Sunday, March 18, 2018

Busy but Fun Weekend!

Well, it's been hard to find time to get a blog entry in.  We have had a busy weekend and not a lot of time at home.  What time I had, it needed to be quite productive.  And I cooked a bit.  I also slept pretty good.  Lots of laundry, some on line shopping, grocery shopping in a real store, ironing  - a lot of the usual.

It's kinda been a tough week - in many ways for all of us - Katy had challenges at school and with some other issues that were trying.  George spent some time networking, applying, and digging into the online world of job openings, facing the reality of being unemployed.  And my week was about as crazy as any of the weeks I've ever had with this company - and everyone seemingly needing something from me at the same time. I kinda felt like I was sinking into a sadness or depression of sorts that I couldn't stop.  So Friday nite, we kicked the weekend off with our family going to AM Cuisine - for some Asian Cuisine.  Katy bought dinner.  And it seem to really set us off into the weekend into a good place.

Saturday morning we had a bit of time at home.  I was REALLY in the mood for bacon and eggs and so I fixed the bacon in the oven - baking it - which I found did not taste as good or work as well as the way I fix it in the skillet.  lol

Then we went to a St. Patty's day party of sorts at one of our friends house in Franklin, TN.  The party lasted a little longer than I thought.  So we didn't get much done last night.  We had planned to go to church this morning.  I got up at the exact time I would have had to get in the shower.   And  George was really sleeping good, so I didn't wake him up.  And we decided not to rush and go.  So I did a devo I'd been wanting to do. And we will try next week.  However, I'll be gone to Mom's Friday night and spending the day with her Saturday - so I may not be able to go next week as I'll need a day to get laundry and shopping and prep done.  I just have to have a day at home to have a sane week.  But we'll see.

So I got the laundry done, loads of it, and we did the grocery.  My list is not as large now that I'm doing the Isagenix thing.  I cooked spaghetti for dinner for us.  I also got my Isagenix order done - getting some of the Amped drinks and also some 100 calorie snacks.   True to my word, I've spent less at the grocery.  Got the Walmart order done for our household needs.  And I ordered some Amazon tea bags so I can put the loose tea into bags and have it at work.

George and I went to Lowe's as well and bought some things that he needs to fix the shutters on the house.  I am so thankful.  Even Katy said "yeah that bothers my OCD", lol.  So I'm glad the shutters are going to be fixed.  He has the time to do it, and has scheduled the plumber to come on Wednesday.   We also got the oil changed today.  Oh and at Lowe's I bought 2 more smoke alarms for the house - which I've wanted to get for a long time and haven't done it b/c I bought them once before and George couldn't get them to work for some reason and so I thought it was this big complicated thing.  Apparently not.  So I'm glad those are bought.

A lot done today.  And a bit of fun earlier on the weekend. So I made a video b/c somehow my laptop will do a video really quickly - of my photos - more quickly than I can upload them and talk about each picture.  So use the video to capture the feel of our good times this weekend.

I never got my hair colored. My grey is proudly showing and I may just decide to let it go.  However, I did buy the color so maybe I will do it one more time.  I've also decided to let me hair grow into a more of layered bob.  I'm tired of the shorter feathering.  I don't like it feathered too much.

So tonight we had spaghetti - yum yum.  I begin my cleanse tomorrow so I've prepped for it.
Hopefully it will be easier than last week.  It wasn't hard, but it was a bit of a challenge at meal times not to dig in when everyone else is.  I just have to keep focused.  The cleanse is very important b/c it digs deep into your cells when you have a sort of fasting or cleansing period - and gets to those fat cells that are in storage that are rarely used.  Plus the vitamins and minerals used helps to clean the kidneys and liver and boost the metabolism.  So it makes you look forward to the cleanse day.

Work is busy so I'll have plenty to keep me focused.  And it's 30 minutes past my bedtime so I need to get to bed.  I didn't get to read any, but hopefully will be able to soon.  I think I may go sneak a bite too since we ate dinner early.  While I can eat!  Ya'll have a good week.

I will probably not post tomorrow since I have posted tonight.  Also tomorrow we have severe weather, possible tornadoes tomorrow.  So we'll keep an eye on the weather to figure out what to do.  I think it's supposed to come through about 5.

I miss Sybil.  I hope she is back from her cruise.  I think she was going to be gone for a while - 2 weeks or so?  Anyway Sybil if reading - let us hear from you.  Miss you!  Hope you are back safe and doing well.

More on Tuesday!  Lord Willing!


  1. Sounds like you had a good productive weekend.
    Sleep well.

  2. Sounds like you handled the tough week thrown at you just fine. fixing up the things that need fixing will help you focus on important issues.

  3. Nice idea to share the pictures of your weekend in a video. It looks like you did have fun. Hope week ahead id a good one!

  4. Hi Sonya...well the wanderer has returned after a fantastic cruise round South America....we joined at Bunos Aires and cruised first to Montevideo, then think three days down to The Falklands where I was very excited to be able to get on a tender from our ship to shore, so did Mary, a friend met us there having borrowed a wheelchair for me from the hospital !!....I left my electric wheelchair on board the ship.....she was great and took us to lots of spots in and around Port Stanley..we learned so much about the Islands, even managed to see the Penguins, and a lot of dolphins in the bay, unfortunately they don't stop to have their photos a spot on a picture could be called a DolphinLOL...from The Falklands it was on round the Cape imagine sailing round the Cape at 7.15am. The sea was like a mill pond it was so quiet...I can't believe I have actually been to that southern most point of Southern was then into Chile first stop Porto Mont...but oh boy it was COLD so COLD we nearly froze just getting from the ship to where we had hoped to find a mini bus with free wifi..only to be told there was no taxi suitable for the we just had to turn into the freezing wind tears streaming down our cheeks with the cold !!! better next day in Ushuaia we had a good coach trip to view lovely lakes, after leaving there the weather deteriorated and ship began to Buck and toss and people began to stagger around hanging onto walls and railings !..didn't effect Mary or me....we had to pull into one of the Ffiords and consequently lost I think he said 19 hours we coudnt make the next stop so sailed on once the tide had dropped a bit we arrived in Santiego Saturday evening flight home Sunday Peter met us at Heathrow and we were soon home. You would have loved it Sonya....Sorry I coudnt coment whilst we were away as the wifi is too expensive on the ship.....but first thing I did tonight was check on you....Looks as if George work is coming to an end . .?...has he got a leaving date. Praying all will work well in the weeks to come....your all in my prayers. Xxxxx


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