Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Coming Out of the Cleanse and the Next "Big Idea"

The morning after a cleanse day, you are ready for that shake.  I had to make myself drink the Ionix 6 oz of B vitamins - a drink of nutrition that taste like berries.  It's just enough to take the Vitamin Pack with.  The ionix is your "stress formula" - the instructions say it helps with the stress of the day.  I always take my vitamin pack with it before I have my coffee.  So today's order:  The Ionix, the Shake, and then the Coffee.  

Up close view of the strawberry shake.  I don't do any of them without adding ice.  These have a big chunk of your daily nutritional intake.  

So the past two days after a cleanse, I've typically been moody - the first one was more of a "down" day just kinda mopey and depressed.  The 2nd time I was angry.  I called it "hangry".  So I'm interested to see how today will be.  It seems easier to do every time.  This was my 3rd.

Next Monday I'll be gone on the travel trip.  I am not going to do a cleanse on a travel day.  That is too much.

I do need to clarify that it is a "cleanse" day and not a "complete fasting".  You do get these IsaDelights 4 times during the day, which are akin to the chocolate sea salt caramel chocolate squares that Ghiradelli sells- only better.  And you get these little "snacks" that come in a circle that are hard to describe - best described as an earthy chocolate healthy kinda taste.  You suck on those til they dissolve and it gives you some substance.  The cleanse drink that you have several times a day - is grape tasting - like weak Kool Aid - makes you feel really full.  All of it gives you sustenance to get through the day.  You get something every hour.  It's different for each hour.  So I take what I call my "cleanse day kit" - tupperware type of container that holds what I need and keep it on my desk top along with the schedule and then I am ready to go.

I had to fight with my iTouch watch some yesterday.  I had moments of glee filled delights to have the watch and then was tormented with moments of disgust.  lol  I loved the fact that it set my first alarm for when my "next thing" with the cleanse day would occur.  Worked perfect.  The next hour?  No alarm.  What?  I never really figured it out. It appears to be set but nothing happens.  It only worked once.  So many things have been confusing about this simple little watch.  And last night I thought I was charging it.  HA!  Joke's on me.  It was connected to the watch but the other end not connected to anything.  HA!  lol So I didn't get to wear it to bed.

Anyway, it's charged this morning.  And we'll see what today brings with it.

And yes, I've looked on Amazon for the true version.  You know me.  I figured they were about $800 ish.  Maybe the new ones are that or more.  But there were some that were upper $200's and low $300's.  So.....it's actually doable if I wanted to save blow money for one.  Considered taking this one back and getting my $60 back to go on it.  But I won't.  I bought it.  I'll keep it.  But it really only made me want the real thing.  Because I know that this one is so sub par to the other.

This has made me think a lot about our desires for things.  My desire for perfection.  My desire to have things working perfectly and looking nicely.  When there is a gap b/w my vision and real life, I have a natural tendency to want to bridge the gap. It's a nice gift to have but it's also a curse.  It explains a lot about me and why I am the way I am.

I think I always have to have a goal, a project, a desire.  I guess God made us that way.  Or maybe it's just an individual thing.  Some have more desire for others.  Some are just happy being and staying where they are.  But me personally....I always have to be working toward something.  I like to reach goals.  It's very satisfying.  And sometime back I realized I didn't have any goals left that I was working toward.  It's always been work goals or little project goals at home, or a trip planned.  Small things like redecorating, what to cook, what to read, so many little details that I love planning have become my big goals.  But I need another big goal.

While listening to Beth Moore, Living Proof, I realized that God is not through with me yet.  I'm not sure what the Big Goal is or what my Big Purpose is.  But I know it's getting started.  I'm searching my soul to see what the next chapter is.  How it all wraps around.  How it all ties up.   I'm searching for "what is it I really want?" And once I figure that out it'll be "what steps do I have to take to get there".

Until then, I guess the Apple Watch will become my next Big Goal until someone comes up with a better idea.  I can think of a couple but don't think it would be widely accepted. lol

And I will end with that I suppose!  Gotta get ready and get on the road.  Hope you all have a fantastic day.


  1. I think it's a great idea to always have a goal and also to rejoice in what we accomplish. Several in my family do have Apple watches and love them. I don't it would be something I'd use much at all though as now I'm retired life is much simpler for me. I always enjoy what Beth Moore has to say. I have many of her books and actually got to go Living Proof a few years ago in Cincinnati. Very inspiring! Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. I find it interesting hearing about your adventures with the shakes and vitamin packs and how it makes you feel. Goals are good. I think we should all have them.

  3. i think saving your blow money for the real deal sounds like a good idea if you really want the watch. good luck.


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