Sunday, March 25, 2018

Good Food, Good Times, and The Good Journalist

Left work around 4 on Friday and got to Mom's around 5:45.  Traffic horrible.  It's really about an hour drive.  I knew it would be bad.  Next time I think I'd leave at 3:30 to see if I could get an edge.  I had just enough time to go get her and meet everyone at the restaurant.  Turns out I would not have had to rush.  The folks we were meeting were late as they changed their plans to go do another task before they came.  So Mom and I went ahead and ordered our fajitas.  They were pretty good.  I usually get steak but was trying to be good as I probably eat too much red meat sometimes.  

I did have a good night's sleep of about 9 hours with only one wake up moment.  So we went to a place called the Dotted Lime for breakfast.  Mom couldn't remember the name of it and kept saying "A Gluten Free Restaurant at the Show".  I didn't have a clue what "The Show" was, but she said "where the movie theatre is".  So we were indeed in front of the movie theatre.  I think the place used to be a Mrs. Winners when I was growing up.  I can't remember.  But we sure enjoyed our wonderful breakfast and we met her close friend Barbara there.  They eat breakfast out every Saturday morning!

I really like that restaurant and I believe we met the Chef/Owner.  

He let us sample the day's "brunch" special....of Hot Chicken with a banana cream sauce and waffle. 
But first here was my lovely breakfast.  The bacon was perfect and tender (just like I like it and just like I make it).  The cinnamon dipped banana was a nice touch.  And I chose the sauteed sweet potatoes.

Here is the Nashville Hot Chicken and waffle.  MMMMMMM.  George would have loved it.  

I sure did love having the bite I did.  We left very full.  I probably should not mention that cinnamon roll that Mom and I split.  Huh?  But, it was gluten free.  I'm gonna have to learn to cook like this.  ;-)

I like some Nashville Hot Chicken.  

Then Mom and I went to Aldi to get her fruits and veggies for her "shakes" that she is going to make.  It's supposed to be good for the eyes.  It has a lot of ingredients.  She has various shakes on various days.  Hopefully it will help her vision.  We all seem to be in our shakes these days.  We try to be good most days, but sometimes weekends just call for a bit of splurge!  ;-)  

Maybe in more ways than one.  I had been wanting to go to Belk.  So we went shopping in there and had a good time looking around.  So I was eyeing the jewelry and noticed some iTouch watches.  I was intrigued.  It was $59.99.  Did I dare?  I knew it was not the official iWatch but if it would do the same thing......So I splurged.  Honestly I think it's worth about $39.99.  I really don't think it's worth the $59.99 as the graphics on it are not very good.  But, I like it enough I guess.  I don't need an iWatch really but you know me - I like a cool gadget.  It has me wanting the real thing but I'll get over that real quick!  

What I do like about the iTouch watch: 
*It'll track my steps b/c it's on my arm
*It'll track my sleep b/c it's on my arm
*You can check the temp quickly for the area you are in
*I love being able to click the button and see what time it is in the middle of the night w/o having to completely sit up in bed and squint and look at the alarm clock, of which sometimes is covered up with George's clothes or items in front of it. 
*It was cheaper than the real thing.
*You can make a call on it if you know the number you are calling or can get it to sync with your phone contact list.
*If I've stepped away from phone (within range) I'll know I have a text or call or alarm.  When I'm cleaning house or at the copy machine at work. 

What I don't like about the iTouch watch: 
*Cheap technology for this day and age (been there done that and expected better)
*The battery lasted about an hour if I was constantly using it.  However, it did last all night while I was asleep.  So I think you'd have to charge it twice a day or more if you use it a lot.
*I have yet to get it to sync my contacts.  
*It won't let you answer a call even though the icons are there for you to do so. 
*While my phone is connected to this iTouch watch on blue tooth - in the car, I could not get my messages to come thru via audio in the car.  That will have to be fixed somehow.  I like for my texts to show up on my dashboard where I can hit a button and it will read it to me.  So it can't be messing with that - but it did. 

Anyway, I'm still learning and trying to figure it out.  I considered returning it b/c it wasn't up to par with my expectations.  But then I have to realize there is a lot of $ difference in what I have versus what is better.  And I really just don't need to be tempted by such.  So I'll be happy with it.  I mean really it does way more and serves more purpose than my last watch did!  Only it'll power down if it's not charged.  So I guess I should always have the other watch with me being that I look at my watch all the time!  However, I am in a situation where I can charge it a lot most of the time.  

At Belk, I also got 3 pair of pants (cropped ones) for the summer.  And a navy and white - dressier type of top - which will look great with navy or white pants - I'm thinking weddings here - or evenings out.  But it'll also do for work and church.  Everything was on sale and the lady scanned a coupon for me.  So it came to $107.  For four pieces of clothing plus tax, I thought that was pretty good.  I bought my watch separately with my blow money!

I texted with Katy and George and we were all able to meet at M L Rose.  I was later than they were since I was further out in Columbia.  Got there in 45 minutes (less traffic as it wasn't rush hour).  

Our table was in front of this - it was my view when zoomed in. I enjoyed reading all the stickers. 

My brewski was the "Chicken Scratch" on draft from the Little Harpeth Brewing, one of my favorite breweries! 

Then we were about to leave but found a gold mine of a place out in back of the restaurant and we had to stay a while longer.  It was one of those "Oh ok, twist my arm" moments! 

I am ashamed to say that I DID have a burger!  But I did have a salad as the side.  No fries.  The bun seemed to be homemade and of good quality - and not a lot of it - so that was good.  I totally loved every bite.  Since that was early afternoon breakfast had worn off.  

But around 8:30 there was a medium pizza that needed to be cooked from Friday night's Papa Murphy take out.  So....we each had a couple of slices.  

Yeah, might have been a pretty good cheat day.  

Eating a shake this morning for breakfast.  

Got a text from friend Lisa to do Easter meal at their house.  Looking forward to that!  We need to catch up.  

And I have a LOT to do today since I have been gone all weekend so far!  So today will be doing laundry, cleaning up, and getting an idea of what to wear for my trip to AZ and OKC.  I don't officially pack til 7 days from now, but need to get an idea of what to wear so it will be clean and ready to go on Saturday (won't have time to do laundry next weekend before needing to pack so have to make sure not to wear anything this week that needs to be packed.

I've got to remember to reschedule my eye appointment that is scheduled while I'm gone. I keep forgetting.  It is going to be a very busy time frame in the next few weeks.  It's already busy.  And I have my physical when I get back that next week and then Mom has an appointment that I may need to take off  that morning for to get her there and back home before heading in to work myself.    

Well, I guess that is all I have for today.  Just gonna dive in and do laundry, and clean and restock the household (you know - coffee bean grinding - toilet paper restocking and so forth - lol).  I have done the Walmart order already and really don't need anything from Isagenix right now.  So we are good on orders.  

Although.... I did consider ordering a key board for my iPad so I can blog while gone.  I refuse to blog on my work computer while gone.  I don't want to be accused of blogging at work (they probably wouldn't consider what time it was - just that the website was on there) and certainly don't need to tempt anyone to scour for key loggers for passwords, crossing the line of privacy for someone's curiosity sake.  Not that they would but ---you know it happens across America so...why would that NOT happen to me?

So really considering a key board for my ipad that you could plug in (lightweight) for blogging purposes.  But honestly I don't have a lot of time anyway.  We'll see.  I do think there is an email address that I could email to, that posts it on your blog.  I might consider that.  It wouldn't record a password entry at least.  Might test that.  

 I'm not very trustful of others, I'm afraid, when it comes to this blog thing. And for good reason. When you put your feelings out there and your view of the day - even though it's yours - you put yourself out there to be judged.  And if your thoughts and views and priorities don't match another - in this world where people judge and are offended over a fallen eye lash, then it makes it tough and makes you vulnerable.  I don't handle it very well when people are offended either - then I'm offended too.   And often the situation is that I have just simply exposed the truth in black and white and am RIGHT.  That is really when you get the most mistreatment from others - b/c they know you are right and you have put it in black and white.  So it's always a risk and that is why I keep a lot of my thoughts to myself now.  Everyone has to wonder (or ask) how I feel about it.  ;-)  

Everyone is punished b/c of the past now. (Time has revealed in a large way, those that were offended by past blogs.)  Just the way it is.  But truthfully, I like it better this way.  There needs to be a bit of mystery in life.  I will blog about a lot of things but no one gets the scuttle butt of my work day any more but a chosen few now.  That is ruined for everyone.  I used to love to write about what I did all day and how HR worked and the realities of the interruptions and things that happened, of course not mentioning anything that was wrong on privacy or confidential things.  But in this day and time people are offended by a sneeze or a cough.  Literally - instead of offering a little sympathy like a kleenex or cough drop it's - what are you doing sneezing around me? lol  Like I said if you write about a fallen eyelash and someone thinks you might be mentioning theirs - holy schnitzel in the moonlight! Here it comes!  You find yourself suddenly pegged as an awful person, b/c you simply told what happened as a part of your day that was just casual conversation that everyone talked about too but b/c you WROTE about it - you have become the bad guy.  And I don't like that feeling and I will never forget that feeling.  Who the hibatchi needs that or even needs to worry about that when you try every day to be good, and get things done, and do what you are supposed to.   NOT ME.  I simply have high expectations of myself and those around me and when writing about the good and bad in my day, just happen to be honest - not breaking any law or confidentiality.............but here we go.  So NO!

And while I try to forgive things in the past, I have still have these scars.  And I keep having to forgive over and over again for something I don't understand.   It's like I'm having to give up a part of me b/c of someone else's inability to accept the truth over something that didn't even impact them personally.  So it's best to be the good journalist and not mention the faux pas that occur around you so your world will be peaceful.  No good deed goes unpunished.  Neither does any exposure to things that go awry in a written blog about your day.  Therefore I digress. 

Sorry I got off on that tangent.  But sometimes it's necessary.  Purging deep wounds I guess.  It's not easy being a reality writer.  But if people could see in black and white - what really happened - maybe someone would change their ways?  Life is so frustrating at times.  I think I simply just wrote to get the frustrations off my head b/c of my high expectations in the world working like it should.  

Oh I was supposed to be digressing.  Sorry.  lol


  1. The breakfast looks so good. I love waffles. I have never tried chicken and waffles together. I will next time we go to Ihop. I want a iphone watch too. My birthday is coming up, I am dropping few hints to hubby. It is great you got some good sleep and got to spend time with your Mom. Moms are such a blessing. I sure do miss mine.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. They go by too fast...

  2. breakfast looked yummy. purging is good for the soul.

  3. I have heard about vitamins that are good for eyesight. A friend recently had her eye doctor tell her he was putting her on them ant they would greatly improve her eyesight. I'm going to find out what they are when she gets them. Forgiving and letting go is hard, but I always try to look for the bright side of things land let go of the rest. Life is just to short to be anything but happy. Sounds like your visit was a happy one and glad you were able to get some shopping done too.


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