Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The KEEPER APP Problems, iTunes Issues, and Hangryness

Doesn't this look like a place you'd like to be today?  I would love to sit there on the porch and bask in the beauty of the valley below.  I wouldn't want to have to get my water from a well though for my shakes this morning.  But I'd pet the cat and love on it and then I'd make a list of to do's (why do I always feel like I need to be doing something?).  

This morning, it is NOT springy.  We had snow come through.  I think we mainly had ice. Probably not much of it.  I will wait and see what they say about the roads before I head out.  It'll be in mid 40's today so we'll be good.  I just need to make sure this morning it's not icy. 

Yesterday I was just in an angry mood.  So I'm noticing these trends of strong feelings after a cleanse day.  Like the day itself is very focused, peaceful, and quiet.  The day after, I'm wanting to rest and not have to work, just ease into the day - but of course it's a work week - that 's not in the cards. So I was already angry that I'd lived at work for a very long day before and had to turn around and go back.  It was too quick on a somewhat empty stomach.  But I had my ionix and my shake and felt a bit better.  Traffic was annoying and horrible b/c there was a wreck.  That made me later than I wanted to be.  Of course someone was waiting for me at work when I got there.  Bless the person that said "let's give her time to put her stuff up".  That was so sweet. 

So anyway the work day was fine.  I love my coworkers, and I love what I do, and I was happy once I was there.  But...I definitely notice that the day after a cleanse there is strong feelings. The best way to put it is just "moody".  I think it's akin to like PMS or when your hormones are raging.  It's exactly like the new term "hangry".  

So as I was getting ready to go to lunch I was trying to look at something on my phone and opened it to an app I had been on earlier in the day - my password app called "Keeper".  A box popped up but I didn't need anything from that app so I was trying to go elsewhere in my phone.  So what do you do when you want to go elsewhere?  You hit your home button.  With your thumb.  When I did a box came up saying "Thank you for your subscription of $29.99, your upgrade was successful."  
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  The irrrrrrrrrrrre that ran through me.  Oh hell NO, you are not charging my account just b/c I wanted to go to another app on my phone.  I mean for starters this app has worried the toot out of me to try to get to upgrade.  Pop ups, red buttons, notes that things are going to expire if I don't upgrade.  Notes that it's going to be unprotected if I don't upgrade.  What??????
So annoying as it was.  I had done research and this group was supposed to be really good.  That must have been only if you paid the $$$.  But I was NOT paying it b/c the money was obtained accidentally and the way they have the app set up, made it easy for you to accidentally do it and that is not ethical if that is their approach.  So first things first - I spent probably 30 minutes trying to figure out how to cancel it.  Couldn't do it on my phone.  Many apps have it where you can, they did not.  Finally went online and chatted with an agent who basically said "sorry we can't help you, you will have to contact itunes" but you need to cancel the subscription otherwise it'll auto renew.  Well it better not!  

So I contacted iTunes and they said "oh yeah if it was an accident then we'll cancel it and we'll cancel the subscription and it will not renew."  Well an hour later, I had not received a cancellation notice and the subscription was still showing on my phone.  So I contacted them back, reminding them when I make a purchase the charge comes through immediately but I'd not seen my refund email come through and the subscription was still showing.  "Oh your subscription will show on your phone until the expiration date, and your refund will happen within the next 10 days and you will get an email, and we cancelled the subscription and it won't renew."  So even though it shows in my phone, supposedly it's cancelled.  (Rolls eyes).  Technology is supposedly soooo good but sometimes things just don't make sense.  I mean if a subscription is removed then why would it still be there?  HUH? I thought we were "smarter than that" these days?  I guess not. 

So next...............delete delete delete to the KEEPER APP - after I rated them a one star and gave them a review about worrying the toot out of you to upgrade to the point that you do by accident b/c you hit the home button trying to get out of the dang app and it charges you thinking you have approved the purchase.

And yes, if this is not fixed.  I will worry the absolute TOOT out of everyone until it is! This did not help my mood yesterday at all.  

There were other eye rollers to the day and quite frankly the day was  pretty full moon like.  I was looking forward to going home and finding peace.  It was one of those days where everyone needs you for something right now.  It was really just a silly ridiculous day and I wish I could go into it so I could laugh and find humor in it today, the day after, like I used to -  but won't because of the trolling.  The "trolling" kinda ruined the reality blogging for everyone. So many are so "offended" by literally a sneeze, so you just have to watch every little dotted 'i'!  lol So in other words yesterday - I just needed some zone time, some peacetime, SOME DINNER TIME!!!!!!!!!!! lol

George made some awesome tacos.  I had two tacos and went back and put fixin's on some tortilla chips for a taco salad of sorts.  I PIGGED OUT!  lol 

And afterwards, I just wanted to open a bottle of GOOD wine.  Well not fine wine but at least good wine.  We had opened a bottle the day before that tasted sour and wicked.  I was NOT having any of that.  Nothing that would make me in a bad worse mood.  So I sipped on a glass of red wine.  And the day after a cleanse day you can really taste the alcohol, and honestly it is just not that appealing.

So I sat and watched the happy people on Keep Your Daydream and was in my happy spot except that my tummy was screaming at me for eating too much.  My dinner just sat there and didn't move.  So I remembered that I'd not taken my Isa Flush the night before.  It's natural ingredients that --- you know--- make ya--- you know ---GO!  

So I took two.  Directions say either one or two according the previous "history" - lol - you know - what I mean - loose or the other way.  

So I guess things are ---um - on track. 

Anyway sleep was good and I didn't want to get up this morning.  I am running a bit behind.  But what is new.  

The good news is - I feel more normal now.  I have no strong moody feelings.  I'm not mad, I'm not sad (last week I was more like sad).  And I'm happy to say with the help of some friends, I have a new password app and it's not bugging the crap out of me like the KEEPER app did.   The only think about the LastPass (the new one) app that I don't like is that the app is RED.  I don't like red.  I like comfortable cozy colors in an app.  Yes I'm picky.  But at least it's not a pestering app so I'll take it. 

Well, I need to go and get ready.  Wonder what today's adventures will bring?   I'm just thankful that my day is starting well rested and the anger is gone.  I was so mad yesterday on the heels of not having much to eat.  I'm anxious to see how next Tuesday goes.  To see if it really is the cleanse.  I was thinking about this in the shower.  You know it kinda makes sense.  If I were TRULY a bear out in the woods and hadn't eaten for many hours and was hungry and needing something - I would not be in a calm mood, but an aggressive, on the prowl, ready to hunt and kill my food chain.  So.....perhaps this is just the natural state of our being to be this way after not eating.  Thank goodness my next meal was a shake and it didn't actually have to go kill anything to eat it - lol.  Lucky for itunes and KEEPER that they were not in my office at the time of the mishap.  They might have been lunch! buahahahahaha!  No I wasn't that mad, but I was angry and felt taken advantage of.  And I tell you one thing.  I WAS GOING TO SEE THAT IT WAS FIXED before I DID anything else.  And I did just that.  If I'd have to take the afternoon off I'd have done it.  Because IT WAS GOING TO BE FIXED.  So I have no choice to wait for the refund but it is at least set in place. 

And so off to the day we go in a better mood.  I'm also going to do a devo so I can allow God's spirit to further take me into a peaceful state.  I should have done that yesterday but I was so - so - just not wanting to do anything yesterday.  

So that said I measured and the inches are going away.  I'm two inches down in the waist and bust area!  Yay!  Even though I felt like I ate my weight in tacos last night!  lol 

Ya'll have a good one.  Off to work with a shake!


  1. Yes, I think hunger can make you angry or more easily prone to it. I remember a dear friend that was very abrupt and antsy when they were hungry. You could always tell the difference after they ate. I keep my passwords in a notebook, not on line anywhere. I'm sure you have many more than I do. I used to have them in the notes on my computer, but when I had to have the hard drive replaced, I lost that so now they are in a notebook. We have snow here too and the schools are closed due to hazardous road conditions. The tacos sound wonderful. I haven't had them in a while and must make them soon. Hope you do have a wonderful Wednesday! It's over the hump we go....

  2. being hungry can make you upset. so can dealing with technology. glad you got the app situation squared away.


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