Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Day Out in Nashville on a Monday-- in Support of George!

Restaurants along Belcourt Avenue, Nashville, TN

Yesterday, was sort of a "let's support George day".  Almost like Father's day I guess.  George got to do the things he likes most on a Monday!  Katy and I both took off work.  We went to McKay's bookstore.  He turned in some books and media and bought books and media.  We have books and movies and CD's.  

Afterwards we went to Sushi 88.  Above is the street view.  This is a very unique place.  It's about $20 a person but the menu is unlimited.  All they ask is that you do not order too much so that you do not waste food.  A sign says you'll be charged regular price, if you do.  George can eat his weight in sushi.  He ordered and it just kept coming.  I was a little scared.  I began to eat more than I would have b/c I didn't want to have to pay full price.  Then I finally said aloud - no more - we'll just have to pay full price b/c I'm done. Can't help you no more. lol  George finally got the remaining few down but had to eat the middle and leave the rice on the two remaining ones - lol!

Sushi 88, 2119 Belcourt Ave, Nashville, TN

We had salads, soups, fried onions, and fried green beans on the table, IN ADDITION to the Sushi! 

George and Katy review menus, and Sushi 88 employees making Sushi in background.

The place was charming and apparently a pretty good kept secret - a rainy Monday is a good time to go!  The restaurant filled up though after a while.  

Their green tea was excellent!

Excellent Green Tea, Sushi 88, Nashville

Here was the restaurant itself.  

Sushi 88, Nashvile, Before the Crowd Sets In at Noon.

Here was just one of our platters.  Very pretty!

Sushi 88, Nashville

We then rode around the Gulch area of Nashville, which has really changed quite a bit.  And I really like that area.  Lots of great restaurants.  There needs to be more shopping though.  ;-)  We did go into Two Old Hippies Store.  And went to The Turnip Truck which is a health food store of sorts.  I bought some gluten free pimento and cheese kettle chips and also the flavor of honey dijon as well.  

Two Old Hippies, in The Gulch area of Nashville

At Two Old Hippies, they had a guitar room.  Of course George had to visit. 

They had some very pretty guitars in there.  But I found what I had rather have.....

George wanted to go in the liquor store next door and see what they have. I looked for good wines on sale but didn't really see any I wanted.  

12th and Pine Liquor Store, Gulch area, Nashville, TN

The issue of legalizing marijuana is on the table in Nashville.  I've not really kept up with the legislation but George has a copy of the "Scene" and I will read up on it eventually.  I'm only interested in what will impact me as an employer.  

The Nashville Scene, Current Issue

When you are driving around Nashville, these days - you will see many of these!  

Got a pic of the Nashville Union Station Hotel, which is very close to the Gulch area.  

Nashville Union Station Hotel

 Then Katy wanted to treat George to a beer.  We had never been to Yazoo and it's the oldest brewery in Nashville.  So we had a beer there and then went to one of our favorites, Fat Bottom Brewery.

Fat Bottom Brewery at opening time around 4 p.m.

Fat Bottom Brewing, Nashville, TN
 Ok so George could not even begin to eat a bite of anything but Katy and I did not eat as much as he did and if we were getting another beer, we needed food.  So she wanted black eyed pea hummus, and I wanted a burger.  And she wanted the fries with my burger.  So here ya go.  George is like gaggin' just looking at food.  He could barely even drink his beer and it had been several hours since lunch. lol

The burger was about as good as the best burgers in town.  I will go there again just to get the burger. 
The hummus was good.  We have had it before.

This brewery has a lot on the menu.  And they do a very good job!  

So a nice little excursion and sortof a "last blow out" for us as a family.  It was not too pricey as blow outs go, for a whole day on the town.   And Katy pitched in.  So we had a nice little family day out.  I did what I said I would not do again, and kept up with email from work while on vacation.  But since I took off on a whim like that, I felt a responsibility to do so.  So while we were driving around I tried to check via phone.  Nothing really urgent happened other than an impromtu conf call that popped up that I missed.  That was all that I could tell, so it was a good day to be off on a whim. 

We came home full and happy and took the dogs out and fed them and then Katy and I set in to watching our Keep Your DayDream show (YouTube on the TV) and then Counting On.  And then Bed!  

So George begins his new job of finding a job today.  While he still has about 1/2 year on payroll if all goes well, he will be actively seeking work now.  We are blessed to have some time for him to do so. 

And I need to get off of here and finish getting ready and pack lunch.  We ate so well yesterday, that I really don't want much today!  :-O 

Ya'll take care.  


  1. What a wonderful way to support George! So glad you all could take a day like that and I'm sure it was appreciated. Finding a job is a job for sure. Hope and pray a great job comes his way soon! It is a blessing to have time to find the right one and not take just any job that comes along.

  2. Great post! Such a nice family day you guys had. That was really nice and I'm sure made George feel good. Yes you are all very fortunate. He has time to search & he doesn't have to take the first thing. I'm glad you had a good day.

  3. I enjoyed your photos. I would have ordered the burger too. I really enjoyed the picture of the van. I feel for your husband, to work at a place that long and then right close to retirement they do this to their longtime employees. I do know someone who got a gov grant and went back to School after being laid off. They got a degree in accounting. I am not sure how that works but they got paid to go to School. It might be worth looking into. It is raining and cloudy here today. I am fixing shrimp and grits for supper. I hope you have a good day.

  4. Quite a colorful bus!! 😊
    Sushi just not my kind of food but glad you all enjoyed it and your day out.

  5. what a great family day you all had. i'm sure it gave george the moral support he needed.


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