Sunday, March 4, 2018

IHOP Issues, Doggie Trims, and an Evening with BIL and SIL

Katy had a fun time with the kids this week.  It was Dr. Seuss week - reading week - and the teachers dressed as a book character.  They are holding their books but we have Charlotte's Web, and Pete the Cat.    Love, love, love the pig!  

Well we have an IHOP card to use and so we decided since there was an IHOP in Hermitage (Old Hickory) close to where we drop the dogs off for their trim, we would grab breakfast.  So we went and waited in line.  As you know George has lost his job and so we all had a good laugh at the sign below and told him "see there are opportunities everywhere".  lol  

We waited for about 20 minutes and finally they seated us.  And we waited 25 more minutes and servers all around us and no one waited on us.  I was happy to wait some more.  I had my iphone with hours of entertainment.  But Katy was growing madder by the minute and getting "hangry".  While waiting George discovered that the HR lady that had let go his friend was at the table behind us.  lol
Anyway, no one ever came.  We had menus but no one ever came to take our order.  I was going to get a lo-cal omelette and a side of blueberry pancakes.  ;-)  Had my heart set on it.  

Katy and George decided we were leaving.  Majority rules.  Inside I was dying.  I would have rather just asked first, and solved the problem, than to walk out.  The way we did it - we didn't get what we wanted for breakfast.  So we went to Chic Fil A.  While I like Chic Fil A - I wanted my omelette and blueberry pancakes.  My heart was set on it.  I was mad as a hornet standing in line at Chic Fil A - sooo not wanting to be there.  I just didn't want anything they had.  I saw a Southwest Chicken Salad that looked good but it was 10:00 so I figured they weren't serving lunch yet.  The guy taking our order had to ask, but they let me get a salad, so my anger was slipping away.  I didn't want to be ugly to my family but I was really mad.  I would have handled the situation differently and gotten my pancakes and gotten it free or with a discount.  So it was a NO win situation other than saving a few calories and at least I ate healthy instead of having pancakes.  We had waited to use the card til Katy could join us - but I guess we will wait til summer to use it now b/c I don't want to go back and have the same thing happen again.  I will go and park my butt til someone serves up some pancakes and I'll take up space and play Candy Crush til it happens.  lol 

So, after Chic Fil A we came home.  George went to get a hair cut.  And I did some laundry and cleaned up some.  Then it was time to go pick up the critters from their spa day.  We gave our groomer, Sandy, quite the business today.  Four babies to groom!  We gave her a really good tip too for her efforts and letting Katy get her doggie, Findlay in there too.  

Maisy and Tugie sporting their St. Patty Scarves.

Happy Maisy, glad to be back with her family.  

A cute Findlay with her Momma Kate
Tugie and Roger await "Meat Treats" 
 So the doggies get "Meat Treats" twice a day - just a little bit of sandwich meat.  Mainly b/c Tugie has to take heart meds and her pills are rolled up in the meat.  You can't leave the others out.  They don't have pills of course, but they don't understand if they were left out - so they all get "meat treats" - the term "meat treat" will get a get a dog to the kitchen in lightening speed. 

All dogs gathered for "meat treat"

 So after we got back from getting the dogs trimmed I watched some of my Keep Your Day Dream -you tube show- about a couple that RV's.  Love love love it b/c you get to see some country, get to see what they are up to and you feel like you are traveling with them.  I love watching it on the Big TV. 

I had about an hour an a half and then it was time to go meet my SIL and BIL at a Brewery in Hendersonville that we'd not been to.  They paid for our tab - bless them! 

Then we went to their house and they fixed us an awesome meal!  Steak, salad, and potatoes and then brownie desserts for dinner. 

Flat Cody joins Katy with her Flight at Half Batch Brewing, Hendersonville, TN

My BIL and SIL's beautiful new fireplace!

My New York Strip Steak, Potatoes, and Salad

Dinner was wonderful.  And my BIL and SIL's house is gorgeously remodeled.  Their fireplace was amazing.  We had a good time, a lot of laughs, and enjoyed visiting.  Kevin (BIL) grills an awesome steak.  My SIL, Susan, fixed a salad with tomatoes, avocado, and croutons.  And the potatoes were awesome.  You dice them, mix them in a bowl with olive oil and Lipton Soup Mix and then bake them in the oven on 350 - I think she said for about 25 minutes.  Oh they were so good. 

We stayed til about 10 ish and headed home.  I was about to fall over asleep at the table - having been well fed and of course this week I've been to bed in the 8 o'clock hour to try and feel better coming out of the flu.  

Now this morning, about to hop in shower and go to church!  It's been a while.  And we are finally going this morning and I'm excited that we are! 

Ya'll have a great Sunday!  See ya in the morning, Lord Willing!  


  1. Boo Hoo on the pancakes and omelet, but it really sounds like you had a great day anyway. We just have to make the most of what we've got ! Your cute pups all look adorable in their St. Pat's gear. What a joy they all are ! I too am off to church today after several weeks of illness. It's so good to feel healthy once again! Enjoy your Sunday to the fullest ! Cause you know Monday is coming and a Sunday well spent means a week of content!

  2. Sorry you missed out on your iHop breakfast.
    Have you ever had the Velvet Chocolate pancakes at iHop? Oh they are delicious but it really is a dessert.
    I think the iHop here byus has only been here about 2 years now. One thing nice about living in the middle of no where is that we never have to wait to get in anywhere!! : )

  3. the pups all look sweet from their spa day. sorry you missed using your ihop gift card.


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