Friday, March 2, 2018

And...A Job is Lost!

Good morning!  Well, I got the call about noon yesterday in the middle of a very busy day.  When my cell rang and I saw it was him, I knew instantly.  He usually texts. 

I answered and he said "I'm out!".  So he has been laid off or let go.  So he was cut and so was several of his coworkers.   And while I thought he would be quite sad, he sounded relieved to not have to deal with the stress that was to come if he hadn't been laid off.  God's fingerprints are all over this though b/c our prayers had been "what's best".  So I can tell God was looking out for us by the package he was given, which gives him significant time to find another job and we'll remain on his insurance for a while.  However, if they go bankrupt, I'm not sure they would be able to hold up their end of the bargain for the length of the agreement.  That is the downside to that.  I brought that up this morning and was chided for being negative. It's my nature to look at all the options and be prepared for them.  It's how I was raised. It's also a business thing to do which is also how I was trained. But chided here I sit now feeling guilty for have brought up the point as a precaution.   But we can only hope and trust.  He has already formed his resume and has began applying places. 

The Chicago trip is out, needless to say.  That was a bummer but not anywhere compared to the bummer of losing a job you have had for 29 years.  Hopefully the guitar company can keep it together and weather the storm.  But companies, much like individuals, don't do well when bad decisions are made and they don't keep up with economic trends, or buy companies that are too big for them to afford.  There is no bitterness in the household though.  As George said, everything we have - is b/c of them - (he temporarily forgot that I work too - but that's ok, lol).  It was not the time to argue and say - "no - half of it is".

Hopefully we will be okay.  And life will go on from here and we will see where it takes us.  Should be an interesting ride.  It's definitely a big huge chapter closed in our lives.  Twenty Nine years to work in one place is a very long time.  George has a double major from Vanderbilt and a lot of experience now at Procurement/Purchasing for a major company - and I heard there is a need for that in Nashville by a recruiter I met with yesterday, who dropped by to bring me my annual "salary guide" that shows what our area pays for jobs. 

Til then we will be frugal.  We have tons of entertainment at the house, a freezer and pantry full of food, and lots of hope to go around, lots of ideas, resources, networks, family, and friends - many who reached out yesterday.  It's good to have that network to reach out to when things go awry so that they can pray for you, give you words of encouragement, and lift you up. 

So all that said, the birds are chirping this morning, the coffee is flowing, and the world has not yet ended.   


  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope he finds a new position soon. Thinking of your family right now.

  2. All will be well. You all have planned well so it is just a little bump in the road. We have gone through this twice, once I good economic times and once in the worse economic times. It all worked for us because of our personal beliefs and values.

  3. So sorry to hear this news today, but as you say it has to be some relief just to know. Glad he got a good leaving package. That will certainly help. It's nice to know he has some time to find another job. I will be praying that another job comes his way soon. It will be ok! They say changes happen for a reason. Keep the faith all will be well and have a fantastic Friday !

  4. Oh, we have been in this situation so many times! And Cliff was the sole breadwinner around here most of the time. The worst was a time he lost one job, then another not long after, then finally found one that lasted a year but didn't really pay enough. I finally got to the point I'd ask myself, "What's the worst that could happen?" and came up with "We'd have to take bankruptcy and lose the house... but we have each other, and our kids are grown, on their own, so it would only affect the two of us and we'll get by." This ran through my head in the background the whole time.

    I'm so sorry, though. And can't believe my favorite guitar company has fallen on hard times!

  5. So sorry about the job loss. That's a long time to work for a company. You guys are having a great attitude about it and hope George finds a new and even better job soon.

  6. I have been reading your blog for a while but never commented. So sorry for the change in life, but sometimes change forces us to be our better selves, instead of staying in our comfort zones. Wishing you the best.

  7. So sorry to hear of your husbands news of losing his job. Of so many years at one place *which no one does anymore* is so sad. But he will find something especially where you all live. Good luck to him and you for a bright future of finding that new job!


  8. I am sorry Sonya. We all have had our dark times. And the sun always shines again. These are troubled times we live in. The company I worked at for years closed down. I never dreamed in a million years it would happen. But life goes on.

  9. so sorry to hear about this. but think of it as a positive thing. it's god's way of saying it's time for a change. hopefully he'll find something soon.

  10. Things always happen for a reason, it is just we cannot always see what that reason is right away. I'm going to guess a year from now you will be looking back saying thank the deities that happened, because if not for that then X, Y and Z would not have happened.

    I'm doing a "year of buying nothing" AKA no clothes, shoes, etc, this year over on my blog and it has focused me on meal planning, grocery spending including buying in bulk when things are on special and general frugal things.

    We can all use a month of frugality now and then but I was in a spending place, we were not trying to budget for groceries other than an upper limit and it needed to stop. It has been good to change my mindset. :)

    I will keep a good thought for the next career move for your George. :)


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