link to sign in.  I am surprised.  He was teasing that he was going to hide the code and not give me permission. lol

We will be cheaper - so only eating out right now where there is gift cards lol.  So yeah Sybil - the apple watch will have to wait til I save up enough blow money.  But it's at least something I can work toward.  

So hey - I got up at 3:30 this morning, took my shower, took care of Maisy and Tugie, got all the doggies breakfast plates ready.  And then had a few minutes with a cup of coffee - still only about 10 minutes to sit and enjoy and not enough time to blog.  We had to be at the airport around 5:30 to drop Katy off for her flight to see Cody.  He's picking her up in Dallas Love airport this morning.  They should be landing as I type this. 

And actually they were. She texted me as I had typed that. I often know what is going on with her when we are attuned. 

Here’s some pics she sent. 

And Katy was so excited to board and sit next to an “emotional support” dog who didn’t have to be put below the seat - except for taking off and landing. She got to watch the dog while owner went to potty. Her name was Abby. 

While being escorted around this morning....while taking Kate to airport, and then to iHop and then home after discovering we did not have gift card and had to go home.....I played around in the App Store to see if they had improved Blogger.  Well a developer finely came up with a version.  Actually there is a free on and one for $4.99.  I'll try to use Free but I can tell since it asks every few seconds to upgrade - that I probably will pay the $4.99 to do it just to not be aggravated and that will be my $5.00 entertainment while traveling.  lol

But it let me add these photos quickly so I could show you today instead of waiting til tomorrow. 

So...we DID finally eat at iHop and it was much better service even though the waitress (one person) was serving about 10 to 12 tables.  She kept a smile and was relieved to see the 9:00 extra waitress to come in who exclaimed "oh my word you all were slammed".  But we didn't have to wait too long.  

So I have laundry going and George is was just too early for him this morning now that he's not working.  That's ok.  I think he's beginning to worry some that the nibbles are not coming as fast as he thought.  But we will pray for guidance, and for job opportunities.  God's timing is his.  He has reasons for the timing.  Sometimes it's simply to keep us grounded near him so we don't get too confident in our own abilities.  I mean just when you begin to think you are the bees knees - something comes along to slap you in the face to tell you - you are not and you are not really in control!  

After all the devil fell b/c of pride.  Not to say that George is prideful - but to say we ALL are.  And we have to realize we DO need God.  

I also believe my nights awake this week were so I could spend some much needed time in God's presence where we could chat privately and uninterrupted.  He made sure I felt good the next day regardless of lack of sleep.  But I made up part of it during blog time yesterday. 

So, something else funny happened this morning.  So grab some more coffee and join us in the kitchen at 5:15 where we are all gathering jackets, purses, cups of coffee for the road, phones, giving dogs treats and about to head down to the garage to leave for airport.  

George brings Katy's suitcase (my new one  - I'm going to use the little one this next week).   But he comes pushing it across the floor - not sure why he didn't put it on it's wheels!  So, he comments about how heavy.  

This makes me ask if there is a weight limit at air lines.  It was heaaaaaaavy.  Katy said if it was over 50 lbs there is a $75 charge.  She said she wasn't paying it.  We said what are you going to leave and where are you gonna put it?  We suggested bag for carry on or in purse.  She was all worried then.  We were dropping her off and not going to be there to carry anything home.  But we left it that if she needed us to come back to call us and we'd turn around, swing back through the airport and pick up what she decided not to take, lol.  (She would have had plenty of time to do that.)  

She texted 50.5 lbs and they waved her on through and let it go!  ;-)  

Whew!  She was so worried and paranoid about it.  It's funny now.  So I texted her after she said they'd landed.  I told her to go stand by a BIG MAN at the baggage claim.  I am not sure she'd be able to get her luggage off.  That thing is so heavy.  lol 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing pics of all she and Cody do and I am soooo happy they are together.  She has been living for this week.  She loves him so. 

But she has been giving him a hard time as to what he spends at the Walmart Super Store there.  lol  So this past week or two he's been going to another store called "United" IGA or something like that.  It shows up as United on their bank account.   

Katy asked him what United was.  And he told her another grocery store.  She said that he was spending less but going more times.  lol  And she guessed at what he was buying:  Steak, beer, twizzlers, sour tarts (I can't remember but all his favorite snacks and candy).  And he said "aww does the bank statement show what all you buy?" lol lol lol lol lol  She had hit it right on the nose.  We thought that was so funny.  Love those two. 

The last funny story is really a short one.  But friend and coworker "Tater" and I got together and made up a Conference Call Bingo chart, based on one that one of our executives had sent us.  We did one that was pretty lined up with phrases that are often heard on our Ops call.  So we brought the bingo charts to the conference room and a bowl of paper clips and we all played bingo while listening for phrases instead of letters and numbers: 

"oh I was on mute, sorry"
"I'm gonna let ____ take over from here"
"I don't have much this week to share"
loud background noises
"Can you hear me now?"
"Oh he must have dropped off the call"

And so forth....

They loved it.  It was so much fun.  We'll wait a few weeks and do another version.  It makes you listen more intently but it is still easy to miss them. 

And that is about all my stories this week. 

Oh wait - there is one more...George got up yesterday morning and began singing "Well a blessa my soul-a what is wronga with me".  I looked up and he had a hair roll coming down his forehead and looked the splitting image of Elvis' ghost.  lol lol And of course he sang Elvis til bedtime b/c he was in character at that point.

Well, I'm going to get off of here and get my work done so I can do somethings I want to do and get on with my vacay day.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Venison, Watch Return, and a New A/C Unit

Katy fixed venison steaks last night for us and George fixed the Cuban black beans.  We had a great dinner last night.  And some good conversation.  

Well, let's see.  The Hiller folks came out and....we have to have a new a/c unit.   Ours is really old.  I think 21 years and was supposed to last about 12.  So there's that.  George did mention we'd get a new thermostat, likely with wifi capability.  Yay - so now we can play spousal thermostat olympics remotely with our phones and with Alexa.  lol  If it all works out that way.  George added that it would be way more efficient and that our bills would go down for it, and then he added "and that will be good for selling the house, should we move to Texas".  I said, "you are really considering this huh?".  He said "well, we have said it is a possibility".  I really don't think it will happen but you never know.  I can't see myself living there really.  At least I've not had time to process such a thing.  I have to be somewhere and desire to be there and Breckenridge didn't seem to pull me in.  I could go near the coast somewhere though.  As long as I could get OUT in hurricane season.  lol

Anyway, I went to Belk after work and got a refund for my watch.  I had put the box, the receipt and instructions all in the bag in my car - mainly so at lunch I could try to figure out why it wouldn't stay connected.  It was a confusing little contraption - and I finally determined that it just wasn't good enough technology to do what it was supposed to do.  You only got messages on it sometimes.  And when you walked out of the room and walked back it sent you all your old ones again.  I finally just decided it was more annoying to me than helpful.  So I had NO PROBLEM just putting it all together in the box and ready for a return.  Especially when I saw that I could get the real thing for just a little more.  So it's GONE.  And I'm glad.  It was almost as annoying as a gnat after a while since it gave me feelings of angst and always trying to figure out why it wouldn't do what it said it would do.  It would connect but then it really wouldn't be when it said it was.  grrrrrr.  

I've posted on facebook to see how people like theirs and recommendations.  

Well, I have decided to take off on Good Friday.  Most of the world is off and George is off (of course) and we are taking Katy to the airport and going to iHop to see if we can get waited on and use our gift card.  

We are still tossing up some other things to do.  

Katy and I are going to get our toes done tonight and then we are going to use our Outback gift cards.  I thought it was Long Horn but think we used that card at Olive Garden as it went to either/or.  Glad I looked in my billfold.  lol  George is going to meet us at Outback (or we go to get him).  

This week is going fast.  That is ok by me.  I'm ready for the Easter Weekend.  We gotta figure out our plan for Lisa's Easter lunch.  We'll have time now to cook/fix on Saturday. 

Well, better go.  I think I'll have to drive to work in the rain! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Coming Out of the Cleanse and the Next "Big Idea"

The morning after a cleanse day, you are ready for that shake.  I had to make myself drink the Ionix 6 oz of B vitamins - a drink of nutrition that taste like berries.  It's just enough to take the Vitamin Pack with.  The ionix is your "stress formula" - the instructions say it helps with the stress of the day.  I always take my vitamin pack with it before I have my coffee.  So today's order:  The Ionix, the Shake, and then the Coffee.  

Up close view of the strawberry shake.  I don't do any of them without adding ice.  These have a big chunk of your daily nutritional intake.  

So the past two days after a cleanse, I've typically been moody - the first one was more of a "down" day just kinda mopey and depressed.  The 2nd time I was angry.  I called it "hangry".  So I'm interested to see how today will be.  It seems easier to do every time.  This was my 3rd.

Next Monday I'll be gone on the travel trip.  I am not going to do a cleanse on a travel day.  That is too much.

I do need to clarify that it is a "cleanse" day and not a "complete fasting".  You do get these IsaDelights 4 times during the day, which are akin to the chocolate sea salt caramel chocolate squares that Ghiradelli sells- only better.  And you get these little "snacks" that come in a circle that are hard to describe - best described as an earthy chocolate healthy kinda taste.  You suck on those til they dissolve and it gives you some substance.  The cleanse drink that you have several times a day - is grape tasting - like weak Kool Aid - makes you feel really full.  All of it gives you sustenance to get through the day.  You get something every hour.  It's different for each hour.  So I take what I call my "cleanse day kit" - tupperware type of container that holds what I need and keep it on my desk top along with the schedule and then I am ready to go.

I had to fight with my iTouch watch some yesterday.  I had moments of glee filled delights to have the watch and then was tormented with moments of disgust.  lol  I loved the fact that it set my first alarm for when my "next thing" with the cleanse day would occur.  Worked perfect.  The next hour?  No alarm.  What?  I never really figured it out. It appears to be set but nothing happens.  It only worked once.  So many things have been confusing about this simple little watch.  And last night I thought I was charging it.  HA!  Joke's on me.  It was connected to the watch but the other end not connected to anything.  HA!  lol So I didn't get to wear it to bed.

Anyway, it's charged this morning.  And we'll see what today brings with it.

And yes, I've looked on Amazon for the true version.  You know me.  I figured they were about $800 ish.  Maybe the new ones are that or more.  But there were some that were upper $200's and low $300's.'s actually doable if I wanted to save blow money for one.  Considered taking this one back and getting my $60 back to go on it.  But I won't.  I bought it.  I'll keep it.  But it really only made me want the real thing.  Because I know that this one is so sub par to the other.

This has made me think a lot about our desires for things.  My desire for perfection.  My desire to have things working perfectly and looking nicely.  When there is a gap b/w my vision and real life, I have a natural tendency to want to bridge the gap. It's a nice gift to have but it's also a curse.  It explains a lot about me and why I am the way I am.

I think I always have to have a goal, a project, a desire.  I guess God made us that way.  Or maybe it's just an individual thing.  Some have more desire for others.  Some are just happy being and staying where they are.  But me personally....I always have to be working toward something.  I like to reach goals.  It's very satisfying.  And sometime back I realized I didn't have any goals left that I was working toward.  It's always been work goals or little project goals at home, or a trip planned.  Small things like redecorating, what to cook, what to read, so many little details that I love planning have become my big goals.  But I need another big goal.

While listening to Beth Moore, Living Proof, I realized that God is not through with me yet.  I'm not sure what the Big Goal is or what my Big Purpose is.  But I know it's getting started.  I'm searching my soul to see what the next chapter is.  How it all wraps around.  How it all ties up.   I'm searching for "what is it I really want?" And once I figure that out it'll be "what steps do I have to take to get there".

Until then, I guess the Apple Watch will become my next Big Goal until someone comes up with a better idea.  I can think of a couple but don't think it would be widely accepted. lol

And I will end with that I suppose!  Gotta get ready and get on the road.  Hope you all have a fantastic day.

Monday, March 26, 2018

An Asian Dinner, and a Productive Sunday to Reboot the Week

At my request last night, George fixed an Asian dinner with "garlic white sauce".  He got it darn perfect.  ;-)  And we had hot tea with it.  

One thing with the Isagenix stuff - you don't really want much alcohol.  The alcoholic drinks taste different to me now.  The alcohol tastes stronger and sugary.  I'm not missing it either.  I will have a drink here and there, but notice it was not at my plate.  The chinese tea was really good.  

I walked 2.5 miles yesterday - actually probably closer to 3 b/c I didn't have the new iTouch watch on for part of the time.  That is what I figured.  I knew I usually walked miles in my house with back and forth trips with the laundry, and putting things up and so forth.   The goal of 10,000 steps is hard to reach though without going for some extra walking.  But when I'm home - I'm on my feet a lot.  I know that doesn't get the heart rate up but it does get some exercise in.  

I was happy with having my Sunday.  I needed it - so we didn't go to church.  I will get my churchin' in this week with the Beth Moore Living Proof Podcast.  Thus drive thru church has arrived I guess.  
But I did get all the clothes laundry done and will spend this week working on dog blankets. 

Got the kitchen cleaned and dishwasher restarted.  Worked on the Walmart order for the next one of things we are low on.  Ground up the coffee for the week.  Fixed some lemon water for me to sip on and a chocolate frozen Isagenix shake which was my heavenly breakfast.  

I prepped my "kit" for today for my Cleanse Day.  Unpacked all the deliveries from last week and put those things up.  Unpacked all my things from the overnight stay at Mom's.

Got my hair colored (myself), cut my bangs a bit,  marked some things off the Winter Bucket List (Jan 1 thru March 31).  The new one starts April 1.  I kinda don't have it in me to do the April through June one.  I think my spirits have sunk and the future scares me and with George not having a job and it nearing the end of the current one - kinda makes me not want to plan anything but "Eat beans", "Eat Rice", "Read Ms. Cheap", "Read a book", lol.  I have to put on that list "say good bye to Kate" and I don't want to do that either.  But maybe that is what I should do.  Because the time is coming.  But she will be happy and that is what matters.  

I was able to read some yesterday while my hair colored.  I did not do any ironing.  I sortof hung out separately what I'm taking for my trip next week so I don't have to do a lot of decision making this weekend, but can just pack it.  

I went through a Cuban cookbook yesterday and picked out a recipe for black beans and rice.  You should see our cabinets - we are cleaning it out and using a lot of the stuff.  It looks funny to see a shelf half empty of canned goods.  My guess is there was a lot of soup in there and George is eating some of that for lunch.  But he also cooks with a lot of special ingredients with all the asian meals and I guess some of that is getting used up. 

Maisy began coughing yesterday - much like Tugie does with her heart.  I think George is going to take her to the vet today, unless he talks himself out of it.  I think she needs to go get checked out and make sure she is ok.  

I enjoyed my new watch yesterday.  I'm learning a little more about it.  My contacts are synced.  There are two places evidently that have to be paired on blue tooth.  I have two iTouch's in my blue tooth - one seems to be directly to your contacts and the other seems to be to your phone.  So I don't really understand it exactly but if you cancel one of them underneath bluetooth - everything you need won't work.  So it pairs in two places.  I have no idea, but at least contacts are showing in my phone.  I won't use that feature though.  I wish I could "answer" it if it rings though.  The icons are there but it won't let me answer it for some reason.  I can call out but can't answer.  Maybe I'll learn more as I go along.  But I did enjoy getting the messages on my watch and it letting me know when I have a call or an alert.  And you can set an alarm on it.  It does buzz my arm letting me know when I'm out of range and back in range of my phone.  Both ends of the house will lose range if my phone is on my desk in the middle of the house.  The laundry room is just too many rooms away as is the back bedroom.  But that is ok.  It doesn't do email though which kinda surprises me.  Oh and I wanted to say that the charge lasted all day.  If I charge it while I'm blogging and I charge it at night while we are watching TV - I think it'll be a good time.  I really like it at night to see what time it is without having to sit up and look at the clock which is blocked half the time.  I failed to set the sleep thing to "ON" when I went to bed.  I set it to start at 9:00 p.m since I got in bed at 8:50.  However, I set the time but never went to turn the status "on".  So no data.  I'm not sure how well it tracks anyway.  In one place on the watch it says I had 7:15 hours of deep sleep and :26 of light sleep.  And on the iTouch app on my phone it says ALL of it was light sleep. (That was for the night before last.) So there is a disconnect somehow.  The Fit Bit did a better job as far as sleep.  

Oh yes, I know now that I would LOVE an APPLE WATCH.  But I'm NOT asking for one.  ;-)  

Well, I did not get dusting and vacuuming and cleaning done.  I can only get that done if we are here two days into the weekend - if then.  It took all day to get done what I did yesterday which much of it doing laundry.  

I did get a show watched though while I ate popcorn for lunch.  I watched Keep Your Daydream.  George and I watched a Soprano show last night and we have 4 or 5 left - maybe 6.  I lose count.  But we are almost through.  I'm kinda glad.  I'm getting tired of the show, of the darkness to it.  But of course it is the mafia so what did we expect.  

Well, I forgot to see if Sister Wives was on.  I think it was the "Tell All" event.  And it closes out their season.  Below Deck Med should be scheduled to air soon.  I saw a post on Instagram that the actual filming had ended and they couldn't wait to share it with us.  So heads up for that! 

Well, let's see what all we are up to this week.  Today is cleanse day for me.  Monday is always a good day for it coming off of a weekend.  I had burger and pizza this weekend, lol. And I need to drink a lot of water and ready to feel really good!  I will say those vitamins seem to be working pretty good.  I do need to make sure I'm getting in my ounces of water though so that my liver and kidneys are good and flushed with all these vitamins, nutrients, amino acids that are going in my bod.  Too much of a good thing could be damaging.  And they recommend that you do drink half your weight in water a day.  I need to figure out how many bottles of water that is - and other things count too - other healthy fluids - green tea, Amped up drink, coffee (plain) etc. 

Katy and I are getting our pedi's done on Wednesday.   

Oh and I got our Mother's Day booked with Mom for Sunday of Mother's Day and Kate also.  So we got into a really nice place in Spring Hill.  I like this booking reservations early.  

I guess that is about all I know.  I need to get up and get going with my day!  Might even go in early.  ;-)  

Pray for my Maisy Dog.  I hope she has nothing serious.  And pray for George to find work.  
And pray for Katy's travel this week and my travel next week.  Katy leaves Friday - flies out to see Cody for a week.  She has interviews with two principals out there for work in the area.  
She spent time planning her outfits and packing yesterday b/c the week will be busy and then bam it'll be time to go.  She'll finalize her packing Thurs night.  

George was kinda wanting me to take off Friday.  I told him I was a few weeks ago, but then it is the day of work before I fly out the next week.  So I never turned in my vacation day.  I will see how the week goes though.  I may if there are not too many things undone.  Everything will need to be set in motion for open enrollment.  If I'm set and there are not people needing things from me, I'll take off.  But if it's going to make people wait for things or me have to be pressured next week, then I'd rather just work and not have to pay for it later.  So we'll see.  

Well, gotta go.  It takes me two or three times to get off of here. 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Good Food, Good Times, and The Good Journalist

Left work around 4 on Friday and got to Mom's around 5:45.  Traffic horrible.  It's really about an hour drive.  I knew it would be bad.  Next time I think I'd leave at 3:30 to see if I could get an edge.  I had just enough time to go get her and meet everyone at the restaurant.  Turns out I would not have had to rush.  The folks we were meeting were late as they changed their plans to go do another task before they came.  So Mom and I went ahead and ordered our fajitas.  They were pretty good.  I usually get steak but was trying to be good as I probably eat too much red meat sometimes.  

I did have a good night's sleep of about 9 hours with only one wake up moment.  So we went to a place called the Dotted Lime for breakfast.  Mom couldn't remember the name of it and kept saying "A Gluten Free Restaurant at the Show".  I didn't have a clue what "The Show" was, but she said "where the movie theatre is".  So we were indeed in front of the movie theatre.  I think the place used to be a Mrs. Winners when I was growing up.  I can't remember.  But we sure enjoyed our wonderful breakfast and we met her close friend Barbara there.  They eat breakfast out every Saturday morning!

I really like that restaurant and I believe we met the Chef/Owner.  

He let us sample the day's "brunch" special....of Hot Chicken with a banana cream sauce and waffle. 
But first here was my lovely breakfast.  The bacon was perfect and tender (just like I like it and just like I make it).  The cinnamon dipped banana was a nice touch.  And I chose the sauteed sweet potatoes.

Here is the Nashville Hot Chicken and waffle.  MMMMMMM.  George would have loved it.  

I sure did love having the bite I did.  We left very full.  I probably should not mention that cinnamon roll that Mom and I split.  Huh?  But, it was gluten free.  I'm gonna have to learn to cook like this.  ;-)

I like some Nashville Hot Chicken.  

Then Mom and I went to Aldi to get her fruits and veggies for her "shakes" that she is going to make.  It's supposed to be good for the eyes.  It has a lot of ingredients.  She has various shakes on various days.  Hopefully it will help her vision.  We all seem to be in our shakes these days.  We try to be good most days, but sometimes weekends just call for a bit of splurge!  ;-)  

Maybe in more ways than one.  I had been wanting to go to Belk.  So we went shopping in there and had a good time looking around.  So I was eyeing the jewelry and noticed some iTouch watches.  I was intrigued.  It was $59.99.  Did I dare?  I knew it was not the official iWatch but if it would do the same thing......So I splurged.  Honestly I think it's worth about $39.99.  I really don't think it's worth the $59.99 as the graphics on it are not very good.  But, I like it enough I guess.  I don't need an iWatch really but you know me - I like a cool gadget.  It has me wanting the real thing but I'll get over that real quick!  

What I do like about the iTouch watch: 
*It'll track my steps b/c it's on my arm
*It'll track my sleep b/c it's on my arm
*You can check the temp quickly for the area you are in
*I love being able to click the button and see what time it is in the middle of the night w/o having to completely sit up in bed and squint and look at the alarm clock, of which sometimes is covered up with George's clothes or items in front of it. 
*It was cheaper than the real thing.
*You can make a call on it if you know the number you are calling or can get it to sync with your phone contact list.
*If I've stepped away from phone (within range) I'll know I have a text or call or alarm.  When I'm cleaning house or at the copy machine at work. 

What I don't like about the iTouch watch: 
*Cheap technology for this day and age (been there done that and expected better)
*The battery lasted about an hour if I was constantly using it.  However, it did last all night while I was asleep.  So I think you'd have to charge it twice a day or more if you use it a lot.
*I have yet to get it to sync my contacts.  
*It won't let you answer a call even though the icons are there for you to do so. 
*While my phone is connected to this iTouch watch on blue tooth - in the car, I could not get my messages to come thru via audio in the car.  That will have to be fixed somehow.  I like for my texts to show up on my dashboard where I can hit a button and it will read it to me.  So it can't be messing with that - but it did. 

Anyway, I'm still learning and trying to figure it out.  I considered returning it b/c it wasn't up to par with my expectations.  But then I have to realize there is a lot of $ difference in what I have versus what is better.  And I really just don't need to be tempted by such.  So I'll be happy with it.  I mean really it does way more and serves more purpose than my last watch did!  Only it'll power down if it's not charged.  So I guess I should always have the other watch with me being that I look at my watch all the time!  However, I am in a situation where I can charge it a lot most of the time.  

At Belk, I also got 3 pair of pants (cropped ones) for the summer.  And a navy and white - dressier type of top - which will look great with navy or white pants - I'm thinking weddings here - or evenings out.  But it'll also do for work and church.  Everything was on sale and the lady scanned a coupon for me.  So it came to $107.  For four pieces of clothing plus tax, I thought that was pretty good.  I bought my watch separately with my blow money!

I texted with Katy and George and we were all able to meet at M L Rose.  I was later than they were since I was further out in Columbia.  Got there in 45 minutes (less traffic as it wasn't rush hour).  

Our table was in front of this - it was my view when zoomed in. I enjoyed reading all the stickers. 

My brewski was the "Chicken Scratch" on draft from the Little Harpeth Brewing, one of my favorite breweries! 

Then we were about to leave but found a gold mine of a place out in back of the restaurant and we had to stay a while longer.  It was one of those "Oh ok, twist my arm" moments! 

I am ashamed to say that I DID have a burger!  But I did have a salad as the side.  No fries.  The bun seemed to be homemade and of good quality - and not a lot of it - so that was good.  I totally loved every bite.  Since that was early afternoon breakfast had worn off.  

But around 8:30 there was a medium pizza that needed to be cooked from Friday night's Papa Murphy take out.  So....we each had a couple of slices.  

Yeah, might have been a pretty good cheat day.  

Eating a shake this morning for breakfast.  

Got a text from friend Lisa to do Easter meal at their house.  Looking forward to that!  We need to catch up.  

And I have a LOT to do today since I have been gone all weekend so far!  So today will be doing laundry, cleaning up, and getting an idea of what to wear for my trip to AZ and OKC.  I don't officially pack til 7 days from now, but need to get an idea of what to wear so it will be clean and ready to go on Saturday (won't have time to do laundry next weekend before needing to pack so have to make sure not to wear anything this week that needs to be packed.

I've got to remember to reschedule my eye appointment that is scheduled while I'm gone. I keep forgetting.  It is going to be a very busy time frame in the next few weeks.  It's already busy.  And I have my physical when I get back that next week and then Mom has an appointment that I may need to take off  that morning for to get her there and back home before heading in to work myself.    

Well, I guess that is all I have for today.  Just gonna dive in and do laundry, and clean and restock the household (you know - coffee bean grinding - toilet paper restocking and so forth - lol).  I have done the Walmart order already and really don't need anything from Isagenix right now.  So we are good on orders.  

Although.... I did consider ordering a key board for my iPad so I can blog while gone.  I refuse to blog on my work computer while gone.  I don't want to be accused of blogging at work (they probably wouldn't consider what time it was - just that the website was on there) and certainly don't need to tempt anyone to scour for key loggers for passwords, crossing the line of privacy for someone's curiosity sake.  Not that they would but ---you know it happens across America so...why would that NOT happen to me?

So really considering a key board for my ipad that you could plug in (lightweight) for blogging purposes.  But honestly I don't have a lot of time anyway.  We'll see.  I do think there is an email address that I could email to, that posts it on your blog.  I might consider that.  It wouldn't record a password entry at least.  Might test that.  

 I'm not very trustful of others, I'm afraid, when it comes to this blog thing. And for good reason. When you put your feelings out there and your view of the day - even though it's yours - you put yourself out there to be judged.  And if your thoughts and views and priorities don't match another - in this world where people judge and are offended over a fallen eye lash, then it makes it tough and makes you vulnerable.  I don't handle it very well when people are offended either - then I'm offended too.   And often the situation is that I have just simply exposed the truth in black and white and am RIGHT.  That is really when you get the most mistreatment from others - b/c they know you are right and you have put it in black and white.  So it's always a risk and that is why I keep a lot of my thoughts to myself now.  Everyone has to wonder (or ask) how I feel about it.  ;-)  

Everyone is punished b/c of the past now. (Time has revealed in a large way, those that were offended by past blogs.)  Just the way it is.  But truthfully, I like it better this way.  There needs to be a bit of mystery in life.  I will blog about a lot of things but no one gets the scuttle butt of my work day any more but a chosen few now.  That is ruined for everyone.  I used to love to write about what I did all day and how HR worked and the realities of the interruptions and things that happened, of course not mentioning anything that was wrong on privacy or confidential things.  But in this day and time people are offended by a sneeze or a cough.  Literally - instead of offering a little sympathy like a kleenex or cough drop it's - what are you doing sneezing around me? lol  Like I said if you write about a fallen eyelash and someone thinks you might be mentioning theirs - holy schnitzel in the moonlight! Here it comes!  You find yourself suddenly pegged as an awful person, b/c you simply told what happened as a part of your day that was just casual conversation that everyone talked about too but b/c you WROTE about it - you have become the bad guy.  And I don't like that feeling and I will never forget that feeling.  Who the hibatchi needs that or even needs to worry about that when you try every day to be good, and get things done, and do what you are supposed to.   NOT ME.  I simply have high expectations of myself and those around me and when writing about the good and bad in my day, just happen to be honest - not breaking any law or confidentiality.............but here we go.  So NO!

And while I try to forgive things in the past, I have still have these scars.  And I keep having to forgive over and over again for something I don't understand.   It's like I'm having to give up a part of me b/c of someone else's inability to accept the truth over something that didn't even impact them personally.  So it's best to be the good journalist and not mention the faux pas that occur around you so your world will be peaceful.  No good deed goes unpunished.  Neither does any exposure to things that go awry in a written blog about your day.  Therefore I digress. 

Sorry I got off on that tangent.  But sometimes it's necessary.  Purging deep wounds I guess.  It's not easy being a reality writer.  But if people could see in black and white - what really happened - maybe someone would change their ways?  Life is so frustrating at times.  I think I simply just wrote to get the frustrations off my head b/c of my high expectations in the world working like it should.  

Oh I was supposed to be digressing.  Sorry.  lol

Friday, March 23, 2018

Made a Little Oopsie!

Well all going well - considering.....but I did have an oopsie moment yesterday.  My eating schedule was a bit "off".  I had a Isagenix cookie for breakfast (love those darn things).  I think they are supposed to be a snack though and not a meal replacement.  But hey, it was working - at least for a little while.  I wanted my Tuna and Dijon and an egg for lunch.  It was good but didn't hold me too long.  Instead of getting up and fixing my shake - I tossed a few pistachios in - only a handful the podcast says - to avoid too many calories.  And ate 1/2 of a protein bar.  So hunger came again and I had a 72% Cacoa Chocolate square.  Then I was finally full for a few til I had my late afternoon coffee.  I was about to leave and didn't fix a shake to go home b/c we'd be eating dinner although I figured it would be a while.  By the time I got in my car, after having that cup of joe - I felt starved.  And I was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. (Thus the graphic above).

I went to McDonald's.  The thought of a hamburger sounded so good.  And quite frankly - it was!  A podcast said if you absolutely have to go to McDonald's get the McDouble.  I think it has more protein and not as much fat as some of the others.  Anyway - I did that.  And my gas light came on.  So I had to stop and get gas and then I could go home.  But I had no fries and only had water.  And that burger was soooooooooooooooo good.  I'm 11 lbs down from last Oct.  And 6 or 7 down this month.  But - it's ok to make an oopsie - I'll just get back on track.  And remember it's about the nutrition right?  Riiiiiight.  All in all it's ok.  So I had a little bread and Gluten but I think my sugar levels are fine.  I'll know in April b/c my physical has been set.

If I had just had my shake yesterday, it would have been filling. But I ate a lot of small things here and there instead of taking the time to fix it. So I'm having a shake for breakfast this morning.  Honestly have not figured out lunch yet.  I kinda want to get out, but I am eating out this weekend so I'll probably just take lunch today.

I'm leaving early to go to Mom's and get ahead of the Nashville/Franklin rush hour traffic.  May go in a bit early - we'll see.  I've worked enough hours this week already as it is to make up for any leaving early.  Trolls: If you're counting - please don't miss that morning I came in earlier than everyone else that you didn't see!  lol  

So we are eating Mexican tonight with my Mom, and my sister and her family and then breakfast tomorrow with Mom and her friend, Barbara. 

And I'd like to shop a bit after that.  I need to get a couple of things from Belk - Clinique eye liner, perhaps some lipstick (or at least price it).  And I thought I'd look at their tops/pants.  It'd be nice to have a new top or two for my upcoming trips. 

I packed up for Mom's last night - need throw a few more things in and get ready so I'm going to have to get off of here now.  Ya'll have a wonderful Friday.  I'm so glad it is here.

I'm freezing!  I'm not sure why but I'm so cold! 

I may not post in the morning - won't have time, but will try to post up sometime over the weekend. 

Have a good weekend ya'll!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Quick Post

Well, I'm shocked as everything that it is Thursday already.  It's been so busy.  All going well I guess.  We are all in kind of an interim state of being with change of all kinds looming.   I am content in the state of being for now but it does feel like a very interim time period.  Just glad to have some time with our girl. 

Work is busy but I've at least had a couple of days of getting some things accomplished that I've tried all month to get to.  So yaybe! <--New word.

Last night Katy and I went to Cracker Barrel while George and a buddy went to a job networking meeting at a bar - what a concept. He did meet one guy that had an opening for his level of position. He came in with his name tag on and explained how it worked.  New concept I guess for this day and age.  He almost didn't go and we told him he shouldn't turn down the opportunity to meet some employers. 

I should say that I got a fried chicken salad last night and it was awesome.  I've missed my chicken tenders.  I had a shake, a little Isagenix mineral packed oatmeal cookie, and a shake earlier in the day so not much! 

Gonna pack tonight and go see Mom after work tomorrow and spend the night.  We'll go to a Mexican restaurant and meet my sister and her family.  I'm looking forward to a good night's dog free sleep although I will miss them.  I will say that last night, I believe is the first night in a very long time that I slept the entire way through!  Not even waking up once!  If I did I don't remember it.  But I'm hoping to do that at Mom's too.  I was ready to see her since I've not been down there in a while.  And I needed a little break in routine myself. 

Better go and get ready for work and pack the day's needs!  Ya'll have a good day! I spent too much time on the other blog!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The KEEPER APP Problems, iTunes Issues, and Hangryness

Doesn't this look like a place you'd like to be today?  I would love to sit there on the porch and bask in the beauty of the valley below.  I wouldn't want to have to get my water from a well though for my shakes this morning.  But I'd pet the cat and love on it and then I'd make a list of to do's (why do I always feel like I need to be doing something?).  

This morning, it is NOT springy.  We had snow come through.  I think we mainly had ice. Probably not much of it.  I will wait and see what they say about the roads before I head out.  It'll be in mid 40's today so we'll be good.  I just need to make sure this morning it's not icy. 

Yesterday I was just in an angry mood.  So I'm noticing these trends of strong feelings after a cleanse day.  Like the day itself is very focused, peaceful, and quiet.  The day after, I'm wanting to rest and not have to work, just ease into the day - but of course it's a work week - that 's not in the cards. So I was already angry that I'd lived at work for a very long day before and had to turn around and go back.  It was too quick on a somewhat empty stomach.  But I had my ionix and my shake and felt a bit better.  Traffic was annoying and horrible b/c there was a wreck.  That made me later than I wanted to be.  Of course someone was waiting for me at work when I got there.  Bless the person that said "let's give her time to put her stuff up".  That was so sweet. 

So anyway the work day was fine.  I love my coworkers, and I love what I do, and I was happy once I was there.  But...I definitely notice that the day after a cleanse there is strong feelings. The best way to put it is just "moody".  I think it's akin to like PMS or when your hormones are raging.  It's exactly like the new term "hangry".  

So as I was getting ready to go to lunch I was trying to look at something on my phone and opened it to an app I had been on earlier in the day - my password app called "Keeper".  A box popped up but I didn't need anything from that app so I was trying to go elsewhere in my phone.  So what do you do when you want to go elsewhere?  You hit your home button.  With your thumb.  When I did a box came up saying "Thank you for your subscription of $29.99, your upgrade was successful."  
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  The irrrrrrrrrrrre that ran through me.  Oh hell NO, you are not charging my account just b/c I wanted to go to another app on my phone.  I mean for starters this app has worried the toot out of me to try to get to upgrade.  Pop ups, red buttons, notes that things are going to expire if I don't upgrade.  Notes that it's going to be unprotected if I don't upgrade.  What??????
So annoying as it was.  I had done research and this group was supposed to be really good.  That must have been only if you paid the $$$.  But I was NOT paying it b/c the money was obtained accidentally and the way they have the app set up, made it easy for you to accidentally do it and that is not ethical if that is their approach.  So first things first - I spent probably 30 minutes trying to figure out how to cancel it.  Couldn't do it on my phone.  Many apps have it where you can, they did not.  Finally went online and chatted with an agent who basically said "sorry we can't help you, you will have to contact itunes" but you need to cancel the subscription otherwise it'll auto renew.  Well it better not!  

So I contacted iTunes and they said "oh yeah if it was an accident then we'll cancel it and we'll cancel the subscription and it will not renew."  Well an hour later, I had not received a cancellation notice and the subscription was still showing on my phone.  So I contacted them back, reminding them when I make a purchase the charge comes through immediately but I'd not seen my refund email come through and the subscription was still showing.  "Oh your subscription will show on your phone until the expiration date, and your refund will happen within the next 10 days and you will get an email, and we cancelled the subscription and it won't renew."  So even though it shows in my phone, supposedly it's cancelled.  (Rolls eyes).  Technology is supposedly soooo good but sometimes things just don't make sense.  I mean if a subscription is removed then why would it still be there?  HUH? I thought we were "smarter than that" these days?  I guess not. 

So next...............delete delete delete to the KEEPER APP - after I rated them a one star and gave them a review about worrying the toot out of you to upgrade to the point that you do by accident b/c you hit the home button trying to get out of the dang app and it charges you thinking you have approved the purchase.

And yes, if this is not fixed.  I will worry the absolute TOOT out of everyone until it is! This did not help my mood yesterday at all.  

There were other eye rollers to the day and quite frankly the day was  pretty full moon like.  I was looking forward to going home and finding peace.  It was one of those days where everyone needs you for something right now.  It was really just a silly ridiculous day and I wish I could go into it so I could laugh and find humor in it today, the day after, like I used to -  but won't because of the trolling.  The "trolling" kinda ruined the reality blogging for everyone. So many are so "offended" by literally a sneeze, so you just have to watch every little dotted 'i'!  lol So in other words yesterday - I just needed some zone time, some peacetime, SOME DINNER TIME!!!!!!!!!!! lol

George made some awesome tacos.  I had two tacos and went back and put fixin's on some tortilla chips for a taco salad of sorts.  I PIGGED OUT!  lol 

And afterwards, I just wanted to open a bottle of GOOD wine.  Well not fine wine but at least good wine.  We had opened a bottle the day before that tasted sour and wicked.  I was NOT having any of that.  Nothing that would make me in a bad worse mood.  So I sipped on a glass of red wine.  And the day after a cleanse day you can really taste the alcohol, and honestly it is just not that appealing.

So I sat and watched the happy people on Keep Your Daydream and was in my happy spot except that my tummy was screaming at me for eating too much.  My dinner just sat there and didn't move.  So I remembered that I'd not taken my Isa Flush the night before.  It's natural ingredients that --- you know--- make ya--- you know ---GO!  

So I took two.  Directions say either one or two according the previous "history" - lol - you know - what I mean - loose or the other way.  

So I guess things are ---um - on track. 

Anyway sleep was good and I didn't want to get up this morning.  I am running a bit behind.  But what is new.  

The good news is - I feel more normal now.  I have no strong moody feelings.  I'm not mad, I'm not sad (last week I was more like sad).  And I'm happy to say with the help of some friends, I have a new password app and it's not bugging the crap out of me like the KEEPER app did.   The only think about the LastPass (the new one) app that I don't like is that the app is RED.  I don't like red.  I like comfortable cozy colors in an app.  Yes I'm picky.  But at least it's not a pestering app so I'll take it. 

Well, I need to go and get ready.  Wonder what today's adventures will bring?   I'm just thankful that my day is starting well rested and the anger is gone.  I was so mad yesterday on the heels of not having much to eat.  I'm anxious to see how next Tuesday goes.  To see if it really is the cleanse.  I was thinking about this in the shower.  You know it kinda makes sense.  If I were TRULY a bear out in the woods and hadn't eaten for many hours and was hungry and needing something - I would not be in a calm mood, but an aggressive, on the prowl, ready to hunt and kill my food chain.  So.....perhaps this is just the natural state of our being to be this way after not eating.  Thank goodness my next meal was a shake and it didn't actually have to go kill anything to eat it - lol.  Lucky for itunes and KEEPER that they were not in my office at the time of the mishap.  They might have been lunch! buahahahahaha!  No I wasn't that mad, but I was angry and felt taken advantage of.  And I tell you one thing.  I WAS GOING TO SEE THAT IT WAS FIXED before I DID anything else.  And I did just that.  If I'd have to take the afternoon off I'd have done it.  Because IT WAS GOING TO BE FIXED.  So I have no choice to wait for the refund but it is at least set in place. 

And so off to the day we go in a better mood.  I'm also going to do a devo so I can allow God's spirit to further take me into a peaceful state.  I should have done that yesterday but I was so - so - just not wanting to do anything yesterday.  

So that said I measured and the inches are going away.  I'm two inches down in the waist and bust area!  Yay!  Even though I felt like I ate my weight in tacos last night!  lol 

Ya'll have a good one.  Off to work with a shake!