Monday, March 12, 2018

Organizing Everything this Weekend!

Found a spot in the utility room for the Isagenix products

Well, I didn't have time to post yesterday due to the time change and church and the day went fast from there with grocery, ironing, and prepping for today.  Then it was time for Sister Wives.  I'm not sure many are reading my blog anyway.  

Most of the weekend was spent on Isagenix.  So much information.  And was needing to make sure I understood everything, got my challenge started and so forth.  There is a lot of information and it's in so many places that it is both exciting and confusing.  I thought I had the right app on my phone but apparently there are things you do on more than one app which I figured out while trying to enter my challenge info.  I ended up entering one of the pictures wrong and discovered it at the last minute but it was too late - it saved it with no way to correct it but to email someone at the "home office".  It was supposed to be a side profile pic and I accidentally entered the back b/c I guess my brain was thinking the back was the last photo.  I was trying to watch TV too.  lol  So hopefully they will fix it.  I can't tell b/c I can't see any of the pics.  Once I entered them none of them showed.  I was a little aggravated by that but whatever. 

I absolutely loved this weekend though just being home.  There was a lot of laundry to do and worked on the kitchen and finding where to put the Isagenix stuff.  I also worked on cleaning my purse (changing it to a lighter one as the leather one is really heavy and having issues with neck and shoulder).  I cleaned up my desk area as well.  So I've mainly spent the weekend organizing as well as figuring out Isagenix. 

I absolutely love the shakes with the blender.  So much so that I may take the blender to work with me some.  

Today is a cleanse day.  My first one.  I get "something" every hour but I'm a little worried about being able to do a full cleanse day - with a slight sugar problem.  So if I begin feeling nervous or low blood sugar I WILL have to eat something.  

I did all my measurements though and weighing.  I have to do it all again on the 14th.  I decided my "cleanse" days will be on Monday.   And it's every 7 days.  Some do two days in a row twice a month.  Instead of 1 day every 7 days.  I'm not going to be able to do that.  Maybe one day but I'll do that but not any time soon.  

So it is snowing and I'm probably going to be a little bit late.  I do not intend on leaving til the sun comes up and more traffic is out.  Most of the schools are two hours late.  

I overslept this morning b/c apparently I had my main repeating alarm turned off last week when I was trying to sleep in a little later.   So I'll have to fix that for tomorrow.  

I bought a new pillow last week and since I've had it, my sleep has been better.  I'm waking up once or twice instead of 4 to 6 times.  

Katy made it to Knoxville and back (thanks for your prayers) but they did not get to go to the Biltmore b/c they couldn't get reservations. 

George and I had lunch with our friends Richard and Kathy after church.  We went to Ruby Tuesday's and had the salad bar.  I love love love the salad bar!  

We went to the store.  All I got was purified water and Wild Caught Tuna by Bumblebee which my friend Lisa J said was really good.  She mixes dijon mustard and chopped pickle with her tuna instead of mayo.  So I need to try that.  I think that is what she said.

Well, I guess that is about all the time I have this morning.  I need to get ready so I can leave once the sun comes up.  

I did not get everything I wanted to do this weekend done.  But got mostly organized and the most important things done.  I've felt disorganized for a few weeks so I feel good going into the work week this week. 

I didn't get things laid out for 5 days but I think doing it the night before is sufficient.  Doing the 5 days prep at once is too much.  

I realize I'm writing in bullet points this morning.  I guess I'm all over the place.  Just writing whatever comes out of my mind.    But gotta get on the road.  Ya'll have a great day!  

Will keep you posted on my progress of how I feel and if I lose weight on this program.  Gotta be a lifestyle - so I have to decide what products I'll be continuing and what is not worth the $.  We'll see. 
I'm interested to see if the vitamins will be as good as mine.  I've eliminated mine.  I think theirs is more inclusive.  

Ya'll take care! 


  1. Living healthy is a lifestyle and one you have to be happy with. I have no health issues or problems with what I weigh so I continue to eat the good and the bad. I no longer diet but have stayed the same now for several years and that makes me a happy camper. Strange you are having snow today and here the sun is out but it remains very cold. Take care and hope you have a good Monday !

  2. I'm glad you are ok. I read your blog every day but can't always comment. Glad you are feeling better. Take care.

  3. I know you will do well on your new pla

  4. The shakes sound good. I drink a protein shake every day. It helps keep my blood sugar steady. I have not felt well this past week. Not sure what is going on.. Enjoy your snow.

  5. I'm a big take it with me person, and I do take my Nutri Ninja to work so I can make my protein shakes. :)

  6. wow. snow. the shakes sound yummy.


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