Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Bits of This and That

I got it finished!  I finished the entire 5 days of lessons.  Got the new video downloaded and I thought I had two days of lessons left to do but it was only one.  Whew!  I did clean up a bit last night but gave up when it was 30 minutes past bed time.  Missing sleep is no good either.  I had stayed over 30 minutes at work too or was it 45? I forget.  Anyway it put me behind to begin with but I was happy to realize I only had a small bit to knock out.  Have been feeling like I'm back in school again getting the Master's.  Only no one is really holding me accountable for this one - no tests, no grades - just friends/family.  But I usually hold myself to the fire on any occasion anyway- and probably longer than anyone else - well ok except for one person, or maybe two in my life that always holds me up against an angel for some reason and when I disappoint in comparison holds a grudge longer than Old Hickory Blvd.  For those who are not Nashvillians - Old Hickory Blvd (OHB is eternal and circles around the city and does not end). lol

Yes, I can find a way to put more topics in one paragraph and go off on more tangents than anyone I know.   But yes, I got it done, and it is a challenge, but I did it!

Ok so look at this....  

How on earth does this pic above turn into the pic below?
Doesn't George look like John Denver?  

That would be funny to re-create that first photo today.  I would fall over on my face trying hold Katy like that today.  lol  She's so stinking cute. 

Where does the years go and the youth?  Parenthood.  It goes by in a blink.  Bam and it's over.   Well it's not ever REALLY over but the growing up part is.  

I wanted to share the rainbow with you from all the rains.  I put it on facebook so if you are on my facebook page you have seen it already.  I try not to show all the same things in both places but I am today.

 I think there is more rain in the forecast for today.  I'm ready to see a bit of sun.  The weekend is supposed to be pretty so that is good!

And here are the ducks that came by my office.  A momma and her little babies.  They were so cute.  

So tonight is our Bible study here at the house.  My SIL is bringing snacks this week.  I'll do next week.  I always have something on the table anyway since I'm here and it's easy to do.  I thought I'd make a pizza and have it on the table.  George will eat what we don't.  I would love one slice!

I'm also craving red meat so I think it's time for a small steak or something.  I've not had a lot of animal protein in the last few days.  I think I need some.

I'm tired of hearing about this gunman that killed people in the Waffle House in the news- I'm tired of all the alerts.  I hate it happened, glad they caught him, but I'm ready to move on to some good news.   He's NOT a hero so let's be done with the topic.  It's not like anyone is going to be able to lock up all the crazy people left out there anymore.  So let's focus on those who lost their lives and their families.  I mean if talking about it will stir up someone to be able to recognize when someone is going nutzoid, and then be ABLE to do something about it it's one thing.  But you can't get help for crazy people any more that won't help themselves.  I don't think they can be locked up or put up anymore until they finally do something wrong?  If talking about it changes something that I guess I'm for that.  But - the news just goes on and on and on and on.  And I guess it's a slow news day b/c they said a 13 year old stole cigarettes from a convenient store.  I think they need to go find some good stories to report!  On any given day how many packs of cigarettes are probably stolen across Nashville, lol.  Ok off my rant.

I've not much to say though today.  I need to go and finalize the house for tonight and get ready for work.  This week is going by fast.

Can you believe it is almost May?  I still have not turned my calendar at home from March yet!  lol

Well ya'll have a good one.  Hope you all are finding some Spring out there somewhere.


  1. Well, yes, we do have spring showers here today. Glad you could persevere and get your lessons done for the study tonight. The news is terrible about rerunning the news until the next big thing happens. Sure do wish they would share some of the good stuff that happens. There is lots going on that we never hear about. Pizza does sound really good. I need to put that on my list of things to get. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday...over the hump of this week we go...

  2. What a great picture. You are right they grow up too fast. It is fun looking back at old pictures. I know you are enjoying your girl being home with you before she moves. I know I feel so sad sometimes looking at old pictures because you know that time is past and you can never get it back again. Maybe in a couple years she will be back with you a grandbaby. That is what you and your husband need. You both would be great grandparents I can tell. Enjoy your bible study. I need to get a Beth Moore book I have heard much about her.

  3. Where did my long comments go......dash it, I was saying sorry not to have got in last night. I am just so tired in the evening...loved that first photo. I did think for a minute or two that it was John Denver !!
    Hope your day has gone well. As I write this I am praying that your bible study is going well I am sure you will all gain much from the study.....night night. God. Bless. Xxxx


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