Sunday, April 1, 2018

A Blessed Easter Sunday and Preview of The Week Ahead

Had a great day with friends that we adore and love so much!  They are family - Don and Lisa and Amber and Dillon, and Lisa's Mom was there visiting.  Had a great meal.   Don and Lisa fixed an awesome meal and her Mom as well.  We ate so well!  Oh my it was so good.  I am just blessed beyond belief and feel loved for being invited to Easter.  Such a special thing.

I put this video together above and I hope it shows ok.  Sometimes when you ad music it gets zapped.

Anyway, it's been a great day.  A very busy week ahead.  One thing is for sure.  It will most likely go by fast.

So, I am working from home tomorrow since George is taking me to the airport.  We'll get a late lunch on the way.  I'll be heading to Phoenix in the afternoon and it will be a late night since Phoenix is on a 2 hour difference time zone schedule.  Once we land we'll go grab dinner and check in.

Then we have an 8:00 a.m. meeting the next day Tuesday.  Then hop on a plane for OKC, then check in for hotel and then dinner and then to do meetings the next morning, Wednesday, and then to head to the airport to come home to Nashville arriving at bedtime Wednesday night.

Then up for another meeting in the morning Thursday at the corporate office, then lunch with my assistant on the way over to the plant meetings in the afternoon.

Then Friday - a long day of trying to catch up (impossible but will try) and then Saturday - try to sleep/rest/unpack/unwind/recharge at home.  Left orders that we do not plan anything as I'll need a day to unwind and do laundry.

Then Sunday - have to be back at the corporate office for a driver's meeting b/c that is when they are all in town. 

Then Monday - dive into the Open Enrollments for benefits. And that week I have a doc appointment (annual physical) and then Mom has a doc appointment that I may need to take her to in the morning on Thursday.  So really the next two weeks are spelled out for me. 

I usually don't talk about work but...just letting  you all know the drill - and I will be popping in as I can with pics of travel.  Maybe in Instagram some.  I'm @backporchwriter  - I share on stories for the most part. Not every day but it's a good place to park a few things for family/friends that are wondering what is going on with me.  (Bless you for caring - those that do.)

I still Facebook some, but honestly just don't post there much anymore since it's so dramatic, political, judgmental, opinionated - and all that on steroids it seems.  It's too much of a platform.  I only go on there b/c *some* of my friends still post about their day, their life and so forth.  Mostly lately just been about gun control, Trump, or hot opinionated topics - and I when I go there I'd really like to see what all you all did today - not trying to convince us all to sway our opinion on X subject. lol  People have a right to post what they want to a degree - and I get to pick and choose what to read!  I find I get off of it really fast these days. lol

So going to head to bed now.  Just some things I dread about this week, so please - I ask for travel blessings and for God's help in some of the trying situations that I have coming up in the coming days.

Ya'll be good.  Will try to check in as I can.  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.


  1. Sorry Sonya that I have been missing these last few days however I am up at a friend in Scotland over Easter. It has been VERY VERY cold snow yesterday but it has gone this morning. My friend and I are about to go out down to the area I was brought up in to see all the many changes in the village and surroundings, should be interesting....but will have to dress fast, bye I'm being called xx

  2. Safe travels to you this week, my friend! Your life is sure packed full the next couple of weeks with not much down time, so I'll be thinking of you and hoping you find some rest time in there somewhere.

    I'll have to look you up on Instagram. I'm on there but I never post anything. I know what you mean about Facebook. I like Facebook for sharing pics and keeping up with friends/family but I just scroll by all of the other junk.

    Wow, that Easter spread looked amazing! You are blessed to have such wonderful friends!

  3. All that food looks delicious and to share a day with good friends is a blessing too. It's Monday morning here and I see another post from you so I'll be off to take a look at that one. Glad you had a happy Easter and will say some prayers for you.


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