Saturday, March 31, 2018

"Spec on the Map of Existence" and other Saturday Tales

This  She is a mess but we love her so.  And we'll miss her when she goes to TX.  

Today has been about laundry, ironing, finishing packing, getting my liquids out of my purse and in a baggie for the upcoming flights, plumping doggie beds, doing surface cleaning.  And making my dishes for tomorrow.  

I fixed Black Eyed Pea Salad.  I used to fix this a lot several years ago.  Took it to just about every event, so much so that we got tired of it.  But it sounded good to me.  And it's healthy.  

The recipe came in this cook book which has been one of my favorites through the years.  This was given to me in my 20's.  Miss Daisy's Tea Room, used to be a restaurant in Green Hills area of Nashville.  I think it moved to another location at one time and I don't think there is one now.  I had only been twice.  Both times with Mom, I think. 

I also made some dressed eggs and fought with them.  

And I do mean Fought with THEM!  Ugh, every time I try to take eggs to a gathering, I have to fight with the eggs - peeling them.  The shell does not want to come off w/o taking half the eggs with it.   I know you are supposed to go buy eggs several days ahead to make sure they are not new eggs and they have to sit in cold water.  I can do the cold water, but I didn't get to go to the grocery til yesterday.  George helped me and we got them done.  Only ONE messed up bad enough that we had to eat it ourselves - gosh darnit!  (Worked out well if you asked me - I mean you want to taste them right to make sure they are good?)

It's so pretty out there today.  69 degrees right now.  I've opened the sun room letting the fresh air pollen in. 

And took a couple of pics while outside. 

Here is our new a/c unit.  I guess it's like we have another kid in college this next year - or an extra house payment - or like an extra couple of car payments. 

The area around it is all muddy and our beds messed up.  The bricks were all messing up anyway.  We really need to work on that area.  I'm ok with removing the landscaping bricks since they are all tossed about anyway at this point.  

Here's Findlay when she needs to see what is going on in the kitchen.  lol

Well the dogs let me sleep good last night.  Maisy let me sleep til 5:45 when she pawed me to get up.  I got to snooze to 6.  Thanks Maisy!  Much better than 4 a.m. 

Today has been busy.  Just have tried not to let myself stop until now so could keep moving and get things done. 

I have been kinda sad today.  I have to do something that I don't want to do in the coming days.  And I'm having a hard time with it.  And I will be glad when it is over.  You know how you just have a bad feeling?  And you know how people can sometimes blame you if something goes wrong even if it wasn't your gig?  Ugh.  I hate that.  However, God and I will have a conversation about it.  And it will be ok.  He will hear me in my time of need and He will be my Help.  But there is just that naggin' in the back of your mind that "this ain't gonna be a good thang".  My hands have been and will be tied though.  So watcha gonna do?  I'm not calling Ghost Busters, lol.

I am sortof having that "in limbo" feeling again too.  I'm having a hard time getting excited about anything right now.  I don't know how to explain it.  Surely it's not depression.  I still get sortof excited about things.  I don't think I'm worried about anything really except the above mentioned.

I'm excited about things that take my mind off wondering about our future - heck I was excited about that anyway.  I enjoy watching Keep Your Daydream.  I enjoy watching our shows.  I enjoy our eating (a little too much) still.  I've been a hunger pit the last two days.  It's been hard.  I enjoy reading when I can.  I'm even thinking about making a new summer bucket list. 

I'm thinking I need to go through some stuff and it's time to give it up - try to simplify our life.  I'm going to have to do it at some point anyway.  We'll have some time at home to do so. 

I've also still got this nagging for what the next goal is.  Like a mid life crisis is hitting me - only it's more like mine waited til it was a 3/4 life crises.  Well who knows really - any of us could be gone tomorrow.  The big question.....

What is it that I want to do with the rest of my life?  Where do I want it spent?  What goals?  What difference do I want to make?  Have I done any good in my life at all?  Or am I just another spec on the map of existence. 

Gotta Go..dinner's ready.


  1. I have chickens, so my eggs are always super fresh. An ice bath is the way to go in my experience. You put some ice in already cold water, and place the eggs into it, let them sit in there for a while before attempting to peel them. :)

  2. Making bucket lists are fun and I like to see just how many things I can actually manage to cross off. Every thing we do should always bring us and others joy and I try to keep that in mind when deciding to do or not to do something. I have had that same experience when using new eggs, the peeling is definitely not as easy. Hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration ! Happy Easter to you and yours !

  3. I think you're probably feeling that way because you really are in a transition state in your life. I can relate. Our youngest goes to college in the fall and I've been a stay at home/homeschooling mom for the past 15 years. I'm at the stage of "now what?" As a type A personality, I'm used to having everything planned out and now I don't. It's a bit unnerving.


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