Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Another Cleanse, Another Few Pounds Gone

Love this picture - just kinda reminds me of a much simpler time.  Like this could have been where Dad grew up in Spring Hill.  Times have changed.  If some of those that have passed, even a few years ago - could see where technology was now.  Some in my family would be astonished with Alexa and how she places orders for me and tells me what the weather is, and gives info on demand, can find my lost phone for me in the house and everything.  

Well, yesterday was a fast day.  I got a lot done.  Went in early, stayed late.  Was going to leave early to beat the storms but the storms came around the time I was going to leave so I stayed put and got in an extra long day.  That is good anyway b/c I need to leave a little early Friday so I can get to Mom's before gridlock traffic through Nashville/Franklin.  

Speaking of Mom.  She had a test this week and has a blockage in her neck and has to see a surgeon.  They may be able to treat it with meds.  However, seeing a surgeon and all - that IS what they do.  I told her I could take her to the appointment if needed.  It IS during open enrollment but it is at least after my trips the week before.  She also was reported to have a cyst on her thyroid that they are watching.  So keep her in your prayers.  She is, of course, wanting to avoid surgery if possible.  And we hope this place on her thyroid will not be concerning. 

I had my cleanse day yesterday.  It was much easier than the first one.  It's pretty easy to do.  I was not as hungry at lunch time as last time.  Dinner was hard though.  My family had hot dogs.  Really it was weiners and kraut but - yeah - they had hot dogs and called it weiners and kraut so I would feel better.  lol  However, I did want a hot dog so bad but was not going to eat one.  I had saved my whey thins which is allowed - to eat for dinner and they were a blessing.  It's suggested to spread them out through the day but I needed them to be at dinner - my hardest part.  I watched  a bit of TV to kill time and headed for bed.  I thought about reading but really decided it would be hard to concentrate with a somewhat empty stomach at that point.  At first it was hard to go to sleep but I've learned to take several deep breaths and slowly exhale and that seems to work.  Usually I don't have a problem going to sleep but yesterday my mind didn't want to turn off.  I laid my head down on the pillow and thought of cheeseburgers, pizzas, tacos, and hot dogs.  lol

Anyway, I had my shake this morning by 5 a.m. so I'm probably going to have to have an egg or something to take for a 2nd breakfast (snack).  At lunch I will have a salad with a bit of turkey on top.  

We are having tacos for dinner.  

So I have lost 3 more lbs.  I have lost 11 lbs since last fall's doc appointment.  I was already losing some by eating better and trying to get nutrition in my body which is hard to do b/c it's hard to get nutrition in our food that we buy.   But I have lost about 7 lbs being on Isagenix and including their products and vitamins - putting nutrition in my body and not eating 'as much' of the bad stuff.  I still eat some of the bad stuff but making better decisions.  I rarely eat any fast food now.  I think Chick Fil A was the latest and I had a salad.   So I do the shakes once a day.  Have a salad or tuna fish with dijon mustard and pickles and sometimes an egg added (plain no bread or crackers).  And then I eat with family at night and we've been eating better.  Even the St. Patty's day - everyone had fairly healthy snacks/food - turkey roll ups, chili, etc.  But it's good.  These cleansing days really help b/c it boosts the metabolism.  But the weight loss is just the cherry on top - my main goal was to feel better.  And it is helping.

Well, I need to go get some coffee.  I had my shake first.  lol  Well, I'm waiting for George to get up so he can measure me, before I get dressed but he's not up so I guess I'll go ahead and get dressed.  I need to get ready and go to work. 

Ya'll have a splendid day.  I'm not sure how I feel today about anything.  I worked long enough yesterday that I'm not sure I really want to focus on work today.  Feels like it's time to be off.  Too bad it's only Tuesday.  Work is like a big puzzle.  You work on it and work on it and try to fit the puzzles in place.  You have to wait for the puzzle pieces to come to you though.  You have to search for pieces here and there.  Sometimes you have to construct the pieces.  Sometimes others give you the pieces - and it really feels good when the pieces all come together but sadly I don't see that very often.  I think any rewards that come from what I do are purely self derived.  As if to say "yay, that puzzle piece arrived" or "yay, I finished that project" or "yay, no one knows it but I did this!"  No one really realizes, notices, or cares otherwise.  But it puts food on the table.  And I derive great joy from finishing anything!  At least I see it.  But today, I'm just feeling kinda on the fence about anything.  Maybe that is just coming from a cleanse day - or maybe cleanse days just help you think clearer.  We'll see I guess. 

Anyway, like a robot - here I go into my day.  Take care!  


  1. Well we never know just what each day will bring and I'm hoping today will bring something good your way. Your Monday was quite exhausting but today should be better. I hope this new way of eating works out well for you, but I could never do it. Your will power is much better than mine is. It's the first day of Spring and we have a chance of snow. Ha ! Have a terrific Tuesday !

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! You have to be proud of yourself. I give you credit for sticking to the program. I know sometimes it's tough. You are doing fantastic.
    I hope your mom can avoid any surgery.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. prayers for your mom. Congrats on weight loss. That is really good. I need to lose 25 lbs. I have jeans I can't get zipped. And I refuse to buy a bigger size. It is so hard just to lose 10lbs.


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