Friday, March 16, 2018

TGIF, Girls Nite, Weight Loss, and Nutrition

Katy went with me and we got our nails done.  It wasn't time for the toes for me so she decided to wait to do hers.  I think in a week or two it'll be time for me to do mine again.

We used 2 gift cards I had for Olive Garden.  And we used every penny.  I'm not sure why but I think Olive Garden is a bit over priced and it always seems way more than I thought it would be when we leave.  Other restaurants I feel like it adds up right.  But we go to Olive Garden and I'm like....what??????  The two of us spent $60 something.  I had two gift cards and still had to use the debit card for the rest and tip.  Geez.  No wonder we don't eat there much.  But it WAS good.  I got Shrimp Scampi.  It said it was 500 calories or less but I don't buy that.  But it was wonderful.

Today we have a St. Patrick day event at work.  I have on my green LulaRoe today.  Well it has blue and green.  I call it my aquatic (water) shirt b/c it looks like the ocean with waves on it.  Probably my favorite shirt!

Well I did lose weight.  Two lbs and had lost some inches all over my body since adding the Isagenix vitamins and nutrition.  It was day 4 when I measured. I usually don't do the two shakes a day.  My goal is the nutrition but I love the fact that it reaches deep into your cells (probably from the fasting days) to get to those hidden away fats and turns that into energy - which is why the cleansing days are so important.  And it is good for the kidneys and the liver and metabolism.  I listed to a podcast about it yesterday.  I don't measure again until next Tuesday.  George helps me measure b/c it's hard doing all the measurements on your self.   We laughed yesterday b/c a couple of places I actually grew - lol  One was my neck.  But we figured that it is hard to get the measuring tape in the same place as last time.  Just a 1/4 inch off in either direction on your neck would make a difference as your throat starts to come out from your face, lol.  Anyway you should have heard me saying "what type of program is this where you fast and gain weight?"  Then I saw the results of all the other measurements and felt relieved.

Anyway I don't know why I got all caught up in that - b/c the main reason I'm doing this is nutrition.  Any weight loss is just exciting.  I will say that I do have a bit more energy this week and my brain function seems better.  The vitamins seem to be what I need for the most part.  And my right arm has hurt less in the last two weeks.  I guess it is getting rid of inflammation.   I notice that it feels like I'm "sweating things out" and I'm guessing that is part of the fat burning process or the using up of energy.

I do feel more like I'm in my late 40's than in my 50's for the most part, so that is a good thing.  My legs feel stronger.  Knees feel stronger.  Sleep is much better.  But that might be b/c of my new pillow.

Well after Katy and I got home, we both had to make some things to take to work.  Mine was the broccoli salad.  I was sooo not in the mood to make it.  But I jumped in and got it done quickly.  So it wasn't bad.  I had to laugh though that right where I was standing we all three needed to be at the same time.  I was moving around doing dances just about b/c everyone needed something that was right where I was.  lol  I was thinking of how long our house was but that all three needed to be in the same spot at the same time.  The kitchen really is the central zone of a place!  Sometimes I think it would be fun to design a home - I don't mean just any home, but to rethink everything and create some different but unusual, but highly functional set ups.  If I could live a thousand lives, I'd do a thousand different careers.

I was thinking yesterday that today is an interesting time to be in nutrition.  To be able to help people learn how nutrition works.  It's a long way b/w eating a balanced meal like they told us as kids to what research is out there now and what they are learning about the body.  I find it fascinating.  Of course I have to learn to eat right myself before I can help anyone else.  And would never change my career at 55, lol.  But it is so interesting to me.  I am also intrigued at the fact that I can actually listen to hours upon hours of podcasts on the subject.

Well, it's time for me to scoot out.  Time goes by fast when you are having fun.  I was not going to blog this morning since I kept hitting snooze, but here I am!  ;-)

Ya'll have a great day and hopefully I'll have time to blog tomorrow!

Keep my Mom in your prayers - she is having an important test done today.


  1. I think that is wonderful. If you are feeling good, it must be doing some good for you ! A balanced diet is important and sound like you are getting what you need. Will definitely keep your mom in my prayers. I always look forward to St. Patrick's day and all the green food. Even green jello becomes appealing. Have a fantastic Friday.

  2. i think the nutrition thing is working for you. good going. prayers headed your way for your mom.

  3. I hope everything is ok. Take care.


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