Monday, April 30, 2018

Had a "Get Things Done Day"...

After doing a load of laundry, we set out around 10:30 to go get our plants.  It's very exciting to go and see all the plants.  I want them all!  And a gardener to come with! lol 

George, since he has been home, has had time to clear out the garden bed in the back and said he may plant some this year.  He got some tomatoes and a lot of herbs to plant.  I think he bought some cucumbers.  

I didn't know what Stevia looked like.  Now I do.  I guess it IS natural, lol. 

Here was our take.  I got the vincas for the front mail box and the planters by the front sidewalk.  that is all I really want to plant this year. 

At this place there is always an old dog laying around somewhere!  Reminds me of Hee Haw, lol.

 Here's the spread but there's a lot more to the right and the left.  But this is the section we shop in.  It's Needham's Nursery.  And the folks are very nice that run it.  I see their name in lots of community things so they give and support the community quite a bit. 

After the plant place we went to Kroger and bought a buggy full of food packed high and low!  lol We were out of a lot.  I bought stuff for the Bible study Wed night.  I decided to have chicken taco salad.  I'll chop and marinate the chicken Tues night.  I'm going to make the cilantro dressing along with it.  We'll be adding black beans and corn.  It's similar to the power bowls I made last week only instead of quinoa we'll have lettuce and tortilla chips.  I am going to make lemon cucumber water as well, for our Bible Study.  Katy and I call it detox water.  lol

The day was a joyous day for me to have some time at home with just me and the dogs and no where to have to be.  George and Katy left about 3 to go to a Preds Watch game downtown.  A big screen was set up on lower broad - it looked like it was in the middle of the road.  lol  I was so happy not to have to go!  

I was able to get the planting done.  I figured to go ahead and plop them in place while the weather was good and not too hot.  

Was able to come in and do a few more loads of laundry, cook turkey spaghetti, with whole grain noodles.  I made several lunches with the leftovers.  

And I did two more days of Bible Study.  One day of it was done in the sun room with screens open and light cool breeze coming thru.  It was a bit hot in the house with the thermostat set to 77 for the a/c comes on.  So that breeze felt good.  

And then I was able to watch a couple of Keep Your Daydream shows.  They have 100,000 subscribers now.  So happy for them.  They will be going to Alaska this summer - so looking forward to that!  Every week a new episode uploaded at 6 p.m. ish.  You can watch them on YouTube and visit their website at 

Our crew got home around 10 or 10:30 I think - the Preds had double overtime.  I finally had to go to bed.  And so I missed some of my best sleep - which is b/w 9:30 and 1:00.  So it was hard to get up this morning.  The alarm went off and I was comfy and snoozing and the room was quite cool.  I did not want to emerge from my cocoon.  Now I'm hurrying and running late.  

Anyway, off the land of busy!  My friend's visitation is this afternoon and tonight but it's also tomorrow before the funeral.  I have weighed back and forth on whether to go to both or just one.  I feel called to go to the funeral.  And I believe I have decided to just go tomorrow to visitation and funeral.  I wouldn't want to miss the funeral for sure - so that is a no brainer.  I'm having to cancel a work meeting though but it can wait.  I imagine there will be several of us going.  

Katy and I have plans this evening as well.  So all will work out I think.

More tomorrow!  


Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Family Day Out: Food, Fun, Shopping

Before leaving for the bazaar yesterday - George gave the doggies treats.  They get a "meat treat" twice a day mainly b/c Tugie needs her heart meds (wrapped in meat) and you can't give her a meat treat without giving them all one.  So the dogs love the words "meat treat".  They are cute all lined up.  Even Tugie (17 or so) has been know to RUN to her meat treat!   

So we went to the Bazaar and it was fun.  I thought I might buy another Lula Roe top b/c they were there and I would not have to pay shipping.  But I didn't like the designs.  I did buy a necklace for $5.  Almost bought some earrings but talked myself out of it.  Really trying to save for my Apple Watch but it takes a while.  

I did buy two shirts though from a company called Agnes and Dora.  It was very similar only the styles are more basic and no crazy designed materials.  The first time I passed them up but then when shopping with Katy I saw a style that I liked - two actually.  And I ended up buying two shirts.  I just used our debit card instead my blow money - since it's mainly for work clothes anyway.  It was a fundraiser bazaar for a mission trip.  

Someone sold premier jewelry, like my Mom used to sell.  And that was fun to look at.  I did not buy any but it was fun to look at.  I really was not in a big shopping mood yesterday.  But did quite well considering. 

Then we were all getting hungry.  So we went to the Homegrown Tap Room in Donelson and got hummus and carrots and.....bacon popcorn. 

Here was the decor when you looked up.   An old door with lights hanging from it. 

We played this rather rude game that we end up laughing at a whole lot, with blushed faces.  
I would never want to own the game and it was less funny than last time but it is pretty amusing. 
You make comic strips with cards. 

Then we went on to the Bavarian Bierhaus as it was on Katy's Bucket List to eat at before she goes to Texas. 

Since we were there in between the lunch and dinner crowds, we had the outside all to our selves.  That was very nice.  The wind kicked up a time or two but eventually calmed.  It felt wonderful to have the sunshine hitting my skin.  It really did.  Perfect weather yesterday. 

So, I got the flight.  I rarely get flights.  It looks like more than it really is.  I enjoyed it.  It was my treat for the weekend.  I don't drink beer much anymore to avoid the carbs.  I won't be able to do this often though to keep the sugar numbers down.  But I did have a lot of protein to go along with it, with pork chops and that helped.  The German beer is really good and there is rarely a flight that has all of them that I will like.  I don't like IPA's and dark beer and that is all the rage now.  So it was fun to splurge and have the flight.  

George and Katy got sausages, but with the cholesterol thing going on - I decided to get a pork chop which seemed to be baked or grilled - not really sure and not sure that was any better - but the sides were red cabbage, kraut, and mashed potatoes and gravy.  Yeah maybe not the best cholesterol avoiding meal but compared to the rest - maybe not so bad.  The potatoes was a small scoop so that helped and I didn't really eat much of the sweet red cabbage or kraut.  I try to like it but I just don't.  I guess I'm just not that much into German food.  I want to like it but aside from kielbasa - I just don't.  But Katy loved it and we went there for her.  And we did ALL enjoy the experience.  No fun music there though.  I guess they do more toward the evenings now.

And then we walked around the mall. I looked at shoes.  The shoe industry needs to ramp up their good looking styles.  I'm just not happy with what is out there. But I'm good for a while I guess.
So there is a moonshine store in the mall.  That is all the rage now but I'm not into that.  They have huge taste tests going on and there are a lot of flavors.  So Katy and George did the tasting and I sat back in the rocking chair for a while.

I guess you can take dogs to the mall?  Hmmm...

Then we headed home and took care of doggies.

Then Katy had a craving for fudge.  She had bought some fudge and I had packed it up.  We searched and searched and could not find it.  I told her there were about 3 boxes of stuff I packed up and we could only find one.  I couldn't remember where I put it but knew it was all downstairs somewhere with her stuff.  I finally found it later on trip #2.  I felt bad b/c I knew she was irritated with me.  I'd had to clean off the dining table that day as no one else had moved it and we had company coming so in a rush I'd packed it all and moved it downstairs.  (It was Katy's pantry from their old house. So it couldn't stay on the dining room with company coming!) So yay!  Fudge found.   I couldn't have slept w/o knowing what happened to it.

Sleep was good last night.  Really good.  I think it's good sometimes not having a lot to eat before you go to bed helps you sleep good. 

So my goal was to stay here today and get the laundry done, Bible study with Beth Moore done, clothes prepped for the week, orders done for the week and grocery done.  But George reminded me that we never stopped and got the plants!  Whooops!  We got the dogs Vetmedin but totally forgot to stop and get the plants.  So we will go to get the plants and go to the store.  I don't need much but want to get a few things.  So we will head out here around 10 or so.

So then this afternoon I'll have the day to get all that done I guess.   George and Katy are going to a Preds Party.  Katy is really becoming a big fan!  So I'll have time later to do my Bible study and eat something fun for dinner.

I do need to plan out the week some - need to figure what I'll have to eat for everyone on Wed night.  Thinking about BBQ, or KFC, but might do something in the crock pot or fix chili.  I've just not decided.  May also just go to Publix and get some deli items.

I have made plans for the doggies (all 4) to get their spa day done this next Saturday.  And we are going to Arrington Vinyards to picnic and have a bottle of wine with friends before Katy leaves for Texas.  That is on her list as well.  Weather still good at this point.  However, some of our best times have been there while it rained.  lol  So all is good.  I will come armed with lemon and cucumber water as well.  I will have to cut it in half due to the sugar.

Hmm...I might have the lemon cucumber water for our Bible study - that would be good. bout stauffer lasagna?  Only oven time no prep needed.  I have no idea.  But will need to decide soon!  One thing I love about blogging is it helps round up your options and helps you think through things.

Well, I guess it's time for me to find some breakfast and grab a shower.  And get started on the day.

Hoping to find some "me" time in there somewhere for reading for pleasure and fun stuff.  But the Bible Study must come first.

I'm so glad to have had some fun yesterday and to have the day before me today even though it is busy with fun but meaningful tasks.

Maybe we'll hear of George's jobs/interviews this week.  Pray for him.  Pray for Katy and Cody as they make preparations and decisions on getting Katy back there with him.  Will he fly in, will he drive in?  Will they rent a UHaul?  Will anyone go back to TX with them?

Cody went to their new house and the granite arrived for the bathroom sink and also the kitchen counters.  It's really pretty.  They have painted the trim in the house and about to paint the walls.  The new doors have all arrived and the new windows are in.  It's coming together!

So I said I needed to go and I really do need to.  Much to do!  Oh and I'm thinking about becoming a consultant for the Isagenix on the side.  I don't really meet that many people in a day's time and am not a sales person but I'm going to learn some things about it so I can try to help others feel better too.  I really believe in the nutritious food and I want to share it.  It's expensive to get started buying the whole kit of food/nutrients - but overall it sorts itself out and makes life much easier.  Then you are set and only replenish it as needed and it all doesn't run out at once - so I'm guessing I'm saving a bit of money and I'm certainly not throwing food away anymore that is not eaten.  So I want to share it and I intend to be equipped to do so b/c as people are asking me what I'm doing I want to be prepared to show them how to order the kit and all that.  If I do it, I want to do it right!

Well, you all - take care and I'm gone this time!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saturday Morning Sentiments While Sipping an IsaShake!

Good morning!

Well, I've spent some time this morning redecorating the blog.  I get tired of the blog look pretty quick.  Well, in recent weeks, I've just really not had time to put much effort in it.  But I've spent a chunk of time (too much time) on it this morning.

Over time, I can see the blogger platform waning a bit.  The features decrease instead of increase.  Maybe one day I can take a class in web design.

Anyway, I should have been doing laundry!

Well, there is no huge report today on yesterday!  It was a work day and the sun was shining.  I got to go for a walk for lunch, said "no" to birthday cake and ice cream.

George fixed me a Pimm's cup for "Happy Hour" and it was wonderful!

I did my Beth Moore lesson, day 1.

George fixed these really good New York Strip steaks for dinner!  They tasted so good.  I've only had fish and chicken lately so this was special.

Sleep was not perfect.  I woke up at 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 and got to sleep until almost 6 - so it was spotty but I did get enough.  I was sleepy most all day for some reason yesterday.

I'm having my Isagenix shake this morning with a couple of shakes of cinnamon and some vanilla mixed in. It's quite good.  Some day I'm going to add an Isa Delight in there (chocolate, caramel, seasalt) and see what that is like.  It's not much sugar at all.

Well, I'm going to have to change my cleanse day. There is not a good day to do cleanse day next week until Thursday.  I've not decided if I'll do it next Thursday or just wait til the next Monday.  I reserve the right to change my mind but think I may just wait til the next Monday.  Monday's are best for me.  Monday is a busy day anyway, a serious day usually and I'm more disciplined on a Monday b/c the will power is good and the week hasn't broken me down yet, lol.  It's not a good day to cleanse when there is a girl's nite out, or you are having company, or you are having lunch planned with someone.  Weekend's are not good b/e we do fun family outings and eat fun things.

Anyway, I need to go get in the shower and get ready.  We are going to a craft thing and going to run a lot of errands.

I am sad to find out this morning that my friend and our former payroll person, Vicki, passed away last night.  I cannot believe it.  She died of cancer and it came on quick and it's over now.  She is no longer suffering and no longer miserable.  She played a significant role in taking me under her wing where I worked.  In recent years she had retired and had a lot of changes.  She was a special person and I will never forget how comfortable she made me feel on my job and we had a lot of laughs and cries at times too.  My heart is with the family today and prayers going up for them.  She was a dear friend to us all and had a wonderful heart.  We love you Vicki!

I gotta go hurry and get ready.  I'm always having to hurry!   But...we'll have some fun today as a family and I'll try to take some pics.

Friday, April 27, 2018

A Fabulous Fundraiser Dinner and Kicking Ridiculi to the Curb

What a wonderful evening for the annual Pregnancy Care Center Banquet and probably my most favorite of all of them. Loved their presentation using the Edison type Bulbs. So wonderful to see from year to year how the Pregnancy Crisis Center grows and touches lives from year to year.  I think we have been going to these for the last 10 years or so.  Maybe longer.  I was once on the Mission Team in our former city and we just kept supporting this effort and this ministry.  

The Meal was done by catering of Hermitage Golf Course.  

I did have the topping and first few bites of my dessert.  Very rich but the fudge on top tasted exactly - I mean EXACTLY like Mam-ma's fudge.  NO ONE has ever been able to recreate that taste.  Not even me and I have the recipe carved into a wooden board!  But somehow they managed to do it. 

These little appetizers made an excellent presentation.  And were amazing.  I am not a fan of goat cheese but ate much of the little toast there.  However the cucumber, pea hummus, and rice cracker was my favorite.  Now I'm going to have to try to make some little green pea hummus.  IS this not cute for a plate of appetizers when company is coming?  Of course mine would fall over!

I think it's special that the dessert icing tasting like Mam-ma's fudge and I really think that was a God given little treat for me.  Several times this week, I've told God how much I miss Mam-ma.  This week I have wanted to talk to her.  Just call her up and get her cheer.  She listened, she cared.  I could call her and tell her about all the ridiculi (<-----new word I made up today) going on in my world and she and I would always end up laughing or making fun of the situation.  And it always made it lighter.  I have to do that own my own now for the most part. 

Sometimes you try so hard in life and you feel like people slap you in the face with their words.  And when you review the words, you realize they didn't make sense in the first place that it is simply a cover up and a side twist of the truth.  A real eye roller. I could have used Mam-ma and her light heartedness to give me perspective and kind of make fun of it all - like we used to.  I do have God, and He whispers his answers softly through the Spirit.  He did miraculously provide this little jewel to me. 

It doesn't really matter how loud a person gets or how many tantrums they throw over a period of time.  The truth will rise and always set you free.  How true is that? I think God was saying to me - don't bother with petty ridiculi anymore.  Facts are facts.  Apples are apples.  Oranges are oranges.  You don't even need a visual to figure that out.  Telling folks an orange is an apple doesn't quite work for most. The obvious stands w/o argument.  He's right.  There is so much of that, that the devil does, to try to distract people from the truth.  But I read the book and I know that truth wins in the end.

I was thinking the last few days how nice it is to be 55.  I should long for  my youth back but at 55 I guess it gives me a wisdom I'd not had at 45.  I see the big picture now.  And no I'm not perfect, but I've been around enough to get some duck oil on my feathers, and the rain pellets just roll right off.  And at 55, quite honestly, you value more important things in life and it really doesn't matter that someone calls and apple an orange, doesn't like you, or is irritated with you.  Let them sit in their corner of misinformation and pass them by, go on, let them be. No need to argue.  No reason to even try.  It just quite simply matters not in the grand scheme of things.  God is God of our Fathers and He remains the God of me.  And He has made promises and He places our feet.  And He is with us.  And therefore no one can be against us - they may mistreat us, make fun of us, misunderstand us, try to annoy us - but there is not but a few things that really matter at the end of this life's race. 

I long to laugh with Mam-ma though.  She could take a situation and we would rock it, pulverize it, pulp it, mash it and kick it with our foot into the garden.  In a way, she is inside of my heart and mind and soul, and I think with God's help that she and I have kicked some more Ridiculi to the curb. And to top it off, we had our icing on the cake as well.

Sleep was good.  Thank you God.  Thank you Mam-ma!

And now for the normal Friday post:

1.  I am glad it is Friday.
2.  If it were not Friday, I'd be making it Friday.
3.  I'm looking forward to change of thinking and a change of scenery.
4.  Much I want to do at home. 
5.  Glad to be working on my own agenda for a change

And it is going to be pretty this weekend.  ;-)  And I'm excited about that.  We have a lot of things we want to do - and I think we are managing to fill up our "free" weekend with no plans, quite well.

And this one, is for Mam-ma!   Although she would never encourage me to be annoying, and I would not ever try to be annoying on purpose - this is something we might would say and then snicker over it with a glass of homemade lemonade in our hands.  lol  Mam-ma was nothing like Maxine.  She wasn't grumpy at all.  She loved to laugh and smile and she had a big heart.  But we could sure make fun of life and kick the worries to the curb.  I love this. 

Ya'll have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bible Study, Video Failure, and Weight Loss!

This picture reminds me of Charleston.  I could soooo place myself into this scene.  But you know me, I'd have to make a couple of changes!  That bird cage would have to go from the table.  And those chairs would have to have some cushions!  I'd pain the ceiling light blue (a Charleston thing) and then I think I'd have to treat the wooden porch.  

Well, that was fun.  I love this photo though.  Love porches.  Just wish I had time to sit on one for a while and read a book.  Soon.  Soon.  I'm going to be taking some time off at some point.  Not sure when, where, or how, or for how long, but I am.  

So, yesterday evening we had our Bible Study on "Entrusted" and it went well. We did our discussion first and then the video. 

One of the things jumping out from the lesson is that over a person's spiritual walk there are people and places that cross in time, where you unite for a season - doing something with others, for God's glory.  I look back and can see a lot of those times in my life.  Another brought up that much like Paul and Barnabus, there is sometimes a separation that occurs as well.  It doesn't have to be a bad separation but the result may simply be that you go separate ways and you both work on separate projects.  Anyways to me just a cross section or as Beth Moore would call it, a "triangulation" - you, another person, and God - doing his will.  

Another thing that I liked was something I underlined in the study.  That "Scripture" is where heaven and earth overlap.  And it's almost overwhelming to think that we pray and talk to the same God that was the God of Moses, and Paul, and Timothy, and David.  And that where two are more are gathered He is there also.  

We had a bit of trouble with the video.  It would not play on the big TV and we had to use the computer on a little table in the den.  The video played only on the big TV for a few minutes and that was it.  I'm not sure why it did last week.  It just gave out and I kept getting an error.  So that was disappointing.  I tell you what it was - it was the devil.  The devil tries to get at me through electronics.  I believe it - I believe it.  Good things come from God and that was not a good thing.  I hope he gets electrocuted trying to mess with my video!  Can evil spirits get electrocuted?  lol  Probably not.  I wish he'd find someone else to mess with.  Now it'll be my life's mission to figure out how to get it on the big TV for next week.  Good grief. 

Well, hope you all are doing well.  I am happy that it is Thursday.  The week has gone by quickly.  We are attending the annual fundraiser dinner for the Crisis Pregnancy Center tonight.  I began going to these back when we were on the Missions Team at our old church in Gallatin.  The center we are servicing is here in our community that we moved to and we have friends from the old church --the wife-- runs it.  And so we have always continued to go.  I believe she said we were at their table tonight.  :-)  If not it's fine.  It is always a fine meal, always good to see their smiling faces again, and to hear our friend speak, and see some other faces we've missed seeing in the past year.  And of course we will donate.  

George bought steaks for us but realized we had the dinner tonight so we'll end up having the steaks tomorrow night.  I needed some protein and some red meat.  I have really been hungry the last day or two since the cleanse.  My guess is not enough protein.  However, I'm down 14 lbs from this time last year.  Down 6 lbs since March.  My goal in the past year has been to eat healthier, make better decisions and FEEL better and if the lbs come off, and I was confident they would - then that was great.  In March I began using Isagenix products to aid me in this effort.  I was tired of looking and searching for foods on the go.  I took the plunge and even though it was expensive on the front end, the grocery bill has gone down and it evens itself out.  So if I was to say how I did it so far.  It can't all be Isagenix b/c only 6 lbs of it is lost since I've been using the products. I've lost 10 other lbs the past year too over time.  

Here's how I believe it happened: 

1.  Eating more protein for sustainability during the day.  
2.  Using Isagenix products:  making a shake one of my meals and not necessarily ever day, using the protein bars as a meal replacement sometimes for breakfast, using the snacks to fill me up b/w meals, using the supplements and vitamins to make me feel great, and using the cleanse day products and other supplements. 
3.  Drinking more water, dropping cokes and anything with sugar completely, and I stopped drinking black tea and picked up green tea instead.  Not sure if that mattered or helped.  But Isagenix suggested it.  Haven't researched why yet. 
4.  Cleanse day resets the body to start over with your metabolism. 
5.  Eating more veggies
6.  Cutting out pasta and carbs that have enriched flour
7.  Using whole grain products
8.  Cutting back on white rice and eating brown or red rice instead.
9.  Cutting desserts out in the last few months - as much as I can.  I still get the chocolates that have a nutritionally researched amount of the right ingredients to help you maintain a cleanse day to keep sugar levels in tact and keep you energized.  I don't crave and don't want desserts now. 
10.  If I do eat carbs it's natural ones. Like potatoes.  But I try to go for the sweet potatoes if I can.  
11.  Eliminating fast food 
12.  Listening to pod casts which are so scientific and encouraging.  Filling your mind with the right options and ideas.  And having an understanding how sugar and carbs and vegetable oils impact your body. 
13.  Getting a bit more sleep each night. 
14.  Have cut back on cheese.
15.  Eating a lot of wild caught tuna, with dijon mustard instead of mayo.

I have some new ones for the future: 
1.  Cutting out as many of the vegetable oils as possible. 
2.  Making better restaurant decisions.  
3.  Try and get more exercise. 
4.  Eliminating some of the alcohol from my diet.  Not all of it! lol
5.  Taking the next step in meal planning for some good healthy meals here at home. 
6.  Finding ways to cut the cholesterol - eating better and walking more - I guess. 

So my goal was to feel better and the weight is coming off slowly and I do feel better and I will continue on just like this. 

I'm sure there are more but I'm going to have to stop here so I can actually get ready for work and get out the door.  Going to be another heavy rain day today!

Ya'll be good!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bits of This and That

I got it finished!  I finished the entire 5 days of lessons.  Got the new video downloaded and I thought I had two days of lessons left to do but it was only one.  Whew!  I did clean up a bit last night but gave up when it was 30 minutes past bed time.  Missing sleep is no good either.  I had stayed over 30 minutes at work too or was it 45? I forget.  Anyway it put me behind to begin with but I was happy to realize I only had a small bit to knock out.  Have been feeling like I'm back in school again getting the Master's.  Only no one is really holding me accountable for this one - no tests, no grades - just friends/family.  But I usually hold myself to the fire on any occasion anyway- and probably longer than anyone else - well ok except for one person, or maybe two in my life that always holds me up against an angel for some reason and when I disappoint in comparison holds a grudge longer than Old Hickory Blvd.  For those who are not Nashvillians - Old Hickory Blvd (OHB is eternal and circles around the city and does not end). lol

Yes, I can find a way to put more topics in one paragraph and go off on more tangents than anyone I know.   But yes, I got it done, and it is a challenge, but I did it!

Ok so look at this....  

How on earth does this pic above turn into the pic below?
Doesn't George look like John Denver?  

That would be funny to re-create that first photo today.  I would fall over on my face trying hold Katy like that today.  lol  She's so stinking cute. 

Where does the years go and the youth?  Parenthood.  It goes by in a blink.  Bam and it's over.   Well it's not ever REALLY over but the growing up part is.  

I wanted to share the rainbow with you from all the rains.  I put it on facebook so if you are on my facebook page you have seen it already.  I try not to show all the same things in both places but I am today.

 I think there is more rain in the forecast for today.  I'm ready to see a bit of sun.  The weekend is supposed to be pretty so that is good!

And here are the ducks that came by my office.  A momma and her little babies.  They were so cute.  

So tonight is our Bible study here at the house.  My SIL is bringing snacks this week.  I'll do next week.  I always have something on the table anyway since I'm here and it's easy to do.  I thought I'd make a pizza and have it on the table.  George will eat what we don't.  I would love one slice!

I'm also craving red meat so I think it's time for a small steak or something.  I've not had a lot of animal protein in the last few days.  I think I need some.

I'm tired of hearing about this gunman that killed people in the Waffle House in the news- I'm tired of all the alerts.  I hate it happened, glad they caught him, but I'm ready to move on to some good news.   He's NOT a hero so let's be done with the topic.  It's not like anyone is going to be able to lock up all the crazy people left out there anymore.  So let's focus on those who lost their lives and their families.  I mean if talking about it will stir up someone to be able to recognize when someone is going nutzoid, and then be ABLE to do something about it it's one thing.  But you can't get help for crazy people any more that won't help themselves.  I don't think they can be locked up or put up anymore until they finally do something wrong?  If talking about it changes something that I guess I'm for that.  But - the news just goes on and on and on and on.  And I guess it's a slow news day b/c they said a 13 year old stole cigarettes from a convenient store.  I think they need to go find some good stories to report!  On any given day how many packs of cigarettes are probably stolen across Nashville, lol.  Ok off my rant.

I've not much to say though today.  I need to go and finalize the house for tonight and get ready for work.  This week is going by fast.

Can you believe it is almost May?  I still have not turned my calendar at home from March yet!  lol

Well ya'll have a good one.  Hope you all are finding some Spring out there somewhere.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning Over Some Really Good Coffee

It rained hippos and zebras yesterday.  And it hailed.  It was like a hurricane without the wind.  It came in bands from odd directions.  At one time I had to get away from my window as there was lightening along with the hail. 

They caught the Waffle House shooter.  I had a coworker that lived very close to there and she was very frightened.  I was even a little afraid to be outside myself thinking that dude could come up Dobson Pike and be in my town somewhere.   I heard he was naked so he couldn't get that far I guess. 

I guess he was some troubled kid.  The problem is -  a lot of them are these days.  And with drugs and gangs.  He's just one of many.  Could happen any time we are out to any of us where someone's cannon gets loose and starts shooting around. 

So a few oddities to the day yesterday but I got my Beth Moore study done at lunch.  Only one more day (lesson) to do.  These are very time consuming. 

I did my cleanse yesterday with ease.  The hardest part of the day was coming home and smelling bacon cooking.  They had omelettes for dinner.  I didn't throw in the towel though.  I kept on with it and had my little Thai Chili Harvest Thins which is a plant based snack - the Isagenix came out with a new snack that you can eat on cleanse day.  I don't have my last chocolate nor my last IsaSnack at the end of cleanse time - but I withhold those and do either the Whey Thins or the Harvest Thins at 7 p.m. along with some decaf coffee.  This holds me so I can sleep. 

I kicked my feet up with my cup of coffee on the side table, and got under a blanket and watched more of Keep Your Daydream.  They were in Boston and New York.  I love watching this on YouTube.  I used to like the shows on Travel Channel before the Travel Channel nose dived into other things.  I forgot her name but Samantha somebody used to travel and do a show on the hotel, restaurants, city vibe, etc.  I loved that one too.  This family does a professional job with this.  They should be on the big networks.  But...somehow I suspect if other dynamics were involved it would change the show.  These directors will have to change something you know. I enjoy watching it.  New episode every week but I usually let YouTube just randomly take me to the next one I've not seen.  I would love to be a Patron. Maybe someday but not right now when spouse out of work.  But I'd love to be an "insider". 

Sleep was REAL good.  A few odd dreams.   And I think I'm going to get off and go ahead and get ready and get to work and try to attack my stack. 

I get to eat food today and have already had my strawberry shake.  Not sure what I'll have for lunch.  Maybe something from the freezer.  And tonight I'll have to download the next Beth Moore video.  It's 6.99 a week to rent it.  Not bad. I'm just hoping I can get all the lessons done b/w each week's video.  I had planned on doing the video one week and discussing the lesson the next week - which gives two weeks to get all the lessons.  But everyone wanted to do a compiled session in 6 weeks instead of 12.  So I'm game, and of course will be flexible - but I'm probably going to get behind at some point.  It's been a struggle working FT and trying to get the lessons crammed in.  I can see this falling apart quickly.  Had I gone to church Sunday I'd not gotten it done.  So I'm not sure how the future weeks will be.  If we have any plans at all it'll throw me behind.  I was going to do a lesson last night but I've found on cleanse nights after working all day - I can't sit and focus a whole lot. My brain already exhausted from the work day w/o having a lot of nourishment.  It's best to just relax and watch a show or something as I get drowsy and head to bed.  I will get it figured out - or not - but will do the best I can.  And yes you are right.  Not giving up blog time.  ;-)  Nope!  Not!  That's my time to de-stress away the world and decompress.  If I didn't have the blog I'd combust.
Anyway, ya'll have a superb Tuesday!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Gardening, Relaxing Sunday, Gunman on the Loose, and Dreams

Well, is it really Monday already?  I'm afraid it is.  And it is a rainy Monday too, but looks like it will clear for my commute in.  I see rain a lot in the 15 day outlook.  It's April so we should have some pretty flowers come May.

George and I were talking about the planting we normally do this time of year. I cut back severely last year.  I gave George the beds to plan herbs.  The flowers never really did well for some reason.  Even when I watered them.  And quite frankly - I despise having to water - our lifestyle and commutes just do not lend to gardening.  By the time we get home it's time to eat, maybe watch a show as it gets dark, and think about bedtime.  So we quit doing the garden a while back - just easier to get things from the store as needed.  George still grows herbs which do really well at tending to themselves and many grow back the next year.  I would love a garden if we were here all day to tend to it in the early morning or late evening - and we could get the other stuff done during the day.  But - anyway live and learn - even my flowers are getting fewer each year just b/c I don't want to have to tend to anything.  I have a hard time getting the inside tended to - especially as the years pass.  So we DO intend to go to the garden center.  I will get a few for the mail box.  George is trying to talk me into getting fewer.  He said the mailbox flowers had too many in it - but that is what makes it pretty.  I wondered if he was wanting me to spend less money.  If that is they issue though, he should just say so.  We have put off going to get flowers until almost May b/c our Aprils get cooler and cooler and the freeze that is supposed to stop by April 15 often exceeds that now by a week or two later.

So, I supposed we will begin planning our meals around some good spring and summer veggies and will find ourselves out and about at the farmer's markets.

I wish George liked to grill - but he does not.  I miss grilled food in the summer time.  Even grilled veggies are good.  Grilled chicken - out of this world.  I don't like to grill either b/c every grill makes that noise "poof" at the beginning and it scares me.  lol

Well, anyway, yesterday was a pretty relaxing day.  A very rainy day - off and on.  And I was able to get a lot of the Beth Moore studies done.  I have two days left to get two more days of study done.  The studies are quite intense.  Especially this one. So far it has yet to grab me.  But I have learned more by doing some additional study on my own.  That made it take longer - several hours.

I did all the laundry and got that finished.  Worked on the kitchen some, ground two more weeks of coffee, added some household needs to the Target shopping cart.  (I switched from Walmart b/c they never had the items I wanted unless the prices were out of this world. Target, no problem.  They have everything I need.)  I got ready for my cleanse today, and all that is packed and ready to go.

Then last night I binged watched Keep Your Day Dream (YouTube on the big TV) back to back (loved every minute of it) until I was booted out b/c the Preds were on, lol.  I guess that is a good reason to get booted out and I had been watching for a while.  Thankfully they let me finish the one I was on b/c if you don't the subscription will think I've already watched it and it won't come up again in the lineup.

Well we have a killer around these parts that went into a Waffle House and began shooting.  It happened South of here.  Several miles South - like a half an hour south I guess.  But he is still out there somewhere.  They are still searching for him.  All the schools in Metro are on lockdown according to the news.  And Katy got a VM from the school system.

I waited til almost 5 to get up this morning just b/c I didn't want to be outside in the dark before the rest of the world got up.  It was still dark out but at least it looked like some of the neighbors lights were on.  Like that would help if a boogie man came up on me.  lol

Well, it's cleanse day and that is ok b/c I don't have to worry about food, I still get coffee, and I get chocolate sea salt caramel bites at least 4 times today.  Getting this chocolate during cleanse day really makes me NOT want sweets the rest of the week.  I discovered that my 82% cacao chocolates still had 7 g of sugar.  :-O  Sure doesn't taste like it.  So I had tossed those into my shakes sometimes but that is 7g I probably don't need.  I'm having to really watch the extras that add up.  Then if I want the glass of wine on the weekend or even on a bad stressful day - it won't be the cow's hoof that knocks the trough over.

Don't ask me where that came from - I have no idea.

Oh but I got a treat last night!  I visited "Nanny" in my dream.  My Mom's Mom.  I didn't really SEE her.  She was in bed and I came into check on her.  She was in the old house on 111 Dimple Court in Columbia, TN - not the other one on Walnut Lane.  And I walked in and I saw where she had washed a lot of dishes and they were drying and she had also washed about 200 champagne cups.  She either had prepped for a big gathering that had already happened or was about to happen.  She wasn't feeling good and when I walked in she asked me to put the dishes up! I told her I missed her and she said she missed me too but really needed the dishes to be put up.  lol  And that was that.  I was on to dream about something else.  But it was heartwarming to be back in the place and time and to be in her presence, if only during a dream.

I haven't always talked a lot about Nanny - I end up talking about Mam-ma b/c Mam-ma understood me like no other person ever has.  She communicated with me a lot. She allowed and entertained my my playful side But Nanny I spent a lot of time with too.  She was a caring grandmother and full of love and concern over my well being.  She made sure I was fed, clothed, and taken care of.  And when I learned to drive we would go shopping.  She bought me clothes since I took her places.  It helped me out and I helped her out.  She was a very good cook.  My favorite things she made were poached egg on toast.  And her chocolate fudge pie.  But she fixed an awesome ham which I called "city ham" since Mam-ma (the other grandmother) fixed "country ham" -and Nanny's city ham- the likes of which I've not had since and I long to find that taste.  They don't make pigs like they used to.  lol

Anyway, I'm off to finish getting ready while I can get to the plug and mirror!  lol

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Katy's Birthday Day to Me ~ A Spring Day Out in Nashville

We had a little bit of a morning yesterday - well I did - I got the laundry started and that was about it.  Had to shower and be ready to head out about Noon.  Katy and George found a few things from their yard sailing.  And got back just in time for us all to get and ready and out the door.  

We had a little trouble getting out of the house - first some of us were running late.  Katy and I were trying to get ready at the same time like we do almost every morning.  Then as we were backing out of the garage, I decided I needed to go back and get water.  I took a sip and set it in the console for later. As we got down the road, Katy said "turn back b/c I don't remember if I turned the hot iron off".  So back we went.  lol  We finally got downtown and parked.  We had a few minutes left before needing to be boarded for our pick up bus for the tours of the stars.  Something I've always wanted to do. Before we headed out we took pics by Cumberland River on the edge of Nashville.  There was a pretty strong current to the river it looked like.

The Hubster poses, looking cool in his sun glasses.

Us Goofballs, trying to take a selfie with the riverfront in the background. lol

George, Katy, and Me with Titans Stadium in the background.

Well, this pic captures a lot actually - the pedal taverns (drink beer and pedal among the streets of downtown Nashville along to loud music), lol.  Many bridal parties and birthdays being celebrated in this way. And look on top of the Acme Feed and Seed - the rooftop bars have become quite the thing.  And the cranes as you peer down the street - have been a site in downtown Nashville for sometime now and many saying it's our new state bird!

So our bus picked us up and then we picked some other folks up at a hotel and then we were dropped off at another hotel parking lot to get on the bus that would be leading us to our tour.  I realized at some point that I had left my bottle of water behind and I was insanely thirsty and a little panicked that we would not be able to get water for some 3 to 4 hours later.  Slight panic as I sip water all day long.   I was miserable for a few minutes until I finally said to myself "you can do this".  I chewed gum some to help.  There is not many times when you are in a position where you can't stop and get water when needed.  And I felt stuck for a while.  After the tour got going my mind wasn't on it so much.

 This is Reese Witherspoon's new house. 

The next two are Minnie Pearl's estate.  I'm unclear if it is still in the family or if it has been sold.  

Martina McBride's house below...

And beyond the guys bald head there, you can slightly see Dolly Parton's house. 

And we saw some interesting houses.  

The next two are of the former home of Toby Keith.

Urban Sunset

My World right here....

Notice I Found Water!  Sticking out of Purse!  lol
 So the bus we were on stopped at a convenience store so the bus driver could take a 20 min break to eat - so I found my water, which you can see sticking out of my purse.  Above pic (and below as well) were taken at the George Jones rooftop bar. 

Then we went on to dinner at Merchants.  You can see George and Katy below talking to some ladies visiting Nashville from Wisconsin.  

We got a fancy cocktail while waiting for our table.  You know the kind, the $13 one that is skinny and has so many ice cubes that it's gone in 3 sips.  Yep - ummm...might have been the best cocktail of my life.  It was "The Pimms Cup".  Cucumbery taste!  mmmmm.  

Mini popcorns served in a tin cup at your table while waiting to order.  Nice touch.  It was Ranch flavored.

Inside Merchants, bottom floor, Nashville, TN

Pimm's Cup, Merchants

Me being serious about cholesterol and sugar, The Cobb Salad, Merchants
The Cobb was really good.  I enjoyed it very much!  Today was Katy's Birthday to me.  She paid for the Tour of the Stars and a round of drinks later at Merchants.  And we bought dinner! 

Nashville, TN April 21, 2018

Finally got a really good pic of Nashville - what you can't see is that it was a night filled with energy - lots of people out and about, excited about life, and the warmer weather.  We were one of them yesterday.  

Getting home was a challenge.  Traffic very bad as interstates had some major closures.  Finally got home, took dogs out and crashed about 9:30 ish for me and Katy - George stayed up a while.

And this morning, I'll be doing my Beth Moore Bible study.  Didn't get a lesson done Friday night, nor yesterday so I have to get three done today!  :-O 

And the laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning.  And try to insert some "me" time in there somewhere for watching a show or two.  I have my blog time but need some more time other than that! 

Ya'll have a good Sunday.