Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Did Hell Freeze Over? LOL

Good morning!  Not a lot going on really.  Well it is at work.  I'm pretty slammed there.  But the end of the week brings some fun as we have a St Patty's food day with green foods.  I'm bringing a broccoli surprise.  :-)

So for the last two days I've come home and the house was all clean, vacuumed, and even the beds were made which made me go "woooahh" - impressive.  Last night dinner was cooked and we didn't have to wait til 8 to eat.  We ate at 6 or 6:30.  Loved it.  George is making a good house husband, for now, while he still gets paid.

I watched the latest from Keep Your Daydream via You Tube on the big tv.  They have a new video out every Sunday.  But I also go back and try to watch older episodes.

Yesterday was fun being able to eat - after coming off the cleanse.  They say next time will be easier.  They say you will look forward to it.

Well, open enrollment is planned for this year, sortof.  At least the flights are picked, and the meetings are set.  So I travel to the other plants in AZ and OKC the first week of April.  It's a quick whirlwind trip this time.  And not too far away either.

Oh I was supposed to do my measurements and weigh this morning and forgot.  I'll have to do it in the morning.  I totally forgot. I'm dressed now and so it'll just have to wait.  I'll lay the chart in the bathroom so I don't forget tomorrow.

I think I'm feeling kinda down.  I don't know why really.  I mean I know a few things that are on my mind that are bothering me way down under the surface.   Maybe it's just a collection of a lot of things that keep coming to surface.

Anyway, the sun comes up and the sun goes down and life goes on.  I think I'll go and get started on my morning ionix mix (a fruity 6 oz beverage I'm to start the day with).  And take my morning vitamin pack.  And then fix a shake for breakfast.  I'm doing french vanilla this morning.  Have to figure out what to take for a snack meal.  I may do oatmeal just b/c I have a pack at work.

I had the Bumble Bee Wild Caught Albacore Tuna yesterday as my friend suggested, with the Dijon mustard and pickle relish.  It was indeed really good.  I had a side of wild rice.

I enjoyed 1/2 bag of popcorn at break time.  I was trying to stick with a cup of popcorn - oh that goal was ridiculous.  lol  I was at work so I couldn't slightly burn it like I like it.  lol

Ok now that I know when my trip is going to be with annual open enrollment for benefits, I can make and rearrange doc appointments.  I have to schedule my physical.  I have to reset the eye appointment b/c it falls right in the week we go - it's the day I get back but I don't fly in until 8:25.  I have to make a mammogram appointment as well. I think that is it.  My dental appointment is already set - for May I think.

Something made me laugh yesterday at least.  Katy said she had a dream that we were remodeling the bathroom.  I interrupted and said "wait - had hell frozen over?"  Sadly I'm the only one that laughed, which says a lot.  And I will leave it at that as the shutters are sliding off the house, the fridge leaks, the plumbing is stopped up, the a/c is not working, and I still have blue linoleum. I won't ask for these things b/c I'm being unhappy and unsettled and unappreciative to do so.  But yes, I at least laughed.  It was funny to me!

I guess I'll quit typing and go get started on the new morning ritual.


  1. Yes sometimes you just have to laugh. Life can seem so ridiculous that we are left with no choice. Sounds like some really busy days are coming your way and it will be nice to have a house husband for awhile!

  2. I love your graphics. Really cute.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. I can't wait to hear how much weight and inches you lost. Have a great day and hope it goes by fast for you.

  4. Albacore Tuna with the Dijon mustard and pickle relish sounds good. glad your business trip is booked. if you can't laugh why bother.


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