Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Cleansing Day and Standing in Line Taking up Space

Maisy, Watching Cody on Sister Wives
Maisy seemed to enjoy watching Sister Wives the other night.  She sat for the longest watching the screen.  Normally none of the dogs have ever paid attention to the TV.   Forgive the toys laying around the room in the pic.  Ms. Findlay is a bit of a "toddler".  She drags the toys out of the dog toy basket and plays with them and then chews them to smithereens.  lol It's her game.  You have to watch her as she tries to eat the stuffing. 

Well, my first cleanse day went very well.  I did get hungry of course but only for very brief moments.  Every hour you get something and you are drinking water a lot so it keeps your tummy entertained.  My blood sugar did fine.  The hardest times is at lunch and at dinner - mainly b/c your body is atuned to getting food at these hours.  And you see others getting food.  So I got through that by entertaining my brain with other things.  I worked thru lunch at work using that time to get something done as work is crazy right now.  I read in my Billy Ray Cyrus book at night.  And George and I watched a Soprano's show.  We have about 8 more and we'll be done with the show.   My hunger was really bad about 8.  The instructions said you could substitute snacks with whey thins.  So I did that. That was more filling and was just what I needed to be able to sleep. 

I woke up with a slight headache, which they said was normal.  It is not bad.  It comes and goes.  But I had a mocha Isagenix shake this morning blended with ice and it was yummy. 

I'm craving salmon and broccoli of all things.  lol  But I'm taking Tuna for lunch.  George is fixing a roast tonight so it's a one shake day for me.  But that is ok.  I have to remember that the reason I'm doing this is b/c of the nutrition but the weight loss will be a plus. 

Here's some snacks I found on the website I have.  If I could have any of them right now, I'd go for the egg and the string cheese.  lol

So....guess what.  I slept the most awesome night of sleep.  All night on the cleanse night.  The only time woken up was by a person/dog.  I think Maisy wanted up in the bed and George put her up there.  I don't remember waking up but once to go potty and that was it.   That is good!  

So not a lot to talk about.  That has been my world.  I'm looking forward to eating today, lol.  

Hmm...I think I'm going to go boil an egg for break and probably one to put in my tuna at lunch.  

George has some leads on jobs, nothing firm or solid but it is at least lifting him up.  I had to laugh that he told me that one guy told him some tips about some websites to check out.   Same ones I mentioned and he didn't get excited over it when I brought it up - but I think he tunes me out.  
As long as he gets the info I guess its better if it comes from someone else.  He will at least then be more interested. 

On that note, I am starting to have a thing about the following lately.  It's not a new thing but just one that I've noticed more lately: 

1.  When I'm talking and someone interrupts. For example if I am talking with a friend and someone else jumps in and dominates the conversation and then the conversation I was having is now over, making me feel like my conversation doesn't matter.   There is someone that I am around that does this to me so much that I usually just don't talk to anyone whenever this person is anywhere near.  It's pointless to try.  And people wonder why I'm so quiet.  I used to talk all the time.  Why bother now.  Because I am never able to finish a sentence in their presence. It's as if my words and thoughts don't matter.  

2. When someone asks me to move out of the way so someone else can be more convenienced at my inconvenience. For example, I was in line behind George at the grocery in line to pay and he asked me to move so a lady behind me could go ahead and put her groceries on the counter.  I failed to look to see if she was blonde. lol  But the ire ran through me.  All the lady had to do was wait about 30 seconds like the rest of us do as the line moves up. It's not her fault.  George was the one trying to look after her and make it quick for her, by telling me to get out of the way.  What man does this and lives to tell it?  But I got out of the way and got out of line and stood up front, saying "here let me just get out of everyone's way".  It is a disrespect.  It's like saying "you, my dear, are not worth the space you stand in - let this lady behind you do her thing b/c you are not important to be standing there doing your thing" and it's also patronizing like he is shuffling a kid around in line telling them where to stand.  It's embarrassing for all of us.  That is just one example I thought of as it happened recently. It's a small thing - but its indication is huge!  When we got in the car, I let George know that I did not like that at all.  And that I didn't want to be treated that way. He didn't have much to say other than I'm sorry you felt that way.  He needed to have been tending to his own groceries and not worried about the lady behind me.  If she was old enough to be able to check out groceries, then I'm sure she's stood in line and waited before til the people in front of her paid and moved up.  To be honest, I'm still not over it.    

How people treat us in these types of situations says a lot overall about how they think of you as a person.  So I don't know.  I guess we'll see how it goes.  But overall - he really screwed up.  

I guess we just pray that they will see the error of their ways and that God puts us amidst people that really care for us and doesn't mind when we speak, actually longs to hear our thoughts, and loves the fact that we stand beside them take up space.  


  1. It's true what they say about we often hurt the people we love the most, the worst. We get taken for granted but are not less loved by any means. I'm sure he would be lost without you. I got hungry just reading about going without food. I could no longer do that and don't want to try. Maybe I cared in my younger days but not any longer. I am what I am at this point of my life.

  2. I forgot to mention your new TV. My goodness it is really big! It must feel like you are at the movies when watching your shows.

  3. My DH is the same way. If it's my idea or suggestion he doesn't even listen. If someone else says the exact same thing it's the greatest idea.....

  4. Interesting about your cleanse. I have never done one but if I knew it would make me feel better I would. My neighbors fast due to their religion. I often wondered how they do it. I get sick feeling when I don't eat. I like your list of 100 calories foods. We love to shack on nuts at our house. And apples and oranges.
    I would have been very upset about the interuptions while I was having a conversation. That is so rude. Sometimes you just have to tell some people excuse me I am talking here. And the line thing, I would have been upset too. You are right. He has no business worrying about a woman behind you. And he is not the boss of you to order you around. Good for you standing up for yourself.

  5. Thanks for posting that picture of the snack ideas! I'm going to use it for reference while I'm trying to eat healthier. Sounds like your first cleansing went well! I feel the same way you do about people interrupting while you're trying to have a conversation and then taking over the whole conversation. Ugh. It's so inconsiderate. Sorry George told you to get out of the way for that other girl. If I had a husband and he did that, I'd probably wallop him right there in the checkout line. lol

  6. I think what George was actually saying was hey, there is someone holding stuff, let them put it down on the counter. And that is actually a good thing in my mind.

    The amount of times I have had to stand there holding a heavy box full of stuff plus freezing cold milk in my hand because the people in front of me are so oblivious to their surroundings.. :/

    Can you maybe try to look at it as less of an insult to yourself and more as a good manners to the other humans while out in public thing? :)

  7. Well men do not think know before they do something.

  8. men will be men. my husband has done the same thing.


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