Saturday, April 21, 2018

Free as a Bird on a Friday Afternoon and Trying to Wake up on Saturday Morning

Been a long week and was so happy yesterday that it was Friday.  I had to be at the doc office at 3:30.  I got there a bit early and they were able to see me early at Summit Eye Associates.  I will say that their front desk staffing is a bit disconnected from the rest of the facility, much to my dismay.  Most of the time a doc visit usually leads you to a busy but informed front desk unit.  I remember last year that when I got there the doctor had cancelled my appointment and the front desk said "we tried to call".  They had my old cell phone number so I took that one as my fault, we scheduled another day and I gave them my new cell number and they supposedly entered it in the system.  I remember watching her as she looked into the system and made a few clicks - but I could tell she didn't change my number - it was more like she was switching screens around.  I said "you are going to change my number right so you will have it in the future".  She said "yes mam, I did".

So yesterday I got in and they said "we are charging this to your vision insurance and not your medical insurance but we need you to sign off on that" and handed me paper to circle vision or medical.  I said "you know, they have always done "medical" in the past since I have a condition of pre diabetes.  She said "no ma'am they did vision last year.  So I circled vision thinking I must be freaking going crazy - they are the office insurance professionals, I guess they know what they did b/c they see their systems and I don't. 

But I was sure enough that I called George and he seemed to think it had been filed through medical and I said "that is what I thought but they are adamant it was vision".  So I went up and gave them my vision card saying "Since you are saying that it is going to be filed through vision I need to give you my vision card so no one is upset in the end when the bill comes to my house".  (lol)  She said "Ma'am we have your vision card - we have both."  I said OK.

So they called me back and the lady did my tests where they blow the puff in your eye and they do the test where you look out over the green valley and see a balloon.  And then they did my eye exam.
And the lady said "ok we are going to be filing this under your medical insurance today".  I said "oh really, they told me out front it would be vision".  She said "no it's your medical" she said "sometimes they get confused."  I said "well I circled 'vision' on the form b/c they told me to so I need to change it to medical b/c I signed off on that I don't want it to be done wrong."  She said "oh it's ok - it won't matter".  So then another girl came and got me and took me to another office to dilate my eyes.  Doctor Young came in and looked at my eyes and told me I had a thinning retina in one spot but no concern to me at that point.  And then said my eyes hadn't changed from last year and he could see cataracts forming but no concern yet about that.  And he was gone in a flash.  I made note that it was a Friday afternoon.  It's ok that it was quick.  I didn't really need him any further and had no questions and if he verified my eyes didn't have any thing major wrong then I guess quick is ok.  And he was off in a flash.  And then as we were walking out the door with the girl to take me to get my eye glasses adjusted (I had asked b/c they keep slipping down my nose), she stopped in her tracks and said "wait a minute, why is vision circled?".  Oh my WORD!  Bless her.  She said "you are medical, so I don't understand this".  I said "well I do, the folks out front told me today it would be vision and told me I needed to circle vision".  She said "oh my gosh - I'm so glad I caught this as it would be a lot of trouble for everyone later when it gets filed wrong".  Me over there is going "I tried to tell 'em but they were adamant they knew what they were talking about".  She said "I'm soooo sorry, but we'll get this fixed.  She crossed out vision and circled medical and had me initial it.

Geeeeez.  I'm not sure why the front desk help can't be efficient.  Maybe they don't pay them anything, maybe they aren't engaged in their work and just want to get off on a Friday afternoon.  I think I even said to them, "I bet you all are ready to get out of here".  Didn't really mean it in a bad way but now that I think about it - they sure weren't "on top of it".  Let's just say "Employee of the Month" would have no meaning to them.

So anyway aside from that absurdity - and let me say the rest of the staff were nice - even the people that didn't have a clue at the front desk were nice til I started questioning them and then they were acting like I was a darn nuisance to society.

But it was done and over with for another year and I left the confusion behind and as I left the building into the sunshine and warmer air - I said to myself "I'm free" (no place I have to be, go, and no one to answer to, just my own agenda).

Well I did have to go back home to my family - after all I'm only talking an hour or two here - not a lifetime.  But I had this sudden itch to just shop my way home, stop here and there and yon and just work my way back.  Well, so I went to Star Bucks and used a gift card to get an unsweet, iced green tea.  El yummo.  Well to me it is refreshing.

Then I went and parked at the wine store to get a bottle of dry red.  I wanted a glass of wine tonight as a treat.

  I've not had much of anything at all this week.  As I pull in I see a sign at the store next door 75% off going out of business.  So I go in and they don't have a lot left.  It's like a gift store for wine and beer accessories.  So they have bitters on sale.  And I call George to see if wanted them.  And I called them off - (he's been into various bitters lately) - and he wanted three of them that he did not have.  I bought a cool cheese knife (long handled), and some non-gmo, gluten free gourmet chips, and some pour spouts for the wine bottle.

Then I finally made it to the wine store.  I ran into a prior coworker, Howard, and said hello to him and told him to tell his wife Martha hello as well who also had worked there.  Then I went to the cheap red wine aisle, but - I noticed that Coppola was not too bad of a price (my favorite and also the uncle of Nicolas Cage - I think) who is also a favorite.   Since I was in a jovial mood, it was Friday, and I was "free" I felt a calling for the Coppola!  And then I saw a guy in the corner doing wine tasting tests.  He saw my eyes peer around the sign and held a bottle up saying "wine tasting?"....I'm thinking this day is getting better already.  So off to the corner and to sip some tastes of a new wine that has come in.  The first taste was if it were PGA itself.  lol  Somebody slap me I was thinking, I may be free but I DO need to get home tonight.  He asked me how I liked it.  I was about to answer honestly but another customer came up and I thought "oh good, saved by the blonde".  So he began serving her.  And then poured us both the next one.  I loved it and had to have it.  I also liked the one after that.  I wanted to buy both but didn't.  It was smooooothe.  And then the blonde said she preferred vodka and came in for SCORE.  She said it was cheap but one of the best vodka's out there.  I don't drink vodka much, but sometimes with cranberry juice and in a mixed drink it can be refreshing.  We always keep Smirnoff with lime in the freezer.  Anyway, I got some of that too.  I guess it is dangerous to be in an "I'm free" mood when you are out shopping.

Anyway, I finally went home.  I spent more money than I meant to.

 Then when I got home George showed me what he had bought for me.  Knowing my increased desire to eat more fish - he bought some cod and some salmon for us to fix for dinners.

 And he bought some ultra thin pizza. 

 It is a fact that almost everyone cheats with pizza and he knows it is coming - so he bought the ultra thin crust.  I will admit I did have some moments this week where I thought, "how am I going to handle pizza night?"  Really meaning - what is my plan, what is my rule?  Scrape off the topping?  Only have one piece?  lol  I hadn't really come up with the answer yet by the way but the ultra thin helps.

And then I opened the smooooooothe bottle of wine and poured a half of the amount that I would normally.  So that I could supposedly "have seconds".  lol  I sipped it and enjoyed it and discovered that it is much more enjoyable when you only have it occasionally as opposed to having a happy hour at home every night.  I'm ok with a lime bubble water when I get home most nights.  I've found I enjoy just sipping on something in a wine glass.  It's a mind set.  But the wine last night was a treat!

Then Katy discovered she could not get into her email.

Not on her phone and not on her laptop.  That suggested it was an AOL problem unless she's at her limit of storage with her free account.  You can't get chat help unless you have a paid account.  She refused to call and talk to someone in India she said.  lol  So she emailed them.

Anyway, we all decided that we would do my belated birthday present today from Katy.  We are going to go and do the tour of the stars on a bus in Nashville.  I've always wanted to do it.  But never cashed in on it b/c quite frankly it's expensive.  But they really wanted to do it so Katy is buying my ticket and her ticket. George is getting his separate.  I think it's $49 each for three hours.  It's a pretty day and they have space left, so we're going to do that today.  And we are going to eat somewhere cool downtown after that and Katy is going to get her some boots downtown - or at least look at them.  She needs boots for Texas.

She is also counting the weeks - 5 weeks til her Texas move.

So I really need to be doing some things this morning but after last week's crazy busy week - I find myself a bit frozen in place and not wanting to move.  I went to bed at 9:30 and slept til 6.  Maisy woke me up because George and Tugie were up and she wanted me to get up too.  I put her down and after she gave up begging and with me telling her to go see her Daddy, she finally went.  I tried to sleep on.  After going outside and eating breakfast too she came back to me and asked me to get up or either let her in bed.  I finally just gave up and got Roger out of bed and set him down and he ran to George.  And then got up myself.  I guess George had to take 3 dogs out at 3 different times as they all got up separately.  I did make coffee but while it was brewing saw an opportunity to go back to bed.  I just wasn't in the mood to be up yet having been woken up in my REM stage, and dreaming like everything.

So Maisy wanted up in bed.  Then Findlay got up there.  I propped my pillow up and began playing Candy Crush - just trying to wake up.  I was settled in bed with dogs and asked George to do a big favor for me.  "Will you go bring me a cup of coffee?"  lol.  He did.  And I played candy crush going up several levels.  I thought to myself.  Now THIS is a LOVELY Saturday morning!

I got up (again) to do laundry but my legs brought me over to the computer to do a blog entry.  My family will be home at 11, so I need to get moving.  They are out yard sailing this morning.  I told them I wanted to stay home and do laundry.  But I really need to be doing my Beth Moore lesson as well and grabbing something to eat.  I want to eat eggs but concerned about the cholesterol.  Anyway I'll figure it out.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Tell me what you are doing?  Staying at home?  Going out?  How's the weather where you are?

More manana Lord Willing!


  1. What a fab day you had yesterday...good job though that you don't go spending like mad very often, but it's lovely just once in a while to just spend and not think about it !!...glad you also had a good nights sleep, trust these dogs all wanting you up at different times what a gang they are ! ask what my plans are...well that's easy answered....not a lot !...went up to our nearest little shopping town called Chippenham we were there yesterday as well as we had appointments at the bank, but we didn't do much shopping, so we fitted that in early this morning then to,our usual mall for coffee and Mary and I shared a roll with sausage in it ! Tonight, about an hour ago we had the most awful thunder storm, we usually end a warm spell with a storm but tonight's was the worst we have gone through for a very long time. Poor Mary I know would be quite frightened she dosnt like storms, I don't mind them at all...Masy just sits on my knee looking at the flashes and she growls at the thunder LOL....tomorrow it is to be much cooler that's our reward after having summer days too early !i will have church in the morning, I think Mary is coming with me as the people who usually take her to church are having a day of tomorrow.....hope you enjoy your birthday gift from Kate xxx

  2. Glad your eyes are fine. Silly about the paperwork, vison vs. medical. bet you were happy to have some blow money for your free mood. sounds like you got some good bargains.

  3. What a crazy eye appointment. They really need to find some good help at the front desk. What a great thing to have a day out with your family. You needed a break after such a busy week.


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