Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Encouraged/Discouraged But Not Giving In.

Good morning!  Well, yesterday is best described as both Encouraging and Discouraging.  But I am determined that no one/no thing will get me down.  The devil is trying hard to decay my spirits on all sides I think but He should be discouraged because - he should realize who I have on my side.  Plus I read the book and I know how it ends.  ;-)

After work yesterday (and I worked beyond what I should have - having so much to do at home), I went to buy the videos at Lifeway for the Beth Moore series.  I thought it was $39.99 but when I went back - it was the Audio series that was $39.99 and the Videos came with the Leader Pack which was $140.  I did not want to pay that.  Why is it that everything I need these days costs money?  lol I refused.  But I refused b/c I knew I could rent for $6.99 per week.  I think you can rent the whole bundle for 6 months for a bit less - but I only did the $6.99 one and it will last for 2 weeks.  We are doing our Bible Study Wednesday night.

So, I came home, put up laundry, chopped up my veggies for tonight's power bowl and marinated the chicken and cleaned up while helping Katy with insurance.  She had received her offer letter from the school and was filling out the new hire and insurance paperwork.

Then I downloaded the Beth Moore rental video.  And sought to George to figure out how to get it on the Big TV.  He ordered a cord from Amazon that will be here Wednesday.  But I know that you can mirror your phone to TV when both are on the same internet. So I googled.  It took about 20 minutes to google and figure it out.  I found an app that worked - the first one I downloaded said it would work b/w the iphone and the Sony.  It's called Tubio.  It works with other models too.  There seems to be various apps that work with various needs so that was encouraging.

Katy and George moved in on my experiments with the Big TV when I was trying to get various things to work.  The Preds (Hockey) were on and they moved from the kitchen to the den to watch it on the big screen.  After my download in the other room (where I could hear myself think) I inserted the link to the website where my rental access was, and went to the den door and clicked the play button on Tubio and all of a sudden the Big TV went black.  Then there was a silent pause from all as we anticipated what just happened each in our own way and I imagined it was as follows:

Me: Had I ruined the TV forever?
George:  What the hell just happened?
Katy: Oh my gosh Mom is so rude, doesn't she know we are trying to watch the game?

So before anyone REALLY spoke their mind, the blackness broke, the silence broke, and Beth Moore appeared on the screen.  I broke into a high pitch falsetto of ahhhhhhhhhhh's as if God Himself had just triumphed and descended into our room.  Victory at last!  Weeeeeeeeha!

Then quickly said "ok back to Hockey".  lol

 So my day turned around some - at 10:00 something p.m.  SOMETHING went my way!  It's so hard to come by these days getting your way!

So then on to logging in and getting my lab results.  So, my sugar was not too good but - considering I came off Metformin recently, and wasn't taking meds I didn't think it was too far off. It was in the "elevated risk for diabetes level".  So it's a little high still.   I have not been doing the Isagenix very long.  Not enough to account for several months of efforts.  I don't know how long it takes to bring the sugar number down.  I've improved a lot of the way I eat but there is room for improvement.

The LDL cholesterol was horrible.  It was in the "high" range but was not in the "highest" category but still a risk for stroke and heart attack.

So my numbers are worse than in October.  And that is with some "heavy trying" so that was very discouraging.  I have to remember that October was with sugar meds and in April it was without and it was only a few points difference but still too high - but I do have to encourage myself that this test was WITHOUT the meds.  When I was on the meds I think I gave myself permission to not worry about the carbs so much and the sugar b/c I was on the meds.  Now I've cut back on a lot since October.  Since January and all the nutrition podcasts the learning curve is changing and I've been able to increase the protein.  I'm only about 6 weeks into Isagenix increasing my intake of nutrients and vitamins and eliminating a lot of the bad stuff.  I've completely eliminated fast food - but only in the last six to eight weeks.  I cut back on alcohol, but will be ok with red wine.  I think I may cut beer out all together - reserve the occasional one.  But I do need to try and work on the cholesterol.

And in true fashion I couldn't go to bed until I'd researched (yet again) what to focus on:

And the line up to aid in lowering cholesterol, including walking, was:

Dark Chocolate
Red wine
Green Tea
Almonds, walnuts, pistachios
Barley, Oatmeal, Brown Rice
Apples and Bananas and Pears
Salmon, Albacore Tuna, and Halibut
Beans, especially black, kidney, lentils
Hummus (suggested dipping veggies in it)
Eggplant and Okra
Things with Plant Sterols in it, although a lot of things that have this have other things you want to avoid so go figure.

So the cleanse day was successful.  And I will consume the above (maybe not the eggplant nor okra since I'd only eat it fried).

So my doc called in Metformin for me and the statins or cholesterol.  I'm NOT going to go pick them up.  I'm in the business to drop the meds.  My nutrition is my meds.  I am not going to mask one problem only to take on 14 more.  I'll do it the hard way.  I'll exercise more and continue my way to transforming to a healthier lifestyle.  I'm a WHOLE LOT better at eating, but it takes time to see the results - I got here in a lifetime so just gotta keep working at it.  I mean I hear others have been successful.  So why can't I?

And I need to hurry and get ready.  Story of my life.  Never enough time to finish a thought and everybody needing and wanting something.

So, I hope you all have a great day and I'll try to do the same with my somewhat discouraged/encouraged spirit according to what subject we are on.

More later, Lord willing - unless my LDL takes over before I can get it changed. But that would be His Will I guess if it did.


  1. Continuing your good eating habits and exercising is a good thing, but I worry about you ignoring the doctors recommendations. It could be a little of both is needed until it gets regulated, but I am certainly not a doctor and I do applaud all your efforts for a healthier life style. Glad you got the video to work on the big screen, that is exciting. You are much techier than I am for sure ! I was having trouble with my TV yesterday and tried resetting everything which was a waste of time as it turned out my controller needed batteries and that was the last thing I tried. But now it is working. That is about as techie as I get. Ha !

  2. They say oatmeal is so good for you. We eat better than we use to. It is hard. I feel for you.

  3. You might be interested in reading the book Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf, or checking out Blood Sugar Boot Camp program by Brian Mowll

  4. funny how the video worked when it did. good for you. worried about your numbers being worse now than before. hopefully it will improve over time.


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