Monday, March 26, 2018

An Asian Dinner, and a Productive Sunday to Reboot the Week

At my request last night, George fixed an Asian dinner with "garlic white sauce".  He got it darn perfect.  ;-)  And we had hot tea with it.  

One thing with the Isagenix stuff - you don't really want much alcohol.  The alcoholic drinks taste different to me now.  The alcohol tastes stronger and sugary.  I'm not missing it either.  I will have a drink here and there, but notice it was not at my plate.  The chinese tea was really good.  

I walked 2.5 miles yesterday - actually probably closer to 3 b/c I didn't have the new iTouch watch on for part of the time.  That is what I figured.  I knew I usually walked miles in my house with back and forth trips with the laundry, and putting things up and so forth.   The goal of 10,000 steps is hard to reach though without going for some extra walking.  But when I'm home - I'm on my feet a lot.  I know that doesn't get the heart rate up but it does get some exercise in.  

I was happy with having my Sunday.  I needed it - so we didn't go to church.  I will get my churchin' in this week with the Beth Moore Living Proof Podcast.  Thus drive thru church has arrived I guess.  
But I did get all the clothes laundry done and will spend this week working on dog blankets. 

Got the kitchen cleaned and dishwasher restarted.  Worked on the Walmart order for the next one of things we are low on.  Ground up the coffee for the week.  Fixed some lemon water for me to sip on and a chocolate frozen Isagenix shake which was my heavenly breakfast.  

I prepped my "kit" for today for my Cleanse Day.  Unpacked all the deliveries from last week and put those things up.  Unpacked all my things from the overnight stay at Mom's.

Got my hair colored (myself), cut my bangs a bit,  marked some things off the Winter Bucket List (Jan 1 thru March 31).  The new one starts April 1.  I kinda don't have it in me to do the April through June one.  I think my spirits have sunk and the future scares me and with George not having a job and it nearing the end of the current one - kinda makes me not want to plan anything but "Eat beans", "Eat Rice", "Read Ms. Cheap", "Read a book", lol.  I have to put on that list "say good bye to Kate" and I don't want to do that either.  But maybe that is what I should do.  Because the time is coming.  But she will be happy and that is what matters.  

I was able to read some yesterday while my hair colored.  I did not do any ironing.  I sortof hung out separately what I'm taking for my trip next week so I don't have to do a lot of decision making this weekend, but can just pack it.  

I went through a Cuban cookbook yesterday and picked out a recipe for black beans and rice.  You should see our cabinets - we are cleaning it out and using a lot of the stuff.  It looks funny to see a shelf half empty of canned goods.  My guess is there was a lot of soup in there and George is eating some of that for lunch.  But he also cooks with a lot of special ingredients with all the asian meals and I guess some of that is getting used up. 

Maisy began coughing yesterday - much like Tugie does with her heart.  I think George is going to take her to the vet today, unless he talks himself out of it.  I think she needs to go get checked out and make sure she is ok.  

I enjoyed my new watch yesterday.  I'm learning a little more about it.  My contacts are synced.  There are two places evidently that have to be paired on blue tooth.  I have two iTouch's in my blue tooth - one seems to be directly to your contacts and the other seems to be to your phone.  So I don't really understand it exactly but if you cancel one of them underneath bluetooth - everything you need won't work.  So it pairs in two places.  I have no idea, but at least contacts are showing in my phone.  I won't use that feature though.  I wish I could "answer" it if it rings though.  The icons are there but it won't let me answer it for some reason.  I can call out but can't answer.  Maybe I'll learn more as I go along.  But I did enjoy getting the messages on my watch and it letting me know when I have a call or an alert.  And you can set an alarm on it.  It does buzz my arm letting me know when I'm out of range and back in range of my phone.  Both ends of the house will lose range if my phone is on my desk in the middle of the house.  The laundry room is just too many rooms away as is the back bedroom.  But that is ok.  It doesn't do email though which kinda surprises me.  Oh and I wanted to say that the charge lasted all day.  If I charge it while I'm blogging and I charge it at night while we are watching TV - I think it'll be a good time.  I really like it at night to see what time it is without having to sit up and look at the clock which is blocked half the time.  I failed to set the sleep thing to "ON" when I went to bed.  I set it to start at 9:00 p.m since I got in bed at 8:50.  However, I set the time but never went to turn the status "on".  So no data.  I'm not sure how well it tracks anyway.  In one place on the watch it says I had 7:15 hours of deep sleep and :26 of light sleep.  And on the iTouch app on my phone it says ALL of it was light sleep. (That was for the night before last.) So there is a disconnect somehow.  The Fit Bit did a better job as far as sleep.  

Oh yes, I know now that I would LOVE an APPLE WATCH.  But I'm NOT asking for one.  ;-)  

Well, I did not get dusting and vacuuming and cleaning done.  I can only get that done if we are here two days into the weekend - if then.  It took all day to get done what I did yesterday which much of it doing laundry.  

I did get a show watched though while I ate popcorn for lunch.  I watched Keep Your Daydream.  George and I watched a Soprano show last night and we have 4 or 5 left - maybe 6.  I lose count.  But we are almost through.  I'm kinda glad.  I'm getting tired of the show, of the darkness to it.  But of course it is the mafia so what did we expect.  

Well, I forgot to see if Sister Wives was on.  I think it was the "Tell All" event.  And it closes out their season.  Below Deck Med should be scheduled to air soon.  I saw a post on Instagram that the actual filming had ended and they couldn't wait to share it with us.  So heads up for that! 

Well, let's see what all we are up to this week.  Today is cleanse day for me.  Monday is always a good day for it coming off of a weekend.  I had burger and pizza this weekend, lol. And I need to drink a lot of water and ready to feel really good!  I will say those vitamins seem to be working pretty good.  I do need to make sure I'm getting in my ounces of water though so that my liver and kidneys are good and flushed with all these vitamins, nutrients, amino acids that are going in my bod.  Too much of a good thing could be damaging.  And they recommend that you do drink half your weight in water a day.  I need to figure out how many bottles of water that is - and other things count too - other healthy fluids - green tea, Amped up drink, coffee (plain) etc. 

Katy and I are getting our pedi's done on Wednesday.   

Oh and I got our Mother's Day booked with Mom for Sunday of Mother's Day and Kate also.  So we got into a really nice place in Spring Hill.  I like this booking reservations early.  

I guess that is about all I know.  I need to get up and get going with my day!  Might even go in early.  ;-)  

Pray for my Maisy Dog.  I hope she has nothing serious.  And pray for George to find work.  
And pray for Katy's travel this week and my travel next week.  Katy leaves Friday - flies out to see Cody for a week.  She has interviews with two principals out there for work in the area.  
She spent time planning her outfits and packing yesterday b/c the week will be busy and then bam it'll be time to go.  She'll finalize her packing Thurs night.  

George was kinda wanting me to take off Friday.  I told him I was a few weeks ago, but then it is the day of work before I fly out the next week.  So I never turned in my vacation day.  I will see how the week goes though.  I may if there are not too many things undone.  Everything will need to be set in motion for open enrollment.  If I'm set and there are not people needing things from me, I'll take off.  But if it's going to make people wait for things or me have to be pressured next week, then I'd rather just work and not have to pay for it later.  So we'll see.  

Well, gotta go.  It takes me two or three times to get off of here. 


  1. They do say that a weekend well spent means a week of content and it sounds like you are in for a great week. I could never get those 10,000 steps in a day either. It's easy for some but I always managed about half of that. Including extra walking in the neighborhood. Hope you do have a wonderful Monday !

  2. That is great you get that many steps in. I know those pups enjoy their walks. Time is moving by quickly, hard to believe it is almost April.
    Have a great week.

  3. wonderful you got all your steps in. sounds like you have the cleanse and shake routine down pat. glad it's helping you get healthy. it will be sad to see katy go, i know. glad she's getting to see cody. prayers headed your way for all your situations at hand.

  4. Good on you managing to get all these steps I could never get that amount, it would be interesting to see how few I do take walking around the house ! Maybe the yards I take in the wheelchair could count, I always tell my brain I'm going for a walk LOL..think that's just a pipe dream !!!...glad you had a good weekend getting everything you hoped to it for work you are away next week ? I thought at first this was your time away to Dallas with George but now I'm not so sure. I am slowly getting back into some kind of order I've never had trouble before. Perhaps it's due to the fact that we travelled so far, it's an awful long way to Cape Horn and the Falklands.......I must check that out, we were given our ships log and it told us how many miles we had done. It's a nasty damp rainy morning grey sky so I don't think I will go out as we had thought we might ..there is nothing I really need...we'll take care today and drive safely, I'm not sure if a day of fasting is good on a driving to George hope Masie is ok. We do worry about our wee ones don't know what ails them or what to also to Kate.


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