Monday, March 5, 2018

Relaxing Sunday and Taking the Day Off on a Whim

Well, Sunday was a nice one.  George and I went to church.  Katy went to church at her church along with Cody's parents.  And had lunch with them.  We were invited to go out with friends for lunch to the Ruby Tuesday's salad bar, but George had things he wanted to do and said we could go next Sunday.  So we will wait til next Sunday.  

So we went to the store and had a good time there picking out "cheap" but healthy things to eat.  It's true that sometimes nutritious things can be expensive.  But not always.  Beans...we bought about 4 bags of beans.  Shrimp was on sale and instead of getting a 1 lb batch we just got a 1/2 lb to supplement.  George is going to make a soup and some chinese "cold noodle" and it'll go great in it.  Last night we had spinach omelettes (at my prompting) and potstickers from his recent visit to the oriental store at the Harding Place exit close to Home Depot.  They were pretty good, but not necessarily on the top of favorite things to eat. 

I did some laundry yesterday but decided to enjoy the window of having time with the TV while no one else was inside.  So I began watching Keep Your Day Dream on YouTube on the Big TV - back to back episodes, catching up.   I know I keep talking about it but they go to places I've wanted to see and so it's like being right along with them.  It's so interesting.  Katy came home and joined in.  She really likes watching them too and says they are funny.  They do have some humorous moments and are definitely folk you would enjoy hanging around.  They do a great job with their videos.  I'd love to learn how to make videos like they do.  

So, I have some news...nothing big though.  But...I did something I usually NEVER do unless it's an emergency. Yesterday after church,  I texted my boss and told him I thought I'd take a vacation day today.  I rarely ever even think of taking a vacation day on a Monday.  But Katy took off and I wanted to join them today and we are going to have a family day and do some fun things with George.  With Katy moving to Texas soon, and the first week George is not going to work - it just seemed doubly important.  I looked at the calendar and my email this morning to make sure I am not missing something important.  As I say I'm not used to taking off on a whim like this so it kinda makes me nervous.  I did not close down my office Friday with the intention of being off today - but I do not believe I left anything urgent undone.  So I think we are good.  And after all if they can't do one day without me we are in worse shape than I thought. There are always cell phones and if worse comes to worse I could pop over and handle things.  So I'm taking off today.

The bad thing is that it is supposed to rain cats and horses today - but I guess we'll deal with it.

I snapped some pics of the doggies laying around yesterday.  I gave them raw hides as I sat down to watch TV and eat lunch so I could eat in peace.  It kinda worked but then I had to run around and try to collect them as they got small.  I don't want them to swallow it when it gets small.    And they all try to steal them from one another.  But it did buy me a few minutes time as I ate lunch while beginning to watch the shows. 

It was a great and relaxing day.  

Tugie got cold and I put a blanket around her.  I had to call her and make a few noises before she would raise her head to see what was going on and I could snap her pic.  

Fin Fin was happy her Momma came home and sat still for a few minutes.  But she really really wanted something to chew.  

Sleep was good.  I slept til 6 something.  No dog woke me up.  Except for Tugie scratching her bed around 4:30 or 5.  She has done this before on a weekend.  She knows better to bark but she is smart and she knows if she makes noise scratching her bed, that it will wake me up.  When she slept with us, she would nudge me in the night. George did wake me up a couple of times getting up in the night. He was amusing.  I said "didn't you just already get up and go?" And he said "something didn't like me!"  I almost howled in the night.  I've never heard it put quite that way.   My alarm went off at 4 and I ignored it and slept til 6 something.  I was quite surprised that I was able to stay in bed that long.  I will say that our new mattress becomes quite hard after 6 or 7 hours.  I go straight thru the memory foamed pillow top to the hardness of the bed  at that point and I don't like that.   But it pops back up and is soft by the time I go to bed again usually.  

Well, I used George's eye "roller ball" stick for men that is used to reduce puffiness and black circles.  I can't see that it helps any.  But I guess there is just no quick easy fix.  I will keep trying to get better, more quality sleep.  I think it's going to be really hard not to be woken up or disturbed with so many variables (dogs and humans mainly).  But my eyes are beginning to look like I've not slept in a while.  Maybe I need some better concealer.  lol

Well, gonna get off of here so I can ready for our excursion.  We are going to the bank for starters and also to McKay's book store.  George has some books to turn in for credit.  He wants to look for Blue Ray movies, and perhaps some xbox games.  I will look for audio books.  But honestly - I'm really getting into the free podcasts and have really enjoyed listening to the nutrition ones - much to my surprise.  Also edging into the sleep study ones as well.  

So I need to get through with the blog entry so I can get my face on.  lol   And I am just joyous that we get to have a family day today.  I'm so glad I decided to take off on a whim.  It's not me to do that, but today seemed important to do so.  To show support to my family and to George who has worked so hard for our family for so many years- and in supporting and encouraging him in his first week of not having a job to go to. Also plan to give him some tips today if he'll hear me out over places to look and consider for employment.   It's just so weird to not go to work on a Monday.  But I'll take it. Imagine how George feels.

Ya'll have a good Monday yourselves!  Hope reader Sybil is having fun on her cruise!  


  1. Always nice to take a day off once in a while. Hope you are enjoying your day.

  2. I've lived on a pretty tight budget for almost as long as I can remember and know that some healthy foods can be terribly expensive, but there is always a way to stretch the budget if you want to. I rely on the sales and try to stock up on meats so I don't have to spend the usual price. Sale shopping has helped a lot and my menus work around the sales. We just have to hope that a job will come his way quickly and you won't have to worry about it.

  3. cute pics of the dogs. every now and then it's nice to do something spontaneous. the day off will do you good.


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