Friday, March 23, 2018

Made a Little Oopsie!

Well all going well - considering.....but I did have an oopsie moment yesterday.  My eating schedule was a bit "off".  I had a Isagenix cookie for breakfast (love those darn things).  I think they are supposed to be a snack though and not a meal replacement.  But hey, it was working - at least for a little while.  I wanted my Tuna and Dijon and an egg for lunch.  It was good but didn't hold me too long.  Instead of getting up and fixing my shake - I tossed a few pistachios in - only a handful the podcast says - to avoid too many calories.  And ate 1/2 of a protein bar.  So hunger came again and I had a 72% Cacoa Chocolate square.  Then I was finally full for a few til I had my late afternoon coffee.  I was about to leave and didn't fix a shake to go home b/c we'd be eating dinner although I figured it would be a while.  By the time I got in my car, after having that cup of joe - I felt starved.  And I was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. (Thus the graphic above).

I went to McDonald's.  The thought of a hamburger sounded so good.  And quite frankly - it was!  A podcast said if you absolutely have to go to McDonald's get the McDouble.  I think it has more protein and not as much fat as some of the others.  Anyway - I did that.  And my gas light came on.  So I had to stop and get gas and then I could go home.  But I had no fries and only had water.  And that burger was soooooooooooooooo good.  I'm 11 lbs down from last Oct.  And 6 or 7 down this month.  But - it's ok to make an oopsie - I'll just get back on track.  And remember it's about the nutrition right?  Riiiiiight.  All in all it's ok.  So I had a little bread and Gluten but I think my sugar levels are fine.  I'll know in April b/c my physical has been set.

If I had just had my shake yesterday, it would have been filling. But I ate a lot of small things here and there instead of taking the time to fix it. So I'm having a shake for breakfast this morning.  Honestly have not figured out lunch yet.  I kinda want to get out, but I am eating out this weekend so I'll probably just take lunch today.

I'm leaving early to go to Mom's and get ahead of the Nashville/Franklin rush hour traffic.  May go in a bit early - we'll see.  I've worked enough hours this week already as it is to make up for any leaving early.  Trolls: If you're counting - please don't miss that morning I came in earlier than everyone else that you didn't see!  lol  

So we are eating Mexican tonight with my Mom, and my sister and her family and then breakfast tomorrow with Mom and her friend, Barbara. 

And I'd like to shop a bit after that.  I need to get a couple of things from Belk - Clinique eye liner, perhaps some lipstick (or at least price it).  And I thought I'd look at their tops/pants.  It'd be nice to have a new top or two for my upcoming trips. 

I packed up for Mom's last night - need throw a few more things in and get ready so I'm going to have to get off of here now.  Ya'll have a wonderful Friday.  I'm so glad it is here.

I'm freezing!  I'm not sure why but I'm so cold! 

I may not post in the morning - won't have time, but will try to post up sometime over the weekend. 

Have a good weekend ya'll!


  1. I hope you have a good weekend too ! I don't think having something not so good for you is a bad thing. You need a reward every now and then ! Prayers for a safe trip ! Getting out early should help with the traffic anyway. Take care and enjoy the time with your mom.

  2. have a good weekend at your mom's. a little oppsie every now and then doesn't hurt things in the long run.


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