Thursday, March 8, 2018

Neck/Sleep Issues, Isagenix On its Way, and Prayer Requests

Well, OK, I'm not that bad off, but almost, lol.  I rarely get to use these graphics b/c I'm usually in a pretty good mood and feel fairly good in the mornings.  But I'm certainly not up to par with this neck thing. 

I worked all day yesterday.  Took Acetaminophen in the morning and made it through the day but by the time I left I was hurting and stiff in my neck again.  And having slept an hour or so chopped up the night before, I was pretty tired.  The drive home was rough as far as staying awake.

I came home and immediately put jammies on and went to bed.  Went to sleep and George was going to wake me up for dinner.  I woke up at 10 and realized I'd missed dinner.  George said he and Katy made the decision to let me sleep since I was sleeping good and needed it.   It's been hard to come by.

So, I got up at 10 and had half of a sweet baked potato that I found in the fridge (from dinner).  Somehow time passed and it was midnight before getting back in bed.  I opened our delivery boxes from Amazon and Walmart, checked blog comments, and facebook, heated my bed buddy, took another acetaminophen and headed back to bed. 

The rest of the night was toss and turn.  Today at 3 will be 48 hours of neck hurting since it started Tues at 3 p.m. ish.  It has improved some.  So if it continues we'll be good.  I was concerned that it was going to be shingles or something but I don't think so.  There is a knot at the base of my head where it is hurting.  George thinks that is just a tight muscle.  I think it's been there since I was a child actually. But if things don't improve I will go to the doc.  I need to make my main annual check up anyway.  He'll need to check sugar levels and such.  I've come off the sugar pills b/c I think it was too much.  I've changed a lot of the way I eat.  And with the Isagenix I've been including into my diet (friend Lisa J gave me from work - I have two Lisa's that I'm close to).  I have felt better since off the sugar meds.  I have been careful to *try* not to eat a lot of carbs in a row.  I always eat protein with any carbs.  So I'm anxious to have my sugar checked and I do anticipate that my numbers will be ok. 

Speaking of Isagenix.  George told me to go ahead and order my Isagenix.  I had $160 saved up for it, will have another $100 or so to give him next week on it. And I have some more $ coming to me next week or so I hear that I will put toward it.   But it takes about $600 with tax and shipping - but you get a ton of food - including a blender and supplies and instructions and ideas and it includes the membership and sort of a new way of life.   I will not be using this much every month.  I will just be doing one shake a day - if that.  So this will last me a while.  I will be buying enough every month though to keep my membership at a level that I keep getting discounts.  I don't intend on selling it but I am open to allowing anyone to try it under me.   So I will keep that option open.  Lisa told me that people will come to you asking to buy it b/c of the nutrition and the weight loss that usually comes with it.  So we'll see.  I'm not going to push it but I don't mind sharing what is working for me for sure and I don't mind helping others if they want it.  I am so thankful to Lisa being so generous to give me nearly every main product they have to try.  Even a whole can of vanilla shakes b/c it would be a while before I could order it.  I'm thankful to George that said "go ahead and get it".  I had decided that I wouldn't do it after we found out about his job loss.  But he was encouraging of it.  So I went ahead and told Lisa and she put in the order for me.  I got the text and have downloaded the Isagenix app.  Now I await the shipment.  :-) 

So tonight George and I go out with a vendor - who wanted to still take us out even after George's situation.  And so we get to go out to eat.  Katy invited to go with us. So that is a blessing as well.

Please pray for three things:  1)  Katy is traveling to see her cousin in Knoxville tomorrow after school.  And I hate to see her on the road for 3 hours or so.  2)  Pray for this darn pain in the neck to go away 3) Pray that I get more solid sleep!  I don't even need to track it now - I KNOW I'm not getting it. 

I suppose this weekend I will go and see if I can find a pillow.  The two that I normally use have "broken" down over time and no longer give good enough support I don't think. 

I may need to see the chiro - it's been a couple of years and perhaps I need to go and get realigned or something.  I hate to spend the money but when in pain - and my alignment has not been right for a while.  Not comfortable sleeping for a while. 

It snowed here and some of the roads are impacted so I may go in late.  I've got to see if roads are open or clear where I'm going. 

Well, ya'll take care.  I better go and get ready.


  1. Snow here today and we are expecting more. Yes sleep is so important. I will put your 3 things in my prayers today. Hope the roads are ok for you! Take good care !

  2. Sleep is so important. My husband had a sleep study done. He has been feeling really tired and his blood pressure has been up even with meds.
    His study showed he quits breathing 36 times in one hour! It is a miracle he has not had a heart attack or stroke. He gets a cpap machine next week. I hope you get to the bottom of your neck problem. Make sure your pocketbook is not big and heavy. That can cause neck pain. It sounds interesting about the shakes. Anything that improves health is a good thing. Enjoy your day.

  3. saying a prayer for you. it's nice a vendor took you out to dinner inspite of the job loss. hoping safe travels for katy.


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