Sunday, April 22, 2018

Katy's Birthday Day to Me ~ A Spring Day Out in Nashville

We had a little bit of a morning yesterday - well I did - I got the laundry started and that was about it.  Had to shower and be ready to head out about Noon.  Katy and George found a few things from their yard sailing.  And got back just in time for us all to get and ready and out the door.  

We had a little trouble getting out of the house - first some of us were running late.  Katy and I were trying to get ready at the same time like we do almost every morning.  Then as we were backing out of the garage, I decided I needed to go back and get water.  I took a sip and set it in the console for later. As we got down the road, Katy said "turn back b/c I don't remember if I turned the hot iron off".  So back we went.  lol  We finally got downtown and parked.  We had a few minutes left before needing to be boarded for our pick up bus for the tours of the stars.  Something I've always wanted to do. Before we headed out we took pics by Cumberland River on the edge of Nashville.  There was a pretty strong current to the river it looked like.

The Hubster poses, looking cool in his sun glasses.

Us Goofballs, trying to take a selfie with the riverfront in the background. lol

George, Katy, and Me with Titans Stadium in the background.

Well, this pic captures a lot actually - the pedal taverns (drink beer and pedal among the streets of downtown Nashville along to loud music), lol.  Many bridal parties and birthdays being celebrated in this way. And look on top of the Acme Feed and Seed - the rooftop bars have become quite the thing.  And the cranes as you peer down the street - have been a site in downtown Nashville for sometime now and many saying it's our new state bird!

So our bus picked us up and then we picked some other folks up at a hotel and then we were dropped off at another hotel parking lot to get on the bus that would be leading us to our tour.  I realized at some point that I had left my bottle of water behind and I was insanely thirsty and a little panicked that we would not be able to get water for some 3 to 4 hours later.  Slight panic as I sip water all day long.   I was miserable for a few minutes until I finally said to myself "you can do this".  I chewed gum some to help.  There is not many times when you are in a position where you can't stop and get water when needed.  And I felt stuck for a while.  After the tour got going my mind wasn't on it so much.

 This is Reese Witherspoon's new house. 

The next two are Minnie Pearl's estate.  I'm unclear if it is still in the family or if it has been sold.  

Martina McBride's house below...

And beyond the guys bald head there, you can slightly see Dolly Parton's house. 

And we saw some interesting houses.  

The next two are of the former home of Toby Keith.

Urban Sunset

My World right here....

Notice I Found Water!  Sticking out of Purse!  lol
 So the bus we were on stopped at a convenience store so the bus driver could take a 20 min break to eat - so I found my water, which you can see sticking out of my purse.  Above pic (and below as well) were taken at the George Jones rooftop bar. 

Then we went on to dinner at Merchants.  You can see George and Katy below talking to some ladies visiting Nashville from Wisconsin.  

We got a fancy cocktail while waiting for our table.  You know the kind, the $13 one that is skinny and has so many ice cubes that it's gone in 3 sips.  Yep - ummm...might have been the best cocktail of my life.  It was "The Pimms Cup".  Cucumbery taste!  mmmmm.  

Mini popcorns served in a tin cup at your table while waiting to order.  Nice touch.  It was Ranch flavored.

Inside Merchants, bottom floor, Nashville, TN

Pimm's Cup, Merchants

Me being serious about cholesterol and sugar, The Cobb Salad, Merchants
The Cobb was really good.  I enjoyed it very much!  Today was Katy's Birthday to me.  She paid for the Tour of the Stars and a round of drinks later at Merchants.  And we bought dinner! 

Nashville, TN April 21, 2018

Finally got a really good pic of Nashville - what you can't see is that it was a night filled with energy - lots of people out and about, excited about life, and the warmer weather.  We were one of them yesterday.  

Getting home was a challenge.  Traffic very bad as interstates had some major closures.  Finally got home, took dogs out and crashed about 9:30 ish for me and Katy - George stayed up a while.

And this morning, I'll be doing my Beth Moore Bible study.  Didn't get a lesson done Friday night, nor yesterday so I have to get three done today!  :-O 

And the laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning.  And try to insert some "me" time in there somewhere for watching a show or two.  I have my blog time but need some more time other than that! 

Ya'll have a good Sunday.  


  1. Great post!
    I would love to take that tour. You got some good shots. Bald head and all.
    Sorry, I don't always have time to comment but I always read. You write from your heart & that's what I like. Honesty!!
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Certainly looks as if you have all had a really good day..a wonderful birthday present from pleased that the weather was nice..

  3. I enjoyed your photo's. What a great present. I think I like Martha Mcbride's house the best. I know you are enjoying this time with your daughter. Making memories. I am glad you had a fun weekend.

  4. Looks like you had a real good time on your tour. lots of interesting houses to be sure. the popcorn and cocktail sounded nice too. yum.

  5. What a great belated birthday gift. And so extra nice that you had good weather for it too. I love that picture with the tree full of pink blossoms. Just beautiful ! Nice to see all the homes of the stars too and of course it's great to see all your smiling faces too! Happy belated birthday !


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