Saturday, March 10, 2018

Night on the Town in Nashville, and my Isagenix Order Arrived!

Well, Thursday night a vendor took us out on the town to a restaurant in Nashville called 5th and Taylor.  
Oh my it was so good.  I had a cucumber type of drink, which was very "healing" of my neck pain situation.  My body seemed to say "thank you" for putting fresh cucumber in it.  Then the appetizers were amazing:  duck wings, sausage and cheddar biscuits, and bacon wrapped quail with dates and sorghum.  I had lamb for my main dinner with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach - both of which were the most amazing things I've ever put in my mouth - aside from the corn sauced pasta at Rolf and Daughters.  Amazing chefs in Nashville now taking food tastes and cuisine to the next level.

Then we went to The Patterson House, stepping back in time, to a speak easy type place.  Purely word of mouth, no sign, you just have to know where it is.  lol  And even the website says very little.  But they make the most amazing cocktails.  They are expensive at around $13 to $15 each.  And often the ice cube takes most of the glass.  The names are always interesting as well as the ingredients.  The center of the floor contains a rectangle bar extending to all sides which includes several very talented cocktail makers slightly akin to "Tom Cruise in Cocktail".  They may not throw things up in the air, but they will definitely get your attention.  So it's part show if you want it to be.  A very low lit cozy bar.  Men are not allowed to hit on the women.  You are not allowed to be on your phone inside.  So we enjoyed going there.  Katy and I had to work the next day while the vendor, his fiance, and George could sleep in as needed.  But actually all four of them wanted to go to the Patterson House.  I hinted that I needed to go home b/c of work the next day but was out voted.  Ok Twist My Arm.  So then I had some type of pineapple ginger type thing.  I really forgot what it was, but it was good.  I drove every one home b/c I didn't have that much to drink over the course of the evening.  We dropped our vendor off at their hotel and then headed home.  I thanked our vendor friend and his fiance for being so nice to us.  It was nice to meet his fiance and she was really sweet.  They were going to meet us in Chicago in May and go to the Cubs game with us and were disappointed that we would not be able to go now.  Me too.  But it's ok.

Then yesterday my Isagenix starter kit arrived.  Oh my!  I had fun taking it all out of the box!  So today I will have some time to go through and see what all I need to do.  There is a video that Lisa J sent me that goes over "opening your box".  I guess it explains everything.  She has sent me numerous things and I've received all kinds of resources and have my own "back office" website and such so I've got to get all signed in.  I'm kinda lost right now.  The main thing I want to do is:

1.  Set up my eating schedule for next week
2.  See what all is in the vitamin pack b/c I'll need to let my doc know that I'm doing this on my next visit.  Technically should get permission first I guess but since it's nutrition based - sometimes you gotta take things in your own hands.
3.  Get a notebook or something where I am tracking kinda what I eat, how I'm feeling, and track the measurements, and the weight.
4.  Set up some kind of shelf or center where I keep all this stuff above.  Where on earth am I gonna put it?  lol
5.  Set up my work bag and food intake for the next week.  For example measure my shakes into "baggies" for 5 work days and such, and lay out 5 vitamin packs - and so forth, Have my snacks ready to go and so forth.
6.  Watch the video, read the resources and see what all I can find out.
7.  Figure out what I want to order for next month that "meets" the BV (business volume) amount that will keep me a member.
8.  Sign up for the "challenge" which will give me $200 in products.
9.  Pick out my "challenge" outfit for my before and after photos.  I'm not doing this in my under wear like some do.  lol
10.  Take my pics.  Take measurements and so forth.

I'm excited and nervous at the same time.  I'm mainly in this for the nutrition but it's set up for weight loss too.  I'm just probably not going to be doing the two shakes a day.  There may be days I don't do shakes at all.  I will do at least one cleanse and see what that is like.  It is supposed to make you feel amazing.

I've just felt awful this year so far and I'm ready to feel better.  I've had the issue with my arm, immunity down and caught the flu, neck issues now and tightness in my shoulder and back. 
Typically this time of year is when I have to go to the chiro to get out of my pretzel like state.  lol But anyway this time I'll be trying this out and trying to get some exercise and we'll see if this will help me.  It's like "medicine" to me.

Well this weekend, we have NOTHING going.  A much needed restful weekend.  I feel like I've been able to just work this week and then try to sleep or nurse my ailments and have not contributed to getting anything done in the house.  But Katy and George have filled in some.  Today I was up at 5 doing laundry, cleaning kitchen, rebooting dishwasher, and picking up some.  George must have stayed up really late as it's almost 7 and he is not up yet.

Katy and Findlay have gone to Knoxville to see her first cousin Sarah.  I worried about her traveling the 3 hours up there.  But she made it fine.  Now we just have to get her back home through the rain tomorrow.  So keep her in your prayers while she is away and in her travels.

And George and I are empty nesters again for the weekend.

So I hope you all have a good weekend.  I'm going to enjoy mine, I hope.  Lots to do around here and I'll enjoy it.

I miss blog reader and friend, Sybil, and hope her cruise is going well.  Shoutin' out to Ma Rainey too!  Hope spring comes your way soon!


  1. Thanks for the shout out today ! Although I've never met you in person I feel like we are the very best of friends. Sounds like you already had your weekend experience on your night out on the town so having a weekend of rest and relaxing and doing what you love will be appreciated I'm sure ! Have a super Saturday !

  2. your night out in nashville sounded good. glad to hear your Isagenix starter kit arrived. happy to know katy arrived safely. prayers for a safe ride home.


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