Monday, April 23, 2018

Gardening, Relaxing Sunday, Gunman on the Loose, and Dreams

Well, is it really Monday already?  I'm afraid it is.  And it is a rainy Monday too, but looks like it will clear for my commute in.  I see rain a lot in the 15 day outlook.  It's April so we should have some pretty flowers come May.

George and I were talking about the planting we normally do this time of year. I cut back severely last year.  I gave George the beds to plan herbs.  The flowers never really did well for some reason.  Even when I watered them.  And quite frankly - I despise having to water - our lifestyle and commutes just do not lend to gardening.  By the time we get home it's time to eat, maybe watch a show as it gets dark, and think about bedtime.  So we quit doing the garden a while back - just easier to get things from the store as needed.  George still grows herbs which do really well at tending to themselves and many grow back the next year.  I would love a garden if we were here all day to tend to it in the early morning or late evening - and we could get the other stuff done during the day.  But - anyway live and learn - even my flowers are getting fewer each year just b/c I don't want to have to tend to anything.  I have a hard time getting the inside tended to - especially as the years pass.  So we DO intend to go to the garden center.  I will get a few for the mail box.  George is trying to talk me into getting fewer.  He said the mailbox flowers had too many in it - but that is what makes it pretty.  I wondered if he was wanting me to spend less money.  If that is they issue though, he should just say so.  We have put off going to get flowers until almost May b/c our Aprils get cooler and cooler and the freeze that is supposed to stop by April 15 often exceeds that now by a week or two later.

So, I supposed we will begin planning our meals around some good spring and summer veggies and will find ourselves out and about at the farmer's markets.

I wish George liked to grill - but he does not.  I miss grilled food in the summer time.  Even grilled veggies are good.  Grilled chicken - out of this world.  I don't like to grill either b/c every grill makes that noise "poof" at the beginning and it scares me.  lol

Well, anyway, yesterday was a pretty relaxing day.  A very rainy day - off and on.  And I was able to get a lot of the Beth Moore studies done.  I have two days left to get two more days of study done.  The studies are quite intense.  Especially this one. So far it has yet to grab me.  But I have learned more by doing some additional study on my own.  That made it take longer - several hours.

I did all the laundry and got that finished.  Worked on the kitchen some, ground two more weeks of coffee, added some household needs to the Target shopping cart.  (I switched from Walmart b/c they never had the items I wanted unless the prices were out of this world. Target, no problem.  They have everything I need.)  I got ready for my cleanse today, and all that is packed and ready to go.

Then last night I binged watched Keep Your Day Dream (YouTube on the big TV) back to back (loved every minute of it) until I was booted out b/c the Preds were on, lol.  I guess that is a good reason to get booted out and I had been watching for a while.  Thankfully they let me finish the one I was on b/c if you don't the subscription will think I've already watched it and it won't come up again in the lineup.

Well we have a killer around these parts that went into a Waffle House and began shooting.  It happened South of here.  Several miles South - like a half an hour south I guess.  But he is still out there somewhere.  They are still searching for him.  All the schools in Metro are on lockdown according to the news.  And Katy got a VM from the school system.

I waited til almost 5 to get up this morning just b/c I didn't want to be outside in the dark before the rest of the world got up.  It was still dark out but at least it looked like some of the neighbors lights were on.  Like that would help if a boogie man came up on me.  lol

Well, it's cleanse day and that is ok b/c I don't have to worry about food, I still get coffee, and I get chocolate sea salt caramel bites at least 4 times today.  Getting this chocolate during cleanse day really makes me NOT want sweets the rest of the week.  I discovered that my 82% cacao chocolates still had 7 g of sugar.  :-O  Sure doesn't taste like it.  So I had tossed those into my shakes sometimes but that is 7g I probably don't need.  I'm having to really watch the extras that add up.  Then if I want the glass of wine on the weekend or even on a bad stressful day - it won't be the cow's hoof that knocks the trough over.

Don't ask me where that came from - I have no idea.

Oh but I got a treat last night!  I visited "Nanny" in my dream.  My Mom's Mom.  I didn't really SEE her.  She was in bed and I came into check on her.  She was in the old house on 111 Dimple Court in Columbia, TN - not the other one on Walnut Lane.  And I walked in and I saw where she had washed a lot of dishes and they were drying and she had also washed about 200 champagne cups.  She either had prepped for a big gathering that had already happened or was about to happen.  She wasn't feeling good and when I walked in she asked me to put the dishes up! I told her I missed her and she said she missed me too but really needed the dishes to be put up.  lol  And that was that.  I was on to dream about something else.  But it was heartwarming to be back in the place and time and to be in her presence, if only during a dream.

I haven't always talked a lot about Nanny - I end up talking about Mam-ma b/c Mam-ma understood me like no other person ever has.  She communicated with me a lot. She allowed and entertained my my playful side But Nanny I spent a lot of time with too.  She was a caring grandmother and full of love and concern over my well being.  She made sure I was fed, clothed, and taken care of.  And when I learned to drive we would go shopping.  She bought me clothes since I took her places.  It helped me out and I helped her out.  She was a very good cook.  My favorite things she made were poached egg on toast.  And her chocolate fudge pie.  But she fixed an awesome ham which I called "city ham" since Mam-ma (the other grandmother) fixed "country ham" -and Nanny's city ham- the likes of which I've not had since and I long to find that taste.  They don't make pigs like they used to.  lol

Anyway, I'm off to finish getting ready while I can get to the plug and mirror!  lol


  1. I have cut way back on the flowers I used to have too. They do take a lot of nurturing if you want them to grow. Herbs are always nice to have on hand and look pretty too. I only have flower boxes these days but some of them have herbs in them too. It's always mid May here before we can plant due to chances of frost. I did see the news about the shooter at Waffle House. I didn't realized that he hadn't been caught though. That is scary. It's to be sunny here and warmer here today. Prettiest day we've had in a long time. I guess the rain will move in our way tomorrow. It was nice to have your nanny in your dreams. You have some wonderful memories of your grand mothers. And I do agree they don't make pigs like they used to. Ham is a favorite of mine but any way I fix them, they don't seem as tasty as they used to. Hope your have a great start to this new week. Happy Monday !

  2. "They don't make pigs like they use to". LOL!!

  3. I know what you mean about the garden. I usually just set out a couple green pepper and tomato plants. We have so many rabbits. Plus the summers seem hotter or maybe it is just I am getting older and can't take the heat like I use to. We go to a little produce stand close by and get everything we need. It really doesn't cost much plus the veggies are fresh and good.

  4. Instead of flowers, which I agree do take some looking after, what about planting some small flowering bushes, there are a lot now that are slow growing and have nice colour on them either flowers or leaf....they might need water at first but once they settle they done need any watering....
    What about a row of lavender I think it likes heat and dry, that's one I can think,of but I'm sure if you google you will find loads more than I can think up !...I did smile at you not liking the ...poof....I presume you mean a gas barb ie ? What about charcoal ones they are quite easy and no get them started. Xxxxx have a good day xxx


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