Friday, March 30, 2018

Funny Stories, Early Flights and Sleepless Nights

Well, Kate and I got our nails done Wednesday night and we came home and picked George up and went to Outback.  We had a funny memory that will linger for a while at the nail salon.  You know I am a magnet for odd and bizarre happenings.  I think the Angels and Demons alike go and stir things up just for a laugh with me.  

So...first of all we go to our favorite salon and as we pull up we remember ....oh no...we forgot to call in ahead of time.  And it was going to be about an hour wait so, we went to another one across town.  They could easily place us.  So we picked our color and Katy asked them to bring us some white wine.  We placed our feet in the running bowls of water.  Mine was more full than Kate's.   I had enough room to put my feet in where the water wouldn't run over the side of the bowl, but I noticed the water was still running.  I looked up and no one that worked was near.  I looked around trying to find water button from my seat as did Kate............................

The water began spilling from the toe tub bowl to the floor.  I looked up and began saying "Hellllloooooo, Help....Hellllloooo!"   

Katy said "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mom you are embarrassing me!"  lol lol 


The man comes running out of the back room with two wines going "uh no uh no uh no" in his most urgent oriental voice.  Another lady comes out too, who is to be the person that does my feet.  And she began giggling.  Off and on she would break out into giggles as the guy placed towels all around the bowl at my feet.  

Oh Lord have mercy on my soul for all the bizarre things that occur around me.  But even this morning over coffee, I can say "hellllllooooooooo" and Kate herself will burst in giggles.  

So then Thursday morning around 1 a.m. my eyes pop wide open as if a dead person's eyes suddenly popped open from a dead slumber.  What the heck?  Why am I awake?  I immediately start doing an analysis of why I am awake.  I took my BP meds late in the day, we ate late, I had red meat, I had  a a few bites of birthday cake (sugar), I had a beer with dinner, there's a lot going on right now.  The inventory went on and on. I went from that to talking to the Lord about all the things I had on my mind. My worries, my excitements, my frustrations, the unknowns.  Then He began kinda talking back to me in a whisper of sorts.  We had some very light conversations in which He encouraged me to begin asking myself "why" repeatedly in everything to get the bottom of my reason for existence, my place or goals in this life, what causes me to be excited, what my next steps in life are, what causes my frustrations, what really makes me happy, what really makes me sad, mad, indifferent.  A lot of heavy thoughts for 1:00 a.m., 1:30, 2:00 a.m., 2:30.  I had also had an issue sleeping the night before.

Must go to sleep soon.  Want sleepy time tea but if I get up so will the dogs.  Not going to romp around in the yard at 2:30 a.m. to greet neighborhood zombie people, demons, 1898 ghosts or criminals in the night, the neighborhood pepe lopez, nor even the friendly curious deer for that matter that would still make me jump in the night.  So I stay, toss, take deep breaths and wait for sleep to come.  Sleep does not come until after I have prayed over all thoughts I had earlier.  Then beautiful peaceful sleep came from sometime around 3 til..................................

beep beep beep beeep.... 

awww geez, already?  




Awww man?  I've slept thru blog time.  Oh well.  

Hurry, hurry, hurry.  

I think this was two nights in a row that I did not sleep well.  

And work has been crazy busy as well.  I'm working some from home today even on a vacation day.  
But at least I can do laundry, pack for next week's trip, and organize my world a bit. 

So yesterday Hiller came and put in our new a/c unit and heating unit and replaced the gas pipes and redid the insulation of the air units that run under the first floor of our house (which is the ceiling of our basement).  They put the new wifi thermostat in the hallway.  

While they did all that, George cleaned the carpets inside.  They look really nice.  

And by the time I got home it was all done.  

The price was astronomical.  So yeah life gets a bit tougher.  We are doing 12 mos same as cash on the deal, no interest.  So it's like having an extra house payment for 12 months.  But we are keeping our savings.  So that was the way to go.  And our range has the heat coming on if it gets below 68 in the house.  The a/c comes on if it gets above 75 in the house.  I think the spousal olympic wars will cease with this deal!  George sent me the NEST link to sign in.  I am surprised.  He was teasing that he was going to hide the code and not give me permission. lol

We will be cheaper - so only eating out right now where there is gift cards lol.  So yeah Sybil - the apple watch will have to wait til I save up enough blow money.  But it's at least something I can work toward.  

So hey - I got up at 3:30 this morning, took my shower, took care of Maisy and Tugie, got all the doggies breakfast plates ready.  And then had a few minutes with a cup of coffee - still only about 10 minutes to sit and enjoy and not enough time to blog.  We had to be at the airport around 5:30 to drop Katy off for her flight to see Cody.  He's picking her up in Dallas Love airport this morning.  They should be landing as I type this. 

And actually they were. She texted me as I had typed that. I often know what is going on with her when we are attuned. 

Here’s some pics she sent. 

And Katy was so excited to board and sit next to an “emotional support” dog who didn’t have to be put below the seat - except for taking off and landing. She got to watch the dog while owner went to potty. Her name was Abby. 

While being escorted around this morning....while taking Kate to airport, and then to iHop and then home after discovering we did not have gift card and had to go home.....I played around in the App Store to see if they had improved Blogger.  Well a developer finely came up with a version.  Actually there is a free on and one for $4.99.  I'll try to use Free but I can tell since it asks every few seconds to upgrade - that I probably will pay the $4.99 to do it just to not be aggravated and that will be my $5.00 entertainment while traveling.  lol

But it let me add these photos quickly so I could show you today instead of waiting til tomorrow. 

So...we DID finally eat at iHop and it was much better service even though the waitress (one person) was serving about 10 to 12 tables.  She kept a smile and was relieved to see the 9:00 extra waitress to come in who exclaimed "oh my word you all were slammed".  But we didn't have to wait too long.  

So I have laundry going and George is was just too early for him this morning now that he's not working.  That's ok.  I think he's beginning to worry some that the nibbles are not coming as fast as he thought.  But we will pray for guidance, and for job opportunities.  God's timing is his.  He has reasons for the timing.  Sometimes it's simply to keep us grounded near him so we don't get too confident in our own abilities.  I mean just when you begin to think you are the bees knees - something comes along to slap you in the face to tell you - you are not and you are not really in control!  

After all the devil fell b/c of pride.  Not to say that George is prideful - but to say we ALL are.  And we have to realize we DO need God.  

I also believe my nights awake this week were so I could spend some much needed time in God's presence where we could chat privately and uninterrupted.  He made sure I felt good the next day regardless of lack of sleep.  But I made up part of it during blog time yesterday. 

So, something else funny happened this morning.  So grab some more coffee and join us in the kitchen at 5:15 where we are all gathering jackets, purses, cups of coffee for the road, phones, giving dogs treats and about to head down to the garage to leave for airport.  

George brings Katy's suitcase (my new one  - I'm going to use the little one this next week).   But he comes pushing it across the floor - not sure why he didn't put it on it's wheels!  So, he comments about how heavy.  

This makes me ask if there is a weight limit at air lines.  It was heaaaaaaavy.  Katy said if it was over 50 lbs there is a $75 charge.  She said she wasn't paying it.  We said what are you going to leave and where are you gonna put it?  We suggested bag for carry on or in purse.  She was all worried then.  We were dropping her off and not going to be there to carry anything home.  But we left it that if she needed us to come back to call us and we'd turn around, swing back through the airport and pick up what she decided not to take, lol.  (She would have had plenty of time to do that.)  

She texted 50.5 lbs and they waved her on through and let it go!  ;-)  

Whew!  She was so worried and paranoid about it.  It's funny now.  So I texted her after she said they'd landed.  I told her to go stand by a BIG MAN at the baggage claim.  I am not sure she'd be able to get her luggage off.  That thing is so heavy.  lol 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing pics of all she and Cody do and I am soooo happy they are together.  She has been living for this week.  She loves him so. 

But she has been giving him a hard time as to what he spends at the Walmart Super Store there.  lol  So this past week or two he's been going to another store called "United" IGA or something like that.  It shows up as United on their bank account.   

Katy asked him what United was.  And he told her another grocery store.  She said that he was spending less but going more times.  lol  And she guessed at what he was buying:  Steak, beer, twizzlers, sour tarts (I can't remember but all his favorite snacks and candy).  And he said "aww does the bank statement show what all you buy?" lol lol lol lol lol  She had hit it right on the nose.  We thought that was so funny.  Love those two. 

The last funny story is really a short one.  But friend and coworker "Tater" and I got together and made up a Conference Call Bingo chart, based on one that one of our executives had sent us.  We did one that was pretty lined up with phrases that are often heard on our Ops call.  So we brought the bingo charts to the conference room and a bowl of paper clips and we all played bingo while listening for phrases instead of letters and numbers: 

"oh I was on mute, sorry"
"I'm gonna let ____ take over from here"
"I don't have much this week to share"
loud background noises
"Can you hear me now?"
"Oh he must have dropped off the call"

And so forth....

They loved it.  It was so much fun.  We'll wait a few weeks and do another version.  It makes you listen more intently but it is still easy to miss them. 

And that is about all my stories this week. 

Oh wait - there is one more...George got up yesterday morning and began singing "Well a blessa my soul-a what is wronga with me".  I looked up and he had a hair roll coming down his forehead and looked the splitting image of Elvis' ghost.  lol lol And of course he sang Elvis til bedtime b/c he was in character at that point.

Well, I'm going to get off of here and get my work done so I can do somethings I want to do and get on with my vacay day.  


  1. I have enjoyed this post!
    Love the graphics too.
    Enjoy your day off & enjoy
    your Easter weekend.
    Monica :)

  2. Glad Katy and Cody have this time together. George sounded interesting looking like Elvis when he woke up. Happy to hear you got the new air conditioning up and working even though you have to now pay for it.

  3. It's Saturday morning here and I'm just catching up on your busy week. It's no wonder you are not sleeping with all that is on your mind and being so busy. You really need some time just to relax awhile. They say new furnaces and air unites are much more cost effective. Mine is an older model, but seems to work just fine. Glad you have a day off to organize and get packed too. Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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