Friday, April 27, 2018

A Fabulous Fundraiser Dinner and Kicking Ridiculi to the Curb

What a wonderful evening for the annual Pregnancy Care Center Banquet and probably my most favorite of all of them. Loved their presentation using the Edison type Bulbs. So wonderful to see from year to year how the Pregnancy Crisis Center grows and touches lives from year to year.  I think we have been going to these for the last 10 years or so.  Maybe longer.  I was once on the Mission Team in our former city and we just kept supporting this effort and this ministry.  

The Meal was done by catering of Hermitage Golf Course.  

I did have the topping and first few bites of my dessert.  Very rich but the fudge on top tasted exactly - I mean EXACTLY like Mam-ma's fudge.  NO ONE has ever been able to recreate that taste.  Not even me and I have the recipe carved into a wooden board!  But somehow they managed to do it. 

These little appetizers made an excellent presentation.  And were amazing.  I am not a fan of goat cheese but ate much of the little toast there.  However the cucumber, pea hummus, and rice cracker was my favorite.  Now I'm going to have to try to make some little green pea hummus.  IS this not cute for a plate of appetizers when company is coming?  Of course mine would fall over!

I think it's special that the dessert icing tasting like Mam-ma's fudge and I really think that was a God given little treat for me.  Several times this week, I've told God how much I miss Mam-ma.  This week I have wanted to talk to her.  Just call her up and get her cheer.  She listened, she cared.  I could call her and tell her about all the ridiculi (<-----new word I made up today) going on in my world and she and I would always end up laughing or making fun of the situation.  And it always made it lighter.  I have to do that own my own now for the most part. 

Sometimes you try so hard in life and you feel like people slap you in the face with their words.  And when you review the words, you realize they didn't make sense in the first place that it is simply a cover up and a side twist of the truth.  A real eye roller. I could have used Mam-ma and her light heartedness to give me perspective and kind of make fun of it all - like we used to.  I do have God, and He whispers his answers softly through the Spirit.  He did miraculously provide this little jewel to me. 

It doesn't really matter how loud a person gets or how many tantrums they throw over a period of time.  The truth will rise and always set you free.  How true is that? I think God was saying to me - don't bother with petty ridiculi anymore.  Facts are facts.  Apples are apples.  Oranges are oranges.  You don't even need a visual to figure that out.  Telling folks an orange is an apple doesn't quite work for most. The obvious stands w/o argument.  He's right.  There is so much of that, that the devil does, to try to distract people from the truth.  But I read the book and I know that truth wins in the end.

I was thinking the last few days how nice it is to be 55.  I should long for  my youth back but at 55 I guess it gives me a wisdom I'd not had at 45.  I see the big picture now.  And no I'm not perfect, but I've been around enough to get some duck oil on my feathers, and the rain pellets just roll right off.  And at 55, quite honestly, you value more important things in life and it really doesn't matter that someone calls and apple an orange, doesn't like you, or is irritated with you.  Let them sit in their corner of misinformation and pass them by, go on, let them be. No need to argue.  No reason to even try.  It just quite simply matters not in the grand scheme of things.  God is God of our Fathers and He remains the God of me.  And He has made promises and He places our feet.  And He is with us.  And therefore no one can be against us - they may mistreat us, make fun of us, misunderstand us, try to annoy us - but there is not but a few things that really matter at the end of this life's race. 

I long to laugh with Mam-ma though.  She could take a situation and we would rock it, pulverize it, pulp it, mash it and kick it with our foot into the garden.  In a way, she is inside of my heart and mind and soul, and I think with God's help that she and I have kicked some more Ridiculi to the curb. And to top it off, we had our icing on the cake as well.

Sleep was good.  Thank you God.  Thank you Mam-ma!

And now for the normal Friday post:

1.  I am glad it is Friday.
2.  If it were not Friday, I'd be making it Friday.
3.  I'm looking forward to change of thinking and a change of scenery.
4.  Much I want to do at home. 
5.  Glad to be working on my own agenda for a change

And it is going to be pretty this weekend.  ;-)  And I'm excited about that.  We have a lot of things we want to do - and I think we are managing to fill up our "free" weekend with no plans, quite well.

And this one, is for Mam-ma!   Although she would never encourage me to be annoying, and I would not ever try to be annoying on purpose - this is something we might would say and then snicker over it with a glass of homemade lemonade in our hands.  lol  Mam-ma was nothing like Maxine.  She wasn't grumpy at all.  She loved to laugh and smile and she had a big heart.  But we could sure make fun of life and kick the worries to the curb.  I love this. 

Ya'll have a great weekend!


  1. That dessert and those appetizers all look amazing. Quite a great dinner you had for sure! We need humor in our lives to help balance it all out. And we all need people like your Mam-ma to remind us. They are are like angels on our shoulders, always there. Hope you do have a fantastic Friday ! The weekend cometh !

  2. IT truly is wonderful the way God answers our prayers without us even asking for somethings...I'm sure that topping was a gift from Gram Mam via his love direct to looked a real good menu I hope the charity got a lot of money over the evening, it seems such a worth while charity....I hope when you get up to start your weekend that the weather is a bit better than ours is...looking out its grey and misty and light rain. I hope it stops by the time we go to Chippenham to do some shopping . Have a good day whatever you might be doing. Xxxx

  3. the food looked delicious. always good to support a worthy cause.


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