Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Venison, Watch Return, and a New A/C Unit

Katy fixed venison steaks last night for us and George fixed the Cuban black beans.  We had a great dinner last night.  And some good conversation.  

Well, let's see.  The Hiller folks came out and....we have to have a new a/c unit.   Ours is really old.  I think 21 years and was supposed to last about 12.  So there's that.  George did mention we'd get a new thermostat, likely with wifi capability.  Yay - so now we can play spousal thermostat olympics remotely with our phones and with Alexa.  lol  If it all works out that way.  George added that it would be way more efficient and that our bills would go down for it, and then he added "and that will be good for selling the house, should we move to Texas".  I said, "you are really considering this huh?".  He said "well, we have said it is a possibility".  I really don't think it will happen but you never know.  I can't see myself living there really.  At least I've not had time to process such a thing.  I have to be somewhere and desire to be there and Breckenridge didn't seem to pull me in.  I could go near the coast somewhere though.  As long as I could get OUT in hurricane season.  lol

Anyway, I went to Belk after work and got a refund for my watch.  I had put the box, the receipt and instructions all in the bag in my car - mainly so at lunch I could try to figure out why it wouldn't stay connected.  It was a confusing little contraption - and I finally determined that it just wasn't good enough technology to do what it was supposed to do.  You only got messages on it sometimes.  And when you walked out of the room and walked back it sent you all your old ones again.  I finally just decided it was more annoying to me than helpful.  So I had NO PROBLEM just putting it all together in the box and ready for a return.  Especially when I saw that I could get the real thing for just a little more.  So it's GONE.  And I'm glad.  It was almost as annoying as a gnat after a while since it gave me feelings of angst and always trying to figure out why it wouldn't do what it said it would do.  It would connect but then it really wouldn't be when it said it was.  grrrrrr.  

I've posted on facebook to see how people like theirs and recommendations.  

Well, I have decided to take off on Good Friday.  Most of the world is off and George is off (of course) and we are taking Katy to the airport and going to iHop to see if we can get waited on and use our gift card.  

We are still tossing up some other things to do.  

Katy and I are going to get our toes done tonight and then we are going to use our Outback gift cards.  I thought it was Long Horn but think we used that card at Olive Garden as it went to either/or.  Glad I looked in my billfold.  lol  George is going to meet us at Outback (or we go to get him).  

This week is going fast.  That is ok by me.  I'm ready for the Easter Weekend.  We gotta figure out our plan for Lisa's Easter lunch.  We'll have time now to cook/fix on Saturday. 

Well, better go.  I think I'll have to drive to work in the rain! 


  1. Glad you could return the watch. It seems to me to be a wise choice. Glad you have Friday off. I used to take it as a vacation day too. As we didn't go anywhere for Spring Break, we always did something special on Good Friday and called it our break. It rained all night but I think it's to clear out here later on. Have a wonderful Wednesday, it's over the hump of the week we go...

  2. Gosh this has seemed to be a quick week, I can hardly believe that tomorrow I am away again on my travels, not so far though ! Just up to Edinburgh, it takes about seven hours to drive with a couple of good stops the first around coffee time second for lunch....after lunch we are almost at the border between England and Scotland, my heart always gives a little leap when I cross into Scotland, even although I've lived down here in England I guess I'm Scotish in my heart......anyway hope your day has been an easy one. Glad Kate made dinner last night looked as if it was very good. Glad you took that dud watch back, Mary and I have a bet as to when you will get the best one !! Mary thought maybe a few months !! I recon sooner LOL....just a wee reminder love, watch the pennies or in your case I suppose it should be watch the's these ...little amounts....that can cause trouble and if George has to be out of work you may have to pull your horns in, the new air con heating thingy is going to be costly, although as George rightly says if you do have to move the house may sell for a better price...Hope today has gone well. I will have my I pad with me so if I get a signal I will be popping in...take care. God Bless. Xxxx

  3. i'm thinking george is going to be missing katy and that's why he keeps bringing up texas. whatever will be will be. glad you got your money back for the watch.


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