Friday, April 20, 2018

Jobs, Work, and More Nutrition Thoughts

Thank goodness it's Friday!  TGIF - shout it out - twist and shout - get on your knees and thank the Lord.  I'm so ready for a rest.  My mind, body, and soul has been yanked here there and yon with everything going on at work and at home.  I'm ready for a rest, a change of agenda, and a slower pace.  I've had VERY little spare time to do anything I wanted to this week so I'm looking forward to have a slice of time that is mine. 

George is excited to have had a good interview yesterday with a manufacturing company about 45 min away (in low traffic volume) and he is invited back to speak with the rest of the team next week.  He also has another interview with a big hospital purchasing medical equipment next week.  He is excited that things are happening.  I'm excited for him.  It takes a few seeds being planted - actually a lot of seeds, but God always stirs something up - I personally think He has to see you are invested - and George has been planting seeds from day 1.  He's even been charting it on a big board at the house. So I hope that he ends up with two offers and has to make a decision. I think I know which one it would be.  I am happy and confident that something will come from one of these at least.  He needs to be happy and enjoy his work.  So even if it's a longer drive that does count for something if if like what you do. 

Katy said that they worked on the outside of their house in Texas yesterday - the ranch crew is doing a lot of the work.  They removed fencing and it was very difficult work.  The inside is being prepped for painting and the new tub arrived.  Slowly but surely things are happening there.  Hope it's all done when Katy gets there.  It'll be the easiest thing if it is, because there is a lot of "stuff" coming from our house to Texas! lol

I decided to pray to God for help on the nutrition thing.  I mentioned it yesterday.  I know I've been discouraged.  I just have to realize that bloodwork readings are a picture of a longer period of time than just how you ate the last month.  I also realize now that all the changes I made were really just the top of the iceburg.  So I'm trying to be encouraged that I can continue to eat better as I learn more.  I'm realizing that the smaller things are adding up and that's it's not ok to just eat white rice and white potatoes any time I want (if I'm not on the meds) and that sauces and condiments and salad dressings have loads of sugar.  And if I want that glass of wine with pasta - that is not ok.  Yeah sometimes these things will be ok on a periodic basis but I think I've been saying ok on a daily basis as long as there is protein.  It needs to be the rarity and not the norm.  Portions are getting better for me.  So I feel more encouraged to get there and I have my adventurous side that is going to lead me through the process of learning.  I just really need to be careful if I'm not going to take the meds.  So the next 3 month reading will be important.  I guess that will be in July. 

Well, we had a good Leadership session yesterday with our CEO.  He showed us a good video - it talked a lot about millennials and how the current work force doesn't understand them and has given up working with them - he walked through why they were the way they are and how we could have more empathy with our teams/coworkers.  Amazingly enough, my presentation had a lot of the same points as this one - God is good how he pulls things together sometimes.  But the video talked a lot about how the millennials are wanting things instantly b/c that's how they have had it.  And real life doesn't always happen instantly.  I'm not a millennial but - I often want things instantly myself.  I have a vision and I don't stop til the vision transforms in front of me.  But one thing that is different b/w me and a millennial is that I am resilient.  I keep trying and it's hard for me to give up.  The video talked about how millennials go from job to job looking for the job that is going to be perfect.  Once my heels are dug in I'm determined.  A lot of the younger ones just get frustrated and leave.  I get frustrated and blog, lol.  Sometimes privately.  At least it keeps the household in tact when I don't come home every night pulling my hair out. 

At some point I guess when you switch over from your 40's to 50's you realize life ain't always about work.  And even though work is important and you work for work as if you are working for God and it is usually your sustainability - so it is important.  But sometimes you have to look at it a little differently and realize that work is not the only thing in life.  All of our career we look for that balance.  It's already set up to where it's out of balance so you are already at a disadvantage on the family and household front. And as a woman sometimes it's harder b/c the household falls onto you.   So when you ARE finally home you have to make the most of it and "let it go" and "leave it at the office".  It's a struggle to get sleep sometimes. And that becomes important for your health and well being if you don't get enough.  And I've been lucky that George has been so good to help.  He cooks and cleans and with our sharing of the responsibilities it seems to work.  But in much of my previous years I've been so stressed.  I'm always a planner and prepper and it always stressed me that life wouldn't slow down so I could do it all just right! lol But yeah I think I've calmed down quite a bit since 50 came my way.  I'm more patient, and realize life isn't going to be a bowl of cherries every day when others are involved are in some cases not involved - but I've learned to make my own cherries.  Heck I don't even like cherries - can we say blackberries?

I make my own blackberries!  Anyway I can.

At the end of the day - we just need to say we've done the best we can with what we have, with others, with our jobs, with our diets, with our family.

I have to go to work now - otherwise I will have not done my best.  So I rattled off and went off on tangents but I've tied it back up the best I can in a hurry to get to work, lol.  Ya'll have a good day.

I have an eye appointment today and have to leave at 2:30 but it's ok b/c I've stayed late and worked through lunches most all week. 

I'm ready for some down time. 


  1. All anyone can do is their best. When you've done that, we've done what we can and should feel good about it. Finding balance in life is important. Life is not all about work for sure ! I've seen those that don't know how to do much of anything else but work and that's not the way it's supposed to be. So glad George has some good prospects! That is encouraging for sure. And I do hope all is ready and waiting for Katy when she gets there too ! It's FriYAY! It's going to be a great day !

  2. Good luck to your hubby. There is an old saying Find a joy you love and you will never work a day in your life. If you are unhappy at work it is hard to be happy at home. I hope he gets the one he wants. I am so discouraged today about eating healthy. I have cut out soft drinks and almost all sugar it looks like I would have lost weight. I went to Dr and about fell over when I weighed. I gained 5 lbs. Why does everything that taste good have to be bad for us. Oh well I will just have to start walking in the evenings. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hope your eye appointment goes well. Sounds like things are coming together for George. hopefully that will result in something good soon.

  4. Sorry I didn't leave a coment yesterday but I didn't feel very well and thought a few extra hours in bed would be good, so I didn't do very much at all...I am pleased that things seem to be moving in the right direction for George I keep praying that he will find the perfect place for him...I'm going to bed now. Have just had a really very stormy storm, thunder lightning with flashes and bangs seeming to off together at all times.....take care God Bless. Xxxxxx


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