Sunday, April 15, 2018

Entrusted, Believing, and My Adventurous Spirit

Hey ya'll what's going on?  

It's Sunday afternoon - well Sunday evening I guess I should say.  It's 5:27 p.m. as I start this.  It's been a busy day.  Backing up to was an awesome much needed quiet domesticated kind of day.  Mainly doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, putting things up, cleaning off the dining room table.  (Was going to hold off til our house was back in order before having company but the Lord has other plans.  I'm just saying "yes thru the mess", lol.) There's nothing He can't handle including a messy table and house, and I am just absolutely thrilled to be doing a Beth Moore Bible study in my home.  We'll be doing "Entrusted".  My SIL is coming too.  I hope Katy will join us if she can.  So far there are three of us, and 4 if Katy joins.  My neighbor said she will bring snacks this week.  I'm sure I'll rustle up something as well - maybe popcorn during the video.  

I did find time to slow down yesterday and read some.  Although, I have lost my paperback book since the trip.  I have to look in my brief case at work.  That is the only place left to look.  If not there I can only assume that I left it in the pocket of the airplane.  However, I don't really remember having it out. But I could have right before we took off and then forgot it was in there.  Oh well, it wasn't a great book anyway, although I would have preferred knowing the ending.  lol

So I just started another one.  I'll have to update my side bar. 

While we were away last week, our church started a study.  We missed getting our book.  One of the elders is going to try to get a book for us.  How awesome is that.  It would be no charge through the church.  But no big deal, we can buy one if needed.  

So wow, God is really hitting us hard - he's showing up in a lot of places and I'm saying "yes" to everywhere so far.  This world is so awful.  It's a comfort to say "yes" and it is a comfort to be "armed" in the best way possible.  

We listened at the "feet" of one of the elders today in Sunday School.  I love to hear him talk.  We were all quiet as he spoke.  His words dear to hear.  Such a likable fellow too.  So sincere.  And it's as if he is ordained - b/c you can just feel the Spirit around him.  

After Sunday School, we went to Ruby Tuesday's.  I had been craving their salad bar.  It is so full of goodness.  They have added kale to the salad bar.  So I filled my plate full of greens, veggies, and added some eggs, cheese, bacon - and I guess the worst of it was the catalina dressing which has some sugar in it.  And I did have whatever cracker that was - b/c it's really good.  So for the most part I ate healthy.  I had a power bar for breakfast and was able to easily ignore the muffins, donuts, and all the goodies on the table in the main foyer of the sunday school rooms.  I did have coffee.  And one strawberry.  lol

George and I went to Publix after that and got some groceries for this week.  He did not get anything much for himself.  I bought some things for us this week so we'd have some healthy things to eat for dinner.  I don't really buy much anymore for breakfast and lunch.  I did buy a can of tuna and a salad kit.  But I bought some stuff for us to have a good salad at home one night.  Which we can have baked sweet potatoes with.  

Monday night I'll be doing the cleanse and will go buy the Beth Moore videos, and will come home and marinate chicken, cut the bell peppers up, and make the cilantro lime dressing for our "Power Bowls" for Tuesday night.  It has quinoa, red and yellow bell peppers, black beans, corn, and chicken that is stir fried that has been marinated, and then pour the cilantro lime dressing over it.  I saw it on "Keep your Day Dream" (YouTube RV Traveling Family) and it is one of the things they fix often that their family loves so I thought I'd try it.  

Oh I bought these just for fun to do the Beth Moore study with.  Did I need it? No...But I'll doodle with it and it'll make me feel like I'm starting school again.  You know how I like to do a project up right!  

It was a good deal though.  6 No bleed underliners for your Bible or book, 3 pens, and a mechanical pencil and iTouch ends for use on your ipad or iphone.  lol  I'm so geeky.

As promised, here are the books George bought for me last week.  That was so sweet of him to think of me. 

And here is the one I bought for myself: 

I keep buying books.  I love to read and learn.  I just don't have time to get 'em read.  But I'm trying! 
I keep three going at a time.  And now with all the Spiritual reading it'll take a bit longer.  But that is ok.  God knew I needed a focus right now.  I knew some thing was coming.  Well a LOT of things are coming.  But He knew I needed some focus, some solidity, some security, and quite frankly a New Plan.  I have such an adventurous spirit which is strange because I really like being at home.  Our constant plans have always kept me busy and and having a vacation or trip planned has always kept me feeling's hard to describe....but that has been the carrot that dangles, the thing that I needed, the excitement to focus on, the adventurer in me taken care of....I'm not quite sure how to explain it.  And I miss that right now.  Do you know how many times I've wanted to plan the next trip?  And then nearly slapped myself in the face b/c we can't do that right now while we are limbo b/w jobs.  And then there is just all that "not suredness" <-------new word I guess, of now knowing how it will turn out, with Katy moving too - away from us, and then just trying to figure out what the next chapter is.  And with George b/w jobs is now the time to do something completely different.  Or could we or would we?  Or do we save that for a few years later.  What do we really want to do? 

There are a few avenues of life that have greatly disappointed me and I try not to dwell on those.  I suppose that all of us do.  But I'm ok.  I do have some dreams and goals of mine that I'm not sure coincide with what George's are.  So I'm not sure how to handle that.  

Mainly, I like to travel, I like to have a neat and functional house, that is somewhat modern in style, (I love to decorate), I love to shop a little bit, I love to eat out and try new cuisines and new restaurants in the culinary scene....and we've been able to do so much in the last few years.  It's been really fun.  Now it seems we are at an abrupt stop.  I really enjoy being home but I also enjoy the things afore mentioned.  So my energies when I look to the future and plan as I do - feel rather emptied and scattered.  And I feel a bit sad, a little frustrated, although I'm trying not to be.  I guess it's just me dealing with change.  Of course you know I pour out my heart here.  So I am doing so at risk of sounding selfish and needy and greedy.  But it's just my feelings of adventure and curiosity being turned off by a valve.  It's ok.  I'm just acknowledging those feelings I guess, is what I'm trying to say.  I love being home too.  So God knew my mind needed to be occupied with my eyes upon Him.  And I know that if I focus on Him and do what He wants me to, that He will see to it that the desires of my heart is fulfilled.  

Does He love me?  Is He there for me?  That was our 1st lesson or so in the book "Believe" above by Randy Frazee.  He does love me and He does look out for me and He will be there for me even if no one else is.  Even if everyone leaves me sitting here.  It's all gonna be ok.  I can't control everything around me that is changing.  I can't control the hearts of others or what they desire.  Even if it's NOT me, lol, I can't control that.  But one thing I do know is that God does and He is here and that's all I need to know for now.  

And there will be trips, and fun times, and good cuisine, and hopes and desires, and goals met.  The road is open, the mind is clear, the dreams roll on and all of it will happen, and all the desires of my heart as long as I turn over my heart in the right direction. 

 I know I'm never happy.  It's just the adventurous spirit within me.  It has to be entertained.  

I'm trying.  


  1. sometimes we have to tame the adventureous side in ourselves for just a while. soon you'll be back to the adventure. here's hoping george finds a new job sooner rather than later. it was sweet he got you the books. enjoy your bible study.

  2. I like to think that Life is a beautiful adventure. Truly, when you think about life as an adventure and the journey it takes us on is one amazing trip for sure. Hope your books and studies will help. I've not done a good Bible study in a while but do have one that is not quite finished called Children of the Day by B.Moore. You've encouraged me to get back into it and finish up.


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