Thursday, April 5, 2018

Back Home but Still on the Go

Well I'm back from the trip.  No time to blog as I needed my sleep, but yet here I am for a sentence or two. 

Good meetings yesterday and a nice lunch at a place called Trapper's.  It had kind of a Cajun feel to it.  And seemed like a lodge. 

Have the Nashville benefit meetings today and again for the driver's on Sunday. 

I have so much to do it's unbelievable.  But will prioritize the best I can and everyone will just have no choice but to be patient (or not - but it'll be much more pleasant for themselves if they do) til I can get through the maze of everyone's needs, desires, wants, requests, questions, fixes and so forth.  

Much I want to do at home also.  It seems like Friday as I've been at it all week's only Thursday - no rest for the weary as they say - so off I got into the sunrise for another busy day. 

More later.  Maisy met me at the airport last night. I guess we got home just after 9.  And I took a shower and got the travel cooties off.  All flights smooth despite both pilots saying it might be bumpy.  No issues at all.  Seemed smoother than some I've had. 

Gotta go try to get things done amidst a busy day.   Oh and I couldn't wait to have my Isagenix shake this morning.  Was ready for it.  

Have a good day ya'll.


  1. No rest for the weary indeed. Glad all went well and you are safely home once again. Try to take it as it comes and roll with the punches...Hope you have a great day !

  2. Welcome back!
    Remember to take the time to breathe.
    I hope your day goes smoothly.

  3. thursday did seem like friday this week to me too. i wonder why? trappers looks intriguing. but i bet you're glad to be back on your Isagenix.


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