Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Family Day Out: Food, Fun, Shopping

Before leaving for the bazaar yesterday - George gave the doggies treats.  They get a "meat treat" twice a day mainly b/c Tugie needs her heart meds (wrapped in meat) and you can't give her a meat treat without giving them all one.  So the dogs love the words "meat treat".  They are cute all lined up.  Even Tugie (17 or so) has been know to RUN to her meat treat!   

So we went to the Bazaar and it was fun.  I thought I might buy another Lula Roe top b/c they were there and I would not have to pay shipping.  But I didn't like the designs.  I did buy a necklace for $5.  Almost bought some earrings but talked myself out of it.  Really trying to save for my Apple Watch but it takes a while.  

I did buy two shirts though from a company called Agnes and Dora.  It was very similar only the styles are more basic and no crazy designed materials.  The first time I passed them up but then when shopping with Katy I saw a style that I liked - two actually.  And I ended up buying two shirts.  I just used our debit card instead my blow money - since it's mainly for work clothes anyway.  It was a fundraiser bazaar for a mission trip.  

Someone sold premier jewelry, like my Mom used to sell.  And that was fun to look at.  I did not buy any but it was fun to look at.  I really was not in a big shopping mood yesterday.  But did quite well considering. 

Then we were all getting hungry.  So we went to the Homegrown Tap Room in Donelson and got hummus and carrots and.....bacon popcorn. 

Here was the decor when you looked up.   An old door with lights hanging from it. 

We played this rather rude game that we end up laughing at a whole lot, with blushed faces.  
I would never want to own the game and it was less funny than last time but it is pretty amusing. 
You make comic strips with cards. 

Then we went on to the Bavarian Bierhaus as it was on Katy's Bucket List to eat at before she goes to Texas. 

Since we were there in between the lunch and dinner crowds, we had the outside all to our selves.  That was very nice.  The wind kicked up a time or two but eventually calmed.  It felt wonderful to have the sunshine hitting my skin.  It really did.  Perfect weather yesterday. 

So, I got the flight.  I rarely get flights.  It looks like more than it really is.  I enjoyed it.  It was my treat for the weekend.  I don't drink beer much anymore to avoid the carbs.  I won't be able to do this often though to keep the sugar numbers down.  But I did have a lot of protein to go along with it, with pork chops and that helped.  The German beer is really good and there is rarely a flight that has all of them that I will like.  I don't like IPA's and dark beer and that is all the rage now.  So it was fun to splurge and have the flight.  

George and Katy got sausages, but with the cholesterol thing going on - I decided to get a pork chop which seemed to be baked or grilled - not really sure and not sure that was any better - but the sides were red cabbage, kraut, and mashed potatoes and gravy.  Yeah maybe not the best cholesterol avoiding meal but compared to the rest - maybe not so bad.  The potatoes was a small scoop so that helped and I didn't really eat much of the sweet red cabbage or kraut.  I try to like it but I just don't.  I guess I'm just not that much into German food.  I want to like it but aside from kielbasa - I just don't.  But Katy loved it and we went there for her.  And we did ALL enjoy the experience.  No fun music there though.  I guess they do more toward the evenings now.

And then we walked around the mall. I looked at shoes.  The shoe industry needs to ramp up their good looking styles.  I'm just not happy with what is out there. But I'm good for a while I guess.
So there is a moonshine store in the mall.  That is all the rage now but I'm not into that.  They have huge taste tests going on and there are a lot of flavors.  So Katy and George did the tasting and I sat back in the rocking chair for a while.

I guess you can take dogs to the mall?  Hmmm...

Then we headed home and took care of doggies.

Then Katy had a craving for fudge.  She had bought some fudge and I had packed it up.  We searched and searched and could not find it.  I told her there were about 3 boxes of stuff I packed up and we could only find one.  I couldn't remember where I put it but knew it was all downstairs somewhere with her stuff.  I finally found it later on trip #2.  I felt bad b/c I knew she was irritated with me.  I'd had to clean off the dining table that day as no one else had moved it and we had company coming so in a rush I'd packed it all and moved it downstairs.  (It was Katy's pantry from their old house. So it couldn't stay on the dining room with company coming!) So yay!  Fudge found.   I couldn't have slept w/o knowing what happened to it.

Sleep was good last night.  Really good.  I think it's good sometimes not having a lot to eat before you go to bed helps you sleep good. 

So my goal was to stay here today and get the laundry done, Bible study with Beth Moore done, clothes prepped for the week, orders done for the week and grocery done.  But George reminded me that we never stopped and got the plants!  Whooops!  We got the dogs Vetmedin but totally forgot to stop and get the plants.  So we will go to get the plants and go to the store.  I don't need much but want to get a few things.  So we will head out here around 10 or so.

So then this afternoon I'll have the day to get all that done I guess.   George and Katy are going to a Preds Party.  Katy is really becoming a big fan!  So I'll have time later to do my Bible study and eat something fun for dinner.

I do need to plan out the week some - need to figure what I'll have to eat for everyone on Wed night.  Thinking about BBQ, or KFC, but might do something in the crock pot or fix chili.  I've just not decided.  May also just go to Publix and get some deli items.

I have made plans for the doggies (all 4) to get their spa day done this next Saturday.  And we are going to Arrington Vinyards to picnic and have a bottle of wine with friends before Katy leaves for Texas.  That is on her list as well.  Weather still good at this point.  However, some of our best times have been there while it rained.  lol  So all is good.  I will come armed with lemon and cucumber water as well.  I will have to cut it in half due to the sugar.

Hmm...I might have the lemon cucumber water for our Bible study - that would be good. bout stauffer lasagna?  Only oven time no prep needed.  I have no idea.  But will need to decide soon!  One thing I love about blogging is it helps round up your options and helps you think through things.

Well, I guess it's time for me to find some breakfast and grab a shower.  And get started on the day.

Hoping to find some "me" time in there somewhere for reading for pleasure and fun stuff.  But the Bible Study must come first.

I'm so glad to have had some fun yesterday and to have the day before me today even though it is busy with fun but meaningful tasks.

Maybe we'll hear of George's jobs/interviews this week.  Pray for him.  Pray for Katy and Cody as they make preparations and decisions on getting Katy back there with him.  Will he fly in, will he drive in?  Will they rent a UHaul?  Will anyone go back to TX with them?

Cody went to their new house and the granite arrived for the bathroom sink and also the kitchen counters.  It's really pretty.  They have painted the trim in the house and about to paint the walls.  The new doors have all arrived and the new windows are in.  It's coming together!

So I said I needed to go and I really do need to.  Much to do!  Oh and I'm thinking about becoming a consultant for the Isagenix on the side.  I don't really meet that many people in a day's time and am not a sales person but I'm going to learn some things about it so I can try to help others feel better too.  I really believe in the nutritious food and I want to share it.  It's expensive to get started buying the whole kit of food/nutrients - but overall it sorts itself out and makes life much easier.  Then you are set and only replenish it as needed and it all doesn't run out at once - so I'm guessing I'm saving a bit of money and I'm certainly not throwing food away anymore that is not eaten.  So I want to share it and I intend to be equipped to do so b/c as people are asking me what I'm doing I want to be prepared to show them how to order the kit and all that.  If I do it, I want to do it right!

Well, you all - take care and I'm gone this time!!!


  1. Your little dogs are so cute! I can't get over how much like kids they are. Maisy is thriving there at your house. I bet the black one will miss his friends if he goes to Texas. I don't care for german foods either. My husbands family is german. They do love greasy sausages and meats and potatoes and Kraut. I love fresh seafood and country style cooking best. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Clever use of the old door.
    I plan on using an old door for my pantry in the new house.
    Cute seeing all the dogs lined up. : )

  3. Love the photo of the dogs standing there waiting for their treats...I'm so pleased that you had such a good fun day out . You are doing so well with your new eating regime it might be a good idea to train as a consultant you would be good at you are at anything you do....hope the rest of Sunday has gone well and by now you are having a rest. Night night xxx

  4. the dogs are all precious lined up for their treats. the card game looks like fun turning them into comic strips. pretty cool door used for overhead lights.

  5. I love that first picture with the dogs all lined up for their treats ! How cute they are ! Sounds like a fun Saturday and a busy Sunday for you all. I will keep all in prayer. So nice to see you all enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather there. We had a cold weekend but starting today they say the temps are on the rise!


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