Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bible Study, Video Failure, and Weight Loss!

This picture reminds me of Charleston.  I could soooo place myself into this scene.  But you know me, I'd have to make a couple of changes!  That bird cage would have to go from the table.  And those chairs would have to have some cushions!  I'd pain the ceiling light blue (a Charleston thing) and then I think I'd have to treat the wooden porch.  

Well, that was fun.  I love this photo though.  Love porches.  Just wish I had time to sit on one for a while and read a book.  Soon.  Soon.  I'm going to be taking some time off at some point.  Not sure when, where, or how, or for how long, but I am.  

So, yesterday evening we had our Bible Study on "Entrusted" and it went well. We did our discussion first and then the video. 

One of the things jumping out from the lesson is that over a person's spiritual walk there are people and places that cross in time, where you unite for a season - doing something with others, for God's glory.  I look back and can see a lot of those times in my life.  Another brought up that much like Paul and Barnabus, there is sometimes a separation that occurs as well.  It doesn't have to be a bad separation but the result may simply be that you go separate ways and you both work on separate projects.  Anyways to me just a cross section or as Beth Moore would call it, a "triangulation" - you, another person, and God - doing his will.  

Another thing that I liked was something I underlined in the study.  That "Scripture" is where heaven and earth overlap.  And it's almost overwhelming to think that we pray and talk to the same God that was the God of Moses, and Paul, and Timothy, and David.  And that where two are more are gathered He is there also.  

We had a bit of trouble with the video.  It would not play on the big TV and we had to use the computer on a little table in the den.  The video played only on the big TV for a few minutes and that was it.  I'm not sure why it did last week.  It just gave out and I kept getting an error.  So that was disappointing.  I tell you what it was - it was the devil.  The devil tries to get at me through electronics.  I believe it - I believe it.  Good things come from God and that was not a good thing.  I hope he gets electrocuted trying to mess with my video!  Can evil spirits get electrocuted?  lol  Probably not.  I wish he'd find someone else to mess with.  Now it'll be my life's mission to figure out how to get it on the big TV for next week.  Good grief. 

Well, hope you all are doing well.  I am happy that it is Thursday.  The week has gone by quickly.  We are attending the annual fundraiser dinner for the Crisis Pregnancy Center tonight.  I began going to these back when we were on the Missions Team at our old church in Gallatin.  The center we are servicing is here in our community that we moved to and we have friends from the old church --the wife-- runs it.  And so we have always continued to go.  I believe she said we were at their table tonight.  :-)  If not it's fine.  It is always a fine meal, always good to see their smiling faces again, and to hear our friend speak, and see some other faces we've missed seeing in the past year.  And of course we will donate.  

George bought steaks for us but realized we had the dinner tonight so we'll end up having the steaks tomorrow night.  I needed some protein and some red meat.  I have really been hungry the last day or two since the cleanse.  My guess is not enough protein.  However, I'm down 14 lbs from this time last year.  Down 6 lbs since March.  My goal in the past year has been to eat healthier, make better decisions and FEEL better and if the lbs come off, and I was confident they would - then that was great.  In March I began using Isagenix products to aid me in this effort.  I was tired of looking and searching for foods on the go.  I took the plunge and even though it was expensive on the front end, the grocery bill has gone down and it evens itself out.  So if I was to say how I did it so far.  It can't all be Isagenix b/c only 6 lbs of it is lost since I've been using the products. I've lost 10 other lbs the past year too over time.  

Here's how I believe it happened: 

1.  Eating more protein for sustainability during the day.  
2.  Using Isagenix products:  making a shake one of my meals and not necessarily ever day, using the protein bars as a meal replacement sometimes for breakfast, using the snacks to fill me up b/w meals, using the supplements and vitamins to make me feel great, and using the cleanse day products and other supplements. 
3.  Drinking more water, dropping cokes and anything with sugar completely, and I stopped drinking black tea and picked up green tea instead.  Not sure if that mattered or helped.  But Isagenix suggested it.  Haven't researched why yet. 
4.  Cleanse day resets the body to start over with your metabolism. 
5.  Eating more veggies
6.  Cutting out pasta and carbs that have enriched flour
7.  Using whole grain products
8.  Cutting back on white rice and eating brown or red rice instead.
9.  Cutting desserts out in the last few months - as much as I can.  I still get the chocolates that have a nutritionally researched amount of the right ingredients to help you maintain a cleanse day to keep sugar levels in tact and keep you energized.  I don't crave and don't want desserts now. 
10.  If I do eat carbs it's natural ones. Like potatoes.  But I try to go for the sweet potatoes if I can.  
11.  Eliminating fast food 
12.  Listening to pod casts which are so scientific and encouraging.  Filling your mind with the right options and ideas.  And having an understanding how sugar and carbs and vegetable oils impact your body. 
13.  Getting a bit more sleep each night. 
14.  Have cut back on cheese.
15.  Eating a lot of wild caught tuna, with dijon mustard instead of mayo.

I have some new ones for the future: 
1.  Cutting out as many of the vegetable oils as possible. 
2.  Making better restaurant decisions.  
3.  Try and get more exercise. 
4.  Eliminating some of the alcohol from my diet.  Not all of it! lol
5.  Taking the next step in meal planning for some good healthy meals here at home. 
6.  Finding ways to cut the cholesterol - eating better and walking more - I guess. 

So my goal was to feel better and the weight is coming off slowly and I do feel better and I will continue on just like this. 

I'm sure there are more but I'm going to have to stop here so I can actually get ready for work and get out the door.  Going to be another heavy rain day today!

Ya'll be good!


  1. You really have done well on adjusting your life style to a healthier one. Congrats on the weight loss! Your Bible study sounds really good. Glad you are able to have your group to do it with. I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday and was happy to know it's only Thursday. I have much to do before this week is finished so it was almost like gaining an extra day for me. Hope you have a great day ! Happy Thursday!

  2. Congrats on your weight loss. That is great.

  3. I think meal planning is a big part of my success not just in losing weight but in keeping it off. :) But when it comes to my other half for whom we had to completely rework his diet due to high blood pressure, meal planning is an extremely important part of that for me.

    It is not so much knowing what day you'll eat X thing, though for us we have Friday pizza night and Wednesday fish and chips night, but having X amount of meals that you are able to prepare easily in stock.

  4. As I write this I hope you are sound asleep with no dogs interrupting your beauty sleep !!....I'm glad that the bible study went well, but your sure right thinking that old devil will try every trick in the book to get your attention....Yippee. It's Friday and almost the end of what for us has been a funny month weather wise, the temp. Has been up to almost 80 deg. Down to 30's very wet this morning and I am going to the garden centre with Lyn...I think it's safe to plant out sweet peas so hope they have some..also need a plant for the fish pond that will help clear the water..hope your day goes double quick. Xxx

  5. congrats on your weight loss.


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