Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Cleanse Done, Katy Job, and Too Busy

Oh, I'm enjoying my coffee this morning.  You would think I would go for the shake first thing but no - I even dodged my fruity Ionix vitamin drink this morning and went straight to coffee.  Wake up first and then you can SEE and think enough to mix the Ionix. lol  Normally though I do the Ionix first.  It is a good wake up "shot" (well it's 6 oz of nutrition right off the bat).  But this morning I had a pretty good headache going.  I didn't have my normal lot of caffeine yesterday besides the morning cup.  I have found that on the cleanse day, having caffeine makes it harder for me as it makes me hungrier.  So I trick myself with decaf - once at lunch and another upon arriving home.

So it was a successful cleanse day.  I wasn't starving.  I did feel hunger a few times but when I did it was always time for the next thing - whatever it is I get every hour.  And chocolate is part of it.  You get the Isagenix Sea Salt Caramel square 4 times a day.  I had my Amped up drink which is like a gatorade.  Just a half of a serving mix.  It is allowed.

But I'm always happy to come out into the next day knowing I can consume more calories.  I do think that my focus is good on cleanse days.  I got a lot done yesterday and was clear minded.  I was busy though. And it was a long work day.  And today will be the same.  Going to have a shake and a salad today.  Katy is having dinner for us tonight - hamburger steaks and tater tots.  I'll have to go low on the tots b/c my physical is in the morning.  Not the best meal before having bloodwork done as far as cholesterol. But it is what it is.  I usually have red meat in my diet once or twice a week anyway.  So the test will be true, lol.

So I guess I need to make a list of all I need to tell the doc.  Things he needs to know.  Otherwise I'll forget.  He'll need to know I'm off the metformin.  I want to know how to tell if I need it or not.  And I will tell him about the Isagenix.  I will tell him about the knots I have in my arm in two places.  One feels like it's part of the bone (I really think is it a callous in the muscle from where my typing arm leans against the desk edge for years and years and years both at home and work.)  The other knot feels like it is part of a muscle (the one I've had issue with) in my upper arm.  I'd say that is about 95% functional now, but still hurts at the knot area at times - sometimes a very deep sharp pain.  And the one on my head, which will need to be removed.  I'm kinda wondering if the hair coloring doesn't do that.  I've had that before.  I also want to know what low blood pressure feels like in case my BP meds get to be too much.  He has said before I'll probably never come off of it.  I'd like to prove him wrong.  At one time he told me if I lost 20 lbs I'd be able to come off of it and then a few visits later - told me I'd probably not ever come off of it.  So...not sure why the varying advice but perhaps he knows what foodies we are, lol.

I will try for a quick post in the morning if I can get up on time.

So enough about me.

Katy got a call from the school in Texas - they said they can't officially offer her a job until the 2nd reference comes through.  And they called the references yesterday and one was done.  The other two got the call, Katy said and promised to call them back.  One teased she would give a bad reference b/c she wants her to stay in Nashville, lol.  She heard back from the state of Texas and is approved to teach in Texas for one year but has to take two tests within the year to teach the 2nd year and onward.  She was sent the link of information and started doing practice test last night.  She passed it.  But she will study the area she missed and then do well on the real test which has to be taken in a session at one of the big city areas of Texas.  They don't have it available in her small town near the ranch.  Her words, "I'll do it this summer and it''ll give me a chance to get to a big city and go out to eat at a nice place".  lol  That's my girl!  lol And of course she will shop too.  lol

I could get into some shopping in Dallas or Plano or Frisco.  I loved the Frisco area several years ago.  It'll all be interesting to see what all happens in the next year or so.   I imagine we ourselves will be seeing this area before too long.  But it's hard to travel with the dogs.  I'm trying to figure this whole thing out.  The idea of renting an RV sounds good, lol.  Dogs and all can go.

Well, so - I guess I better get off of here and fix my shake.  And get on into the office.  Quite the mound of tasks to accomplish on top of conf calls and interviews.  Too many needs and not enough of me to go around to do it all.  But I understand it's open enrollment week and even though other's still expect the same service from me as if it weren't - then well, we'll all just have to have a little patience b/c one thing is for sure - it AIN'T gonna all happen at once, and most likely not timely enough for everyone's expectations.  But I'm prioritizing and there will be a line of sorts, a waiting period, but everyone's "thing" will eventually be done.

 It just requires patience, b/c there's a lot of train cars that have to go around the bend and each one requires loading and unloading and some maintenance before they can deliver.  The train will come to the station eventually with everyone's needs in store.  So everyone may just need to get a cup of coffee, a magazine, and wait for their "car" to show up.  lol

And I'm the little Engine that "could".  lol lol lol
Alright ya'll - I'll quit Tooting my Horn and get on track here.....


  1. I like your little engine that could...takes time, but will get done. You are very good at prioritizing it all and keeping on track!

  2. Swell you sure made me smile earlier when I looked in. I was visualising you in a little train chugging through the offices stopping to toot...then throwing everyone's questions and answers to them, another toot. A ring of the bell and your on your way !!
    Hope all goes well at Drs tomorrow. Then you can start your dreaming again...before coming down to earth with a bump LOL. I am so happy that we are good pals xxxxx

  3. The Cleanse sounds interesting. Some of stars do them for weeks. I don't know how they do it. I get weak and shaky if I don't eat. I use to yo yo diet and skip meals or just have a pk of crackers and diet coke for lunch. I am paying for it now. I love having dinners or going out to eat too much I guess. I hope your daughter likes Texas. know you are going to miss her after having her home again. I have never been to Texas. I have been to Gatlinburg and Dollywood and I loved it. All the flowering trees and the mountains are just beautiful I hope to go back next fall. You live in a beautiful state.

  4. ask your doctor about januvia since you are off the metaformin. i've found it works better with no side effects.


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