Thursday, March 15, 2018

A Neighborhood Suspicion and Potential Scam Issue

My sentiments exactly.  Where the heckfire is Friday?  Forget Friday - even.  Where is Saturday?  
It has been a short week, but yet an intense one.  It's as if my office has exploded with very odd and bizarre situations, on top of just flat too much going on. 

My neighbor called me and told me about a car that is parking in our neighborhood at night b/w 11:30 and 12:30, b/w our houses.  And that one night someone ran from the graveyard behind our houses and got into the car.  I woke up at 1 in the morning thinking of that.  And had a hard time going to sleep.  I woke up every hour- matter of fact it was probably more like every 1/2 hour.  More than likely it is a teen sneaking out of the house to be with his buddies at a light night hour but of course they would be up to no good whatever they are doing.  Here at our house there is usually someone always up.  George goes to bed late and I get up early and of course now George is here all day too. 

We had a scare yesterday with Katy's social security.  Someone called and we all think it was legit, but she gave the social security number out - but only after she had called THEM back.  It was the electric company from where she and 4 girls split a house rental in college.  Apparently her name was not closed out of it.  We thought she had taken care of it all and closed it out.  No one was asking for money but just wanted to alert her that the amount would be owed by a certain date of the latest owners had not paid and that they had moved out.  After hearing the story and learning that Katy called them back herself and checking the number and the names on the website, we do feel it is legit and the story sounds legit.  She and Cody were afraid it had been a scam and she was very upset.  But she joined LifeLock protection and will call the utility place again this morning and ask some questions about the account to see if it all adds up.  They were closed when everyone realized there could be an issue.  Of course, lol.  

So it was late when we ate.  George and Katy went to get rotisserie chicken and we had tater tots and spinach with it.  A little bad but mostly good, lol. 

Anyway, better get on with my morning!  Today after work I get my nails done and then come home and make broccoli salad for tomorrow.  

So, ya'll have a wonderful Thursday!  


  1. Some strange goings on for sure. I would wonderer about the car in the neighborhood especially if it continues. Very suspicious and that call could have been a scam so many of them out there but knowing who you were dealing with, is assuring. At times like this it is good someone is home to keep an eye out. With things so busy at work it is probably a good thing that it isn't Friday yet, but hang in there the weekend is in sight !

  2. I would have been worried if a car parked overnight in front of my house, but I understand how it could have easily been teens meeting up away from their parents sight.

  3. That was smart of Katy to check it out and call back before giving out her number. Strange that in this day and age companies still need that number. Your suspicious vehicle was how we were living 24/7 in our old neighborhood, though with multiple suspicious vehicles, people walking or on bikes. I'm so glad we can sleep peacefully at night now without all that.

  4. That is very fishy about wanting Katys ss number. I would be upset too. Never give out that information over phone. They can mail a statement or you can call company back later. I think I would report to police about car in neighborhood. As many people are on drugs and breakins you can't be too careful. Someone even came in to out yard which is in nice neighborhood and stole our wheelbarrow we use for mulch. And the neighbors trashcan. That is pretty bad. We have to keep everything locked up now. I hope everything is ok.

  5. so many scams out there. you can't be too careful. i hope the neighborhood shennanigans late at night stop.


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