Monday, April 16, 2018

It's Monday, but it's OK.

It's Monday, it's Cleanse Day......

But it's ok....b/c I can drink coffee on cleanse day and I get Sea Salt Caramel chocolates on Cleanse Day!  

It's a busy day today at work and then after.  So the bed will feel incredible tonight!  

Hope you have a good Monday.  Please comment and let me know what you are doing today.  I'll get to read your comments tonight before bed.  Love hearing what is going on with you all. 

Have a good one whatever it is.


  1. We have a chance of snow here today, but it's OK. Hoping your Monday is a great day! Every day is a fresh start and a new opportunity! Enjoy !

  2. My day is going to be spent Spring Cleaning. Nothing exciting. Then fixing dinner. Flounder and sweet potato fries and slaw. Then start watching Billions tonight.

  3. the sea salt carmel chocolates sound good. i'm getting ready for physical therapy.

  4. Sorry I have missed a couple of days but I usually try to reply in the morning so you get my thoughts when you get up, however I've not been very well last few days...nothing desperate, just tired and want to just sit and watch the world go by...however this morning I have given myself a shake and realise others need me so I won't give in to my selfishness.....I'm sorry your cholesterol was up but knowing you you will I'm sure get it down with extra exercise etc...I must go now as someone has just come in...take care love, your dreams will come true one day...patience is the name of the game xxx


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