Thursday, March 22, 2018

Quick Post

Well, I'm shocked as everything that it is Thursday already.  It's been so busy.  All going well I guess.  We are all in kind of an interim state of being with change of all kinds looming.   I am content in the state of being for now but it does feel like a very interim time period.  Just glad to have some time with our girl. 

Work is busy but I've at least had a couple of days of getting some things accomplished that I've tried all month to get to.  So yaybe! <--New word.

Last night Katy and I went to Cracker Barrel while George and a buddy went to a job networking meeting at a bar - what a concept. He did meet one guy that had an opening for his level of position. He came in with his name tag on and explained how it worked.  New concept I guess for this day and age.  He almost didn't go and we told him he shouldn't turn down the opportunity to meet some employers. 

I should say that I got a fried chicken salad last night and it was awesome.  I've missed my chicken tenders.  I had a shake, a little Isagenix mineral packed oatmeal cookie, and a shake earlier in the day so not much! 

Gonna pack tonight and go see Mom after work tomorrow and spend the night.  We'll go to a Mexican restaurant and meet my sister and her family.  I'm looking forward to a good night's dog free sleep although I will miss them.  I will say that last night, I believe is the first night in a very long time that I slept the entire way through!  Not even waking up once!  If I did I don't remember it.  But I'm hoping to do that at Mom's too.  I was ready to see her since I've not been down there in a while.  And I needed a little break in routine myself. 

Better go and get ready for work and pack the day's needs!  Ya'll have a good day! I spent too much time on the other blog!


  1. Networking does help when finding a job, but that was a new way of doing it for me too. I like your new word. I'll have to remember that one! Yaybe! You will really miss your girl after having so much time with her. But it is something to be thankful for! Even though my daughter is close by, I don't get to see her very often as she has gone back to work. Life does get busy and we've got to enjoy every opportunity we get. I'm sure your mom feels the same and will enjoy your visit too. Happy Thursday !

  2. Have fun with your Mom. This has been one fast week for sure. I too am ready for the weekend.

  3. Yaybee has long been one of my words. ;) Glad to see someone else using it!

  4. glad you and katy are spending alot of quality time together. networking at a bar sounds different.


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